Sai Aur Virat (SAIRAT) Ki Kahaani (Chapter 8)

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Sai  Aur  Virat ki Kahani ( chapter 8)Hey guys , iam very sorry for the delay in update coz i have some technical problem with my laptop, now its absolutely fine,and  I will make sure to update earlier.So without much delay, let’s get into the story:Story starts with Virat getting down from his car with sunny.The moment he saw that yellow saree girl,he was smitten by her.Sai was continuosly scolding virat  but he cant able to hear single word,except the sound of slow breeze which slightly gone through his face and he can experience it.Sunny got awestruck by Virat;s such behaviour. Virat came out from his thoughts and said sorry to Sai,lifted her scooty and leaved the place with a fully blushed face.Sunny: Yaar Virat kya hua hai tumhe, woh ladki itne suna rahi hai tujheaur tu ne us ek lafz nahi bola.(Virat what happened to you,she was scolding you a lot and you were not uttering a single word)Ferocious girl(bhayanak ladki).Virat:khabardar agar us ke khilaf ek shabd bhi bola tho,hone waali bhaabhi hai woh teri. ‘’Samajla’’.(listen don’t utter a single word against her, she is your would be sister in law. Did you understand.Sunny: Hone waali Bhabhi ye kya baat hui yaar.kyaaa matlab tu us ladki se pyar karne laga..ab samajla(my would be sister in law,what raubbish?whaaaat that means you started loving that girl.Sunny; agar pehlebol dete to bhabhi ka naam puch leta(if you toldfirst, i would ask bahabhi’s name)Virat: chup kar(with a full blushed face)Sunny: IPS virat chavan Sharmagaye..hayeee(IPS virat chavan is blushingwow)Virat stopped his car with a sudden break.Sunny: ab kise takkar mara, teri hone waali bhaabhi ko.(now whom did you hit,your’s would be sister in law.)Virat: nahi mere pehle dhin hi mujhe ek function attend karna hai chief guest bank eek college mein .(no, I have to attend a function on my first day as a chief guest in a college.)Virat and Sunny were received by college staff and seated in the guest chair.Precap: The host of the function is announcing our chief guest IPS ViratChavan( gadchiroi’s new ACP) is going to receive guest of honour by college’s  brightest student,and this year’s topper of 12th standard in whole Maharashtra.

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