Sai Aur Virat (SAIRAT) Kk Kahaani (Chapter 1)

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Sai Aur Virat Ki Kahaani (chapter 1)The story starts with Sai waking up from bed with the gaze of sunlight falling on her from the window.Sai starts rubbing her eyes and suddenly she looks at the clock and starts screaming Aaba Aaj mein bahut late hone waali hoon college ke liye…..(Aaba  today Im getting too late to college…….)Sai jumps down from the bed and rushes to bath room.After 20  minutes Sai came out from the bathroom , she is well dressed  in a green dress and looking pretty good.Sai was rushing from her home with a bag in her hand and  when she was about to step out of the house ,she was stoped  by her Aaba , who was standing with a sandwich in one hand and a glass of milk in the other hand.Sai says Aaba aaj toh chodiye na . (Aaba please leave me for today)”Nahi kabhi nahi , ya toh breakfast karke jao warna college hi math jao”Sai ‘s Aaba says with an angry tone .(Never Ever , you must complete the break fast or you better dont go to college)Sai finally completes her break fast and heads towards busstop.Suddenly she gets a call from unknown number.she recieves  the call and says Sai Joshi speakingprecap: Sai stands shocked and says who are you and how do you know me, how dare you to speak about my Aaba.  

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