Santoshi Maa 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update – Devi Polomi plans evil strategy against Swati & Indresh.

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Santoshi Maa 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
The episode starts with Devesh & Rinky enjoying eating ice-cream while Devesh wondering thinking about Swati & Indresh whom he is unable to locate hence expresses his thought to Rinky but she gets bugged on him always hearing about Swati which should be stopped.

Devi Polomi calls Devesh to inform & show him that actual location of Swati enjoying with Indresh in a Resort & he plans to go there with Rinky to make her enjoy hence they both leave for Resort.

Swati & Indresh are enjoying in swimming pool where Swati feels comfortable with Indresh helping her to Swim but he goes to bring something for her while the owner watching feels very happy seeing both of them enjoying but Devi Polomi watching uses her powers to trouble Swati for her enjoyment but in sometime Indresh handles her resulting them to come close to each other & Devi Polomi gets bugged.

The owner’s daughter Samiksha also gets bugged watching Swati & Indresh enjoying in swimming pool which she feels cheap about them.
Swati & Indresh come out of swimming pool while they see Devi Polomi & wonder asking her how she arrived in this Resort but she instead tells them she is with her friends like them but Indresh says this wasn’t their plans while they faced theft of their vehicle hence landed here.

Devi Polomi plans some evil strategy ahead in the party at night along with those people whom she has informed. Swati feels weird behaviour of Devi Polomi expressing to Indresh too about her attitude.
Devesh along with Rinky, Lovely & Abhay arrive at the Resort while Lovely is appreciating the place for enjoyment & Abhay also praises the place.

A girl is singing song in beginning of the party while the owner asks his people from where this girl came & they tell him she was singing in neighbouring Resort from where we called her & he appreciates them. The singer is none other than Babli brought by Devi Polomi.

Swati gets ready in modern dress while Indresh feels attracted towards her beautiful dressing & looks. Indresh also applies Sindoor on her forehead.

Babli reminds about her past with Indresh & gets wild thinking of revenge but Devi Polomi handles her anger to control.Precap: Devi Polomi informs Mata Santoshi that all her players are ready to trouble Swati & also some new arrivals are here with whom some will stay & some will die hence it’s your time to arrive so that the game can begin. Mata Santoshi is watching Devi Polomi in anger.

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