Shakti 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi Reveals Soumya and Harman’s Truth in a Bad Light

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Shakti 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
The Episode starts with Soumya telling Harman that once she tells his truth to her entire family then they will throw him out of the house. Mahi shows the photo frame and the photos which she got from Harman’s stuff to Preeto. Preeto gets shocked.

Soumya is walking inside, while Harman is behind her. Nayan comes to Virat and calls him. She says this is truth that we don’t know each other well, but can try atleast. She says I don’t have the right still, but you can share your feelings. He says even if I tell you, you will understand the words, but not my emotions behind those words. She gets a call and rejects it. He asks her to pick it.

Nayan says very soon we are going to marry and can’t hide anything from you.Preeto comes to Harak Singh’s house and says she got these things from Harman’s room. Harak Singh looks at Soumya’s pic and Preeto and his pic. He gets shocked and asks what you were doing in his room. Mahi says she had searched in his room and got it. Harak Singh says it is not good to check in anyone’s room behind his back. Mahi says what do you think that Soumya is doing the right time, she acts as sati savitri and tells that even Soumya’s pic is found in Harman’s room, why? She says I was doubtful on them as I saw him going from her room often. She tells about seeing him in her room. Harman asks Soumya if this is her last decision. Soumya says yes, surely.

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He turns her and her hair falls on his face. He asks why do you stop me from telling the truth and says I will tell them truth, as this is my family. Soumya asks him not to hold her hand and asks him to come. They walk inside.Virat asks what did you say? Nayan says it was my brother’s call, with whom my mother had broke off and thrown him out. Kamini tells Parmeet about her son, whom she thrown her out of her house, as he was doing wrong doings. Simran thinks all Arjuns are fraud. Nayan gets her brother’s call, who tells that he is standing outside and will meet her once. Kamini says that guy reached here. They all go out.

Soumya and Harman come inside. Soumya asks what you people are looking at? Harak Singh shows the photoframe of Soumya and Preeto and his pic. He asks Harman from where you got these pic and says I came to know that you had gone to our bahu rani’s room. He asks if I am saying wrong. Preeto looks angrily at Harman and Soumya. She questions Soumya and asks her to tell if she knows him since before and why she didn’t tell him. She says Mahi said that she saw you both going to each other’s room and asks if this is truth. Mahi asks don’t you trust me that you are asking her and says she is saying everything truly, word to word truth. She asks Soumya to tell that she is lying. She says truth is bitter, but you have to tell today.

She says you have mother and daughter’s relation with Preeto and asks her to swear on Preeto. She keeps Soumya’s hand on Preeto’s head and asks her to swear and say that she is lying. Soumya says Mahi is saying right. Preeto is shocked and taken back.Soumya says I know him since before. Mahi says I told that she is ruining our house respect. Soumya says I am not done yet, Mahi. She says I will tell you all truth. She tells Preeto and Harak Singh and says she had come here to tell the truth, but it is half truth. She says if a truth is told with wrong sight then the truth and the person connected with the truth looks guilty. She swears on Mata Rani and tells that she has never given place to anyone in her heart except Harman.

Preeto says I know this, I am asking you how you know him. Soumya says I didn’t want you people to fall weak hearing his identity and says she came to tell them everything, but before that Mahi told them. She says he was following me since few days and came home. She tells and a fb is shown, Harman claiming to be her Harman and asking for place in his heart. Harak Singh asks why didn’t you tell us. Mahi says she wants to trap you in her words so that she can hide her doings and says what do you think that Soumya will stay silent if someone follows her or enters her room. She says that Police guys came and then went.

She says Soumya went to his room and then went out secretly. Harman says stop it Mahi, I will not hear anything against Soumya. Mahi says I want to ask you many questions, and can’t think what will happen with you. She tells that first she will question Soumya as she has ruined our house respect. Soumya asks her to tell a bit and says if you know the truth then you might repent.

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