Shakti 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi hurts herself to fail Soumya’s plan

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Shakti 11th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
The Episode starts with Soumya asking Harman to talk to lawyer and get the divorce papers made. She says Mahi will sign and this process will go on, we can live peacefully and she will be happy, what is wrong in this. She says we will go and talk to Mahi, for your heart assurance. She sees Mahi going and calls her. She says it is good that you came, we were going to talk to you. Harman asks Mahi what is she doing here? Soumya thinks the arrow hits the aim, Virat might have done the work by now. Mahi says she was going to market and stopped hearing them talking about divorce. Soumya asks Mahi, you had only said. And you don’t have any problem in divorce. Mahi says I told. Harman thanks Mahi for making everything easy and tells that he will get the papers ready. Soumya says we shall go and get the papers done. She tells Mahi that they will bring papers in the evening and then she can sign and live life her way. She holds Harman’s hand and walks with him. Mahi looks on angry and shouts in anger. She takes a stick and hits on the plant pot and on the big trees to vent out her anger. She walks inside angrily. Virat looks at her going angrily and calls Soumya. Soumya asks Harman to sit in the car, and says she will come. Harman sits in the car. Virat tells Soumya that he has seen Mahi angry and troubled. Soumya says she is sure that Mahi will do something so that she don’t need to sign on the divorce papers. She asks if he has done her work. Virat says yes. Soumya says we are going to lawyer and will return in the evening.Later in the evening, Preeto asks Soumya if Mahi told this. Soumya says yes, she told that she will sign on the divorce papers. Harman says until when she will bear this fake relation burden. Harak Singh says he is relieved hearing Mahi’s decision and asks Virat to call her. Virat comes to Mahi’s room and knocks on the door. He tells that Harman and Soumya came with divorce papers and calling her. Mahi says I will come. Virat says ok. Mahi thinks what to do, for not signing the papers. Virat comes out and says Mahi said that she will come. Soumya is surprised that she agreed to come. Mahi says Soumya wants me to sign on the divorce papers, I have to do something to this hand. She hits her hand forcibly on the mirror and injures her hand badly. Harman, Harak Singh and Preeto rushes there. Virat and Soumya’s smiles and do hifive. Harman, Preeto and others get shocked to see Mahi’s hand bleeding and the mirror broken. Soumya asks what has happened? Harman says bring first aid box. Soumya comes there. Mahi looks at her. Soumya says this is the deep injury. Mahi says no problem, I can sign. Preeto asks have you gone mad? First get the bandage done. Simran brings first aid box.Harman asks Mahi to sit and begins to bandage her hand. Soumya tells Mahi that the papers are not running, you can get bandage done. Mahi thinks you can’t separate me from Harman ji. Soumya tells Harman that she will call lawyer and will inform him that papers can’t be signed today. Mahi smiles. Virat looks at her. Soumya calls the lawyer and tells that the divorce can’t be signed today. She asks if it can be signed after few days. Lawyer says if you had got the sign then I would have filed for divorce, as court is closed for 15 days and the case will drag long. Harman gets angry on the lawyer and tells that Mahi is unwell and you are worrying for divorce. Soumya asks Harman why is he angry on the lawyer. Mahi asks Soumya if there is any way? Soumya says she will ask lawyer. Lawyer tells that they fill file affidavit in the court that they used left hand impression as her right hand is injured. Soumya says ok, we will get her thumb impression on each other, you make affidavit. She tells Mahi that Mata Rani heard her prayers as she wanted to help. Mahi is shocked and angry. Soumya says I will take you thumb impression and takes out ink box from the drawer. Preeto asks Soumya if it is needed now only. Soumya says I am helping Mahi, she only wanted to help us. Mahi thinks she is clever, played game again, how to get saved from her. Soumya holds Mahi’s hand and asks her to leave her thumb impression. Mahi takes her hand and pretends to faint. Preeto gets worried. Mahi falls on Harman. Harman holds her. Soumya and Virat understand Mahi’s drama.Precap will be added in sometime. Update Credit to: H Hasan

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