Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Asthik is freed from the kidnapper in exchange for the money

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Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comChedilala orders Asha to call htthe opikuie ad uinform them that his brther Asghtik has been kidnaopped meanwhile Ashtik is sleeping, Asha says that he is not answering, Sargam ask how can they not answer, Asha says how he was calling Parshad to get the number, Sargam says that even the Americans know the number, Chedilal orders him to call, Asha asks what do they have to order, Chedilal gets frustrated when Eklawya signals him to sit with grandfather, Ashs says how he must remember the time when he used to take him and buy the sweet potato for him.Asha jumps on the bed, Alukik is forced to sit up, Ashtik helps him get up, Appu says how he forgot to warn them to not call the police, Asha is calling the police when Chedilal gets a call from the kidnappers who warn him to not call the police otherwise they would cut Asthik in small pieces and feed him to the dogs, Alukik makes the voice of a crow, Appu asks him to take out the voice of dogs, Chedilal gets tensed hearing what they would do to Ashtik, Sargam also takes the call mentioning how they have not been assured that Asthik is okay so until then they would not give any money, Appu mentions how he has a plan.Appu ties Asthik and even turns off the lights, Alukik and Appu dress as the kidnappers in disguise where they show them Asthik, Chedilal mentions how everyone is really worried for him, and if he was married then his wife would also have been standing with them crying for his safe return, Appu warns them to bring twenty lacs near the garbage can which is around street twenty one, Chedilal asks for come concession as he cannot arrange such a large amount, Appu asks how much can they give him, Chedilal responds that he can only give up to eighteen lacs and thirty six thousand hearing which Appu also agrees, Asha and Eklawya are smiling.
Asthik is searching for his bangles which he has to beat, he explains that they have to make a video about the beating and see who can do the task for the longest time, he has not made even a single minute video so how would he face his Guru, Alukik says he should face him with the same face because they would not return the instrument to him, Asthik sees them so tries to snatch it from Alukik however both Appu and Alukik exclaim he really desires to be kidnapped, so they tie him, he however is not opening his mouth so Alukik calls for Guru jee, they are then able to tie his mouth.Appu along with Alukik come downstairs asking Chedilal and Sargam what has happened, inquiring where did the kidnappers ask them to bring the money, Asha reveals the location when Sargam asks where do they go from time to time, Chedilal also asks the same question when Appu answers to Sargam he would go back to his room and cry there as he did not want to see his pain, Alukik is about to follow the same speech however is stopped by Asha Amar, Appu going to Sargam stand with her, Chedilal mentions how it has been half an hour so they should leave now as there would even be traffic.The Grandfather comes in his wheelchair ordering Chedilal to go and take out the money, he explains the only he is letting them give the money is to save Asthik and he would consider that he has thrown it in Ganga, Appu along with Alukik and Asha see how they have hid Asthik in the same room because he was going to ruin their plan, Chedilal stops Eklawya ordering him to bring the auto however Appu says how he would bring it but Chedilal says that he would himself bring the bag and Sargam also agrees as it would keep his blood pressure in control.Sargam asks Appu to not cause them to be late when he says how they would not go with them, Asha exclaims how the kidnappers never like groups which angers Chedilal who exclaims that they all are asking their old father and the daughter in law of the house to go and free Asthik from the kidnappers while they would stay back, he starts shouting forcing them all to agree, Sargam says they would not be able to fit in the auto, Appu immediately agrees to stay back however she asks Eklawya to bring the keys of the scooty from Pinki Jee, Alukik comments that it was for the better she did not ask Asha to bring it.Asha and Appu are sitting on the scooty looking inside, Alukik opens Asthik and asks him to contact Appu as they would reveal the plan, he asks Chedilal what they are waiting for, Chedilal responds they are waiting for him so he should just sit in the auto. Asthik tries to sneak out from the house however hides from the Grandfather, who thinking that there is no one in the house picks up his wheelchair placing it up the stairs, Asthik gets confused thinking about he would have gotten up the stairs but leaves the house.In the night Appu and Asha along with the family reach the location, Asha signals Appu, Sargam reveals how they must wait while they would come, Asha along with the brothers argue about the best place from which the kidnappers would come, Appu runs away and goes behind Asthik apologizing for leaving him and asks if he brought the dress, he then takes Asthik, he orders Chedilal to give him the money but then Alukik suggests a plan, they are able to get Asthik, Appu takes the briefcase, he turns back when Sargam calls and he comes back, mentioning how Appu got scared just like this even before when she made a circle tortilla for the first time, Alukik shouts at Appu forcing him to go back.Appu along with his brothers decide to open the briefcase when Chedilal gets a call from the lawyer, they all get excited so call everyone outside, they mention how the person used to write poems which are in the bag and his last wish was that they get it printed, Appu asks if it means they brought Asthik back for free, Asthik is not able to control himself so rejoices with joy.Precap: Eklawya reveals how the Grandfather kidney has failed, the doctor reveals that they would test everyone and check whose is a match, everyone tries to distance himself by revealing the bad things, however the Grandfather asks whose kidney was a match.
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