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Show is going off air!! I had no mood to update but I wrote this yesterday so here it is
Riddhima was heading towards her home when she saw Vansh’s car towards her home. She also entered her home because she knew that she has to  face many scolds and slaps. She went and as Vansh saw her, he went and slapped her (sorry) Riddhima rubs her cheeks looking at Vansh. The next moment, she was in Vansh’s arms. Riddhima was really relaxed.
Vansh: Sorry I didn’t mean to….
Asha: Riddhima! My daughter is back.
Riddhima hugs Asha, meets her brother too but she kept looking at Vansh, she was angry that he slapped her but her heart knew that she deserved it, if not from him then from someone else.
Asha: Where were you? Why did you just go away like that!? You only agreed to marry him again and ran away? (Talking about what happened in 3 days)
Riddhima: I didn’t know what I did, but I realized. I will not marry that bas….. I mean Kabir.
Ramansh: You should complete that word!
Riddhima: Mumma I am going with Vansh, please.
Asha: Your dad is not home, you can be late.
Riddhima smiles and comes to Vansh.
Riddhima: Sit in the car.
Vansh: Why would I?
Riddhima: Oki am going
Vansh: No. I will come.
Riddhima drives the car and they reach the same beach where they came before.
Vansh: It’s the beach…
Riddhima: Where I shouted my heart for you! Sit.
They both sit at the shire while waves reach and make them wet again and again. Riddhima rest her head at Vansh’s shoulder and he heads his rest in hers. A tear fells from Vansh’s eyes and reaches Riddhima’s face. Riddhima wipes Vansh tears.
Riddhima: I suspect some people for his murder.
Vansh: You know it’s a murder?
Riddhima: Dad won’t attempt suicide at all. I think it’s..
Vansh: Kabir.
Riddhima: Yes. But we have to gather proofs against him.
Vansh: First tell me why you said it was a plan?
Riddhima tells him everything including how she sorted her problem. (Revealing later)
Vansh: You didn’t even mind sharing such a big problem with me?
Riddhima: I know Vansh, I was stupid. But did it all. And you know?
Vansh: What?
Riddhima: Ishani and Angre just came and are listening to us.
Vansh turns around and finds them with there heads down. Riddhima chuckles and goes to them.
Vansh: You both?
Riddhima: Vansh, they love each other.
Vansh(serious): What!?
Ishani: Bhai I love Angre. Please.
Vansh(smiling): How I stop my sister if I am dating someone’s younger sister?
Angre was very happy seeing him smile after days.
Vansh(to Riddhima): And you! Your new song killed me!
Riddhima: Really!
Vansh hugs her while she hugs him back.
Vansh: I will leave you home.
Riddhima: No, we are going to stay at a hotel.
Ishani: How romantic!
They both reach the hotel and stay in one room. Riddhima comes out of the washroom, she has changed her clothes. She was wearing a loose shirt and shorts. Vansh was adored seeing her. He pulls her by her waist.
Riddhima: What?
Vansh: You are looking so beautiful…
They both fall on bed. Vansh comes closer to Riddhima.
Riddhima (smiling): What?
Vansh: You don’t know what is going to happen?
Riddhima: Yes.
Vansh: What?
Riddhima comes upon Vansh. And rests her chin on his chest.
Riddhima: We will kiss each other….
Vansh(cutting): And?
Riddhima pats his shoulder.
Riddhima: Let me complete! We will kiss each other good night and sleep!
Vansh makes a sorrow face while Riddhima giggles like a small child. Vansh also smiled seeing her childish behaviour.
Vansh: Nothing before marriage then….
Riddhima kisses him on his cheeks cutting his words. She gets a message on her home.
Riddhima: Oh no yaar!!
Vansh: What?
Riddhima: Dad is home, I need to go.
Vansh: Ok… I will leave you (sorrowfully)
Precap- meet the murderer!
Hope you all liked it. I will not know when I will post next because of this news 
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