Sajda Tera Karu Lakh Vaara (Episode 3)

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Episode begins with
Vansh gets up and gets shocked to see blood stains over his shirt ,face and floor.he also gets his photo with a note written over it.He recognises the writing and thinks.He rushes downstairs.
Everyone gets shocked seeing blood stains over him.
Anupriya: What has happened to you,whats all this.
Vansh shows her the photo and she gets shocked reading it.
Aryan takes it and reads.He also gets shocked.
Vansh looks all around.Nimisha and grandmother come downstairs.
He asks who are they.
Anupriya explains him that they are Kabir’s fiance’s family.
Vansh: I want to know who it was at any cost,and I am damn sure that in so high security no outsider can get in my room.Someone residing in house had done this.
Nimisha: What do you want to say,Had we done this?
Dadi asks Nimisha to be quiet.
Riddhima comes downstairs.Vansh looks at Riddhima.He gets shocked.
Riddhima greets him.
Vansh says you..
Anupriya says You know her?
Riddhima: No,I don’t know him.But last night you said that he is kabir’s brother ,I am also shocked that he knows me.Do you know me?
Vansh stays quiet.
Aryan: Bro,whats a big deal in it.You keep getting such threats and warnings ,there are many people who want to kill you.
Vansh: Aryan this time the matter is different.See the injury on my hand.That person didn’t want to kill me because if he wanted he would not have done first aid.This time someone from house got in my room…
Aryan: So bhai..
Vansh: I think that this girl had done this.Show you hand forward.
Riddhima does.
He sees the injury.
Anupriya: Last night you scared her and glass fell from her hand thats why…
Vansh stares at her and leaves.
Riddhima smiles.
Nimisha: He wanted to blame us,
Riddhima: What has happened?
Anupriya: Nothing,he just get death threats and this time too…
Nimisha: But this time he was going to blame us.
Anupriya: Please dont mind and I am sorry on his behalf.
Riddhima nodes.
Late in the afternoon ,Riddhima is going to her room.
Someone pulls her.She gets shocked.Its Vansh.
He held her close.
Vansh: What are you doing here ..
Riddhima: Excuse me,do you know me?Because you said you dont recognise me in the hall .How do you know my name Mr Vansh Raisinghania.
Vansh: Stop pretending .What are you doing here.You know I had told you to stay away from me.
Riddhima:Mind your words because this time I had not come for you but for your brother.He is going to be my fiance.
Vansh: Stop this rubbish Riddhima ,you know what sort of man is Kabir.
Riddhima: Better than my past.
Both share an eyelock.Vansh lowers down his eyes.Riddhima smiles.
Riddhima start leaving.
Vansh again pulls her back.
Vansh: Stop ruining your life for me.
Riddhima looks back at him.
Riddhima: It was you who ruined my life.Now I am trying to settle it back.
She pulls her hand from his hand.
Riddhima: Stop pulling me back to you.I had moved on.
VAnsh: If you had moved on then you would not had done what you did last night.That photo and everything,the injuries you gave to you for me.
Riddhima: You know,a person can change to that extent ,that it sometimes becomes unimaginable to recognize him.What you are seeing in front of you is not that Riddhima what you expect,its a different person.The thing I did last night,was it for you or for my are going to know about it soon.Just keep in your mind that now nothing is for you.
She leaves.Vansh keep looking at her.
Precap: Riddhima calls someone and says 3..2…1…Vansh’s car’s accident happen.

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