Shakti 5th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat’s selfish move lands Heer’s life in jeopardy

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Shakti 5th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Heer thinking what shall be cooked for the lunch. Rohan says Pulao will be cooked anyhow. He tells that it was months since he had pulao made by her. Heer says I will make you have pulao made by me, and asks him not to get emotional. Preeto comes and asks Akshay what happened? Akshay says nothing. Preeto says why the weather is suddenly changed. Akshay says I am worried seeing Heer coming alone, and tells that she has risked her life for Virat and he has left her here. He says Virat’s mother doesn’t like her and asks if she did something. Heer says you are still stuck to the point. She takes Akshay’s phone and calls Virat. Isha picks the call. Heer asks her to give call to Virat. She tells Virat that her family is worried that he is planning to leave her. Virat says yes, this was his plan. Heer laughs and asks him to come for lunch as she is making Pulao. Virat says ok and asks her to make Pulao for everyone, as he will come with everyone. Heer says ok. She tells that she has to make Pulao for everyone and get ready as the bride for her husband. Virat tells his family that he will end the relation with respect, as Heer has treated him. He asks Parmeet to become his strength if he gets weak as it is not an easy decision for him. Angel hears them and gets happy. She thinks it will be blast in harak Singh’s house. Virat and his family come to Harak Singh’s house. They find the light off, It comes and everyone welcomes them. Preeto hugs Virat and says she is happy to see him fine. He asks where is Heer? Heer comes downstairs wearing red saree and sindoor in her forehead. Rohan brings her downstairs. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Heer comes to Virat. Song continues to play. Preeto says you both will unite after many difficulties, it is a big happiness and celebration is a must. Angel and other kinnars are coming there holding sharp weapons in their hands. Heer asks Virat to hold her hand with a promise that they will never separate again. Everyone smiles.Virat lifts his hand and is about to hold her hand, when Parmeet stops Virat. Heer asks what happened Mummy ji, why did you stop him? Parmeet says our family came here to tell Virat’s decision, that he is breaking his relation with you. The lamp sets off in the temple and everyone gets shocked. Akshay looks at Virat angrily. Heer is shocked and gets teary eyes. She asks if this decision is of Virat. Virat says yes, Heer…This is my decision. Heer is taken aback. Akshay asks Virat, did you know what Heer has done for you. Parmeet asks Dr. Akshay not to interfere between them. Parmeet tells that Virat has realized that a kinnar can’t be his parents’ bahu and he understood his family’s prestige. Sant Bakh says no good family can accept a kinnar as their bahu and our son has understood this. Rohan asks what they are saying, how can you change? Harak Singh says I don’t know how can you do this? Mahi asks where did your love go now? Preeto says very nice Virat, you have proved today that you are their blood and selfish like them. She tells Rohan that he was right about them, they will use heer and then throw her out, like what they are doing. They have an argument. Heer looks at Virat shockingly. Both the family argue. Heer shouts enough. She says nobody will say anything, tells that if this is Virat’s decision then I do agree with it. Preeto asks have you gone mad? Heer says I don’t want Virat’s family to pay the price of our relation. She tells that Virat has thought right, how can I think of having a normal life. She accepts his decision. Just then Angel comes there with kinnars shocking Harak Singh’s family. She claps standing near Heer and says today is “the end” of dramatic film. She asks what did Heer learn today, that one shall not forget their value. She says whom you have loved so much and worshipped him, but he threw you out of his life as he is a man and you are a kinnar. She asks her to leave everyone and come with her to kinnars’ basti. Preeto asks her to stop. Angel signs her kinnars to keep weapons on their necks. Kinnars keep weapons on Harak Singh’s family and Akshay. Parmeet asks Virat not to interfere between them. Heer is shocked.Precap will be added later.Update Credit to: H Hasan I started writing as a hobby. It turned into a fledged out career fortunately. I love reading novels and creative arts. I’m very committed and give my best to my work.

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