Story 9 Months Ki 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update

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Story 9 Months Ki 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Alia and Sarangdhar coming closer. Brij Mohan calls everyone and says guests have come. They see Police coming there.Sometime back: Sarangdhar and Alia are walking together holding hands. He then calls her Alia ji. Alia asks him to call Alia ji. Sarangdhar tries and calls Alia ji. He tells that he didn’t want to come to Mathura and it seems like he is taking breathe on credit. Alia feels bad. Sarangdhar tells that he will tell everyone about their children. Alia says not now. Sarangdhar says I know, Amma will be happy and Brij Mohan Pandey will become Dada. They come inside the house and hear everyone standing. Sarangdhar asks what did this man do? Kamleshwari says miracle and tells that Brij Mohan called Suraj for Kumkum bidaai. Sarangdhar gets happy and hugs Kumkum. Kumkum says I knew that he will not leave here. Bua taunts Kumkum and plans against Alia.Alia tells Brij Mohan that she has done bad with Sarangdhar by bringing him here and tells that she is breaking the deal with him. She asks him to free Sarangdhar and gives the cheque to him. Brij Mohan asks why are you doing this for him. Alia says I have done wrong with him and this is the only way to make everything fine. She says he will fulfill his dreams and will return home, after getting his book published, then your name will famous too. Brij Mohan looks at the cheque and thinks after whatever is going to happen tomorrow, you will go Mumbai alone. Alia comes to Sarangdhar’s room and praises him to be the best Papa of the world. She asks her babies to see how he is sleeping and asks them to identify him, says if he was not here, then even you both were not here. Sarangdhar wakes up and tells that if he had not woken up, then he wouldn’t have felt this moment. He says you both are my life’s biggest happiness…He kisses her tummy and says you both and your mother. He holds her face and is about to kiss her. Alia closes her eyes. Sarangdhar says I will kiss you, when your eyes are open and when I see so much love in your eyes, that you can’t go away from me.Alia tells Sarangdhar that they shall return back. Sarangdhar asks where Alia ji? Alia says to fulfill your dreams, from where I have brought you very far. Sarangdhar says if it will be safe for you. Alia says I am in my third trimester and tells that she knows that he will drive safely. Sarangdhar says yes. Alia says she has settled the scores now. Sarangdhar asks what? Alia asks him not to trust Bua and Elaichi as they are fooling him. Sarangdhar agrees.Update in ProgressUpdate Credit to: H Hasan I started writing as a hobby. It turned into a fledged out career fortunately. I love reading novels and creative arts. I’m very committed and give my best to my work.

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