SHOOCKING!! ‘Humkadam’ goes off-air just after 30 episodes

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To be able to start a new show these days is a daunting challenge, but to be able to do so on a new platform is even more difficult, and one that may or may not turn out for the better.We all remember how a new GEC (general entertainment channel) called Ishara debuted exactly a month ago, with four to five new shows and a strong cast. One of them was a show called Humkadam, which starred Gurdeep Kohli and Gurung in lead roles.Very rarely does it happen that a show goes off air just after 30 episodes. A report in ETimes TV said that the show launched 30 days ago and airing around 30 episodes is being pulled off-air. The production house seemingly contacted the actors to inform them this decision. When Gurung was asked about it, she said,  “I don’t know what happened and why is the show going off-air. I got the call yesterday and since then I haven’t able to process things. I will have a meeting with the production house to see what is the matter. It was my first show after the Corona break, and now I have to start looking for work again. I think what the production house did was for the best; what else can I say?”She also said that such things keep happening and we have to move on.The show starring the aforementioned two actors was about the two women who wanted to lead a good life with each other’s help.

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