Shaurya And Anokhi in the world of LOVE And RESPECT.. Part 3

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Shaurya  Aur Anokhi  in the world of LOVE And RESPECT( Chapter3)Hey guys , very sorry for the delay in update coz, i havesome technical problem in my laptopWith out in any delay, lets get into the story;Shaurya and anokhi hugged each other and by holding anokhi in her arms shaurya asked anokhi.Shaurya: Anokhi , hum dhono shaadi karlete hai, abhi aur isi vakt.( Anokhi let’s get married, right now)Anokhi :kya bol rahe hai aap( what are you saying)Shaurya : kyun tum mujhse pyaar nahi karte,mujhse shaadi nahi karna chahte ho.( why don’tyou love me, don’t you want to marry me?Anokhi : ofcourse mein aapse pyaar karti hoon,aur shadi bhi karna chahti hoon,apne itni suddenly bola na( ofcourse I love you and i want to marry you,you asked me all of a sudden.Shaurya: Anokhi mer bat mano , mein nhi chahti ki mei n tumhe khodu, is se pehle hume koi alag karle,hum shaadi ki bandhan se ek hojayenge. Mujhe tumhare alava kisi aur par barosa nahi hain (Anokhi listen I don’t wanna miss you,we wil become one by marriage before any try to separate us, I trus only you)Anokhi : aur mujhe aap pe ( and i have on you)Shaurya : kya?(what)Anokhi : bharosa,chaliye karlenge shadi(trust,come let’s get married)Shaurya : are you sure Anokhi?Anokhi: jab aap itne sure ho sakte hain meinkyu nahi?Shaurya: mujhe tum se kuch aur bhi kehna hai,bahut important.(i need to tell you one more thing very important)Anokhi: kya hai wo baat?(What is the matter)Shaurya :mein ne shagun se engagement is liya thoda ki wo mere upar apne career ko chuna hai, tab mujhe lagta ta ki aurat ko freedom nahi dena chahiye,woh shaadi ke baad ghar ko hi apna duniya bana de( i broke my engagement with shagun coz she choosed her career over me, at that time my thinking was completely different, iused to think women should be not given freedom and they should make their home as their world after marriage.Anokhi  got stunned by such confrontation from shaurya.Precap: Shaurya was saying  Anokhi tum , kuch bolona, anokhi with a high voice sais ab main kya bolu mr. Shaurya Sabherwal.

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