Shakti 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat gets Angel arrested, unites with Heer

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Shakti 8th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Harak Singh asking Angel not to do the acting infront of him and don’t try to scare him with this weapon. He says if anything happens to Heer then he will not spare her. Angel says she came with complete planning and threatens to tell the world that Heer is a kinnar. She asks Heer to come with her. Heer looks at Virat, as Angel is taking her out. The kinnars continue to keep the weapon on Harak Singh and the family. Heer brushes off Angel’s hand and tells that she had told her clearly that she wants to stay here and don’t want to go with her. Angel asks if anyone has headache tablet, says whenever she tries to take her out, Heer refuses to come with her. She tells that she was silent yesterday, as she didn’t want her lover’s drama outside the house, but today he has left you himself. Preeto says didn’t you hear, Heer don’t want to go. Harak Singh warns her. Veeran asks her to ask her puppets to move the weapon and then see what they can do. Angel asks Heer to come with her. Parmeet asks Virat to come with them and tells that whatever is destined in Heer’s destiny will happen and asks him to come. She holds his hand and is taking him out. Sant Baksh says lets go home. Heer looks at Virat as he goes out. Isha, Daljeet and others walk out. Angel asks Heer to come with her. Heer cries and says I don’t want to go with you. Harak Singh asks Angel to leave her. Akshay shouts Angel stop. Raavi asks her to leave Heer. Veeran and Sindhu shout Heer. The kinnars leave Harak Singh’s family.One of the kinnars threaten them that if they come out then they will tell everyone that she is a kinnar. Angel takes Heer out and tells that even your destiny want this, I will not leave you. Virat is waiting outside and slaps Angel hard on her face. Angel falls down. Heer looks at Virat. Virat holds Heer’s hand and takes her closer. Heer looks at him. Parmeet, Sant Baksh and others are shocked. The kinnars come out and are about to attack them with the weapons, when Virat calls the Inspector and asks him to come out. He gets all the kinnars arrested for attempting kidnapping on his wife. Harak Singh and his family come out and see Virat getting Angel and her kinnars arrested. He says you said right that today is the end of the picture, tells that you are not clever as you pretend and tells that when you was looking inside my house through the window, I saw you. He says I knew that when I talked about leaving Heer, then you will come to take her. He says I knew that until your track is over, Heer and my happy love story will not begin. He says we regards kinnars as the blessing of Mata Rani, but you are not kinnar, but a black spot on them. He asks Inspector to take them. He tells Angel that Heer and his relation are of souls and tells that she can’t separate them. Angel asks what do you think that jail walls can stop me and asks him to see the limits of her evilness. She tells that she will not let Heer and Virat unite in this or any other birth. She says you and your family will be destroyed and Heer will become the reason. She curses them that whoever support them, will shed blood tears, says this is a kinnar’s curse.She says you and your Heer can’t unite, you will die and your family will be ruined. She curses them. Preeto recalls Saya cursing them to go through the same. Inspector takes Angel and other kinnars. Sant baksh asks Virat, what are you doing? Virat says I have to do acting because of Angel, but whatever I am doing is not acting. He asks them to accept Heer as their bahu. Parmeet says I will never accept kinnar as my bahu. Virat says until I am your son, Heer is your bahu. He says I am very sorry, but I can’t leave Heer. He says Heer has done so much for me, did the death drama to leave me and then returned to treat me. He says even now you didn’t understand what she is to me. He says when I told that I am leaving her, she didn’t ask any question and didn’t let anyone say anything. He asks whose love, I shall think is real, yours or hers. He apologizes to Heer for talking about break up. Parmeet tells Virat that they will never accept Heer. Virat says Heer has treated me, where will I go leaving her. He refuses to go with them. Heer asks what are you saying? Virat says I can’t let anyone come between us. Sant Baksh asks what responsibility you have done for us, and tells that they have gone to temples and prayed for him. He declares that he is dead for them and tells Virat that he is throwing him out of the house, heart and wealth. Virat holds Heer’s hand and says until she is with me, she is my wealth. I am the richest person of this world. Heer hugs him and cries. Sant Baksh and Parmeet leave from there. Preeto and others look on. Heer and Virat continue to hug.Precap will be added when available. Update Credit to: H Hasan

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