saath Nibhana Saathiya Fan Fiction: Gaura and Bhavani’s friendship

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Bhavani and Gaura lived in the Suryavanshi house. Bhavani still had control over the whole family and nor Dharam, Vidiya or Meera tried protesting,since they knew that Bhavani was stronger anyway.
Bhavani and Gaura were alone in Gaura’s room.
“So, now that we are friends again, what shall we do?” Bhavani said.
“We shall start destroying our enemies.” Gaura replied, smiling. “First I want to revenge the once that got me in prison. Kokila and Gopi. They shall suffer more than I did during all these years behind bars.”
“That’s a good starting point. I also was send in prison because of them. And Dharam. He is also responsible. I loved him and he only used me to get Meera back.”
“Everyone’s time will come, don’t worry. Now I suggest that we start with Gopi and Kokila.”
“Well said, Gaura Behen.”
“Do you have any ideas, Bhavani? This time I want you to think of something.
Bhavani thought for a minute and then said.
“Yes, I have. I am sure you will like it.”
One day later. Gopi and Kokila were at the temple. They performed a puja and as they were about to go back home, suddenly Kokila lost Gopi. She looked everywhere but Gopi was nowhere to be found.
“Where she could’ve gone so suddenly?” Kokila thought. “A second ago she was with me and now I don’t see her anywhere.”
And as Kokila was trying to find Gopi, suddenly someone grabbed her hand.
Two hours later. The Modi family was waiting for Gopi and Kokila to come back.
“I am starting to get worried.” Urmila said. “Gopi and Kokila are still away. They had to be back by now.”
“Don’t worry, Urmila. I am sure they will be back soon.” Hetal replied.
And in the Suryavanshi house, Gaura and Bhavani were happy.
“What a good day, Gaura Behen!” Bhavani said, smiling. “Now the Modis are looking for Gopi and Kokila. But they don’t know that both women are in their own mansion. They are locked up in the same room where Meera was. They are probably shouting now but no one hears them.”
“Your plan was brilliant, Bhavani! Poor Modis, they are worried for their beloved family members, not knowing that they are so close.”
“Exactly, Gaura Behen. They are so close and so far away at the same time.”
As Gopi and Kokila were about to go back home, suddenly Gopi was hit by a stone and she lost consciousness. It was Bhavani who had hit her with a stone on the head. She tied her up and went away.
And as Kokila was trying to find Gopi, the same happened with her. Only this time it was Gaura who kidnapped her and not Bhavani.
And then, Gaura and Bhavani locked the two women in their own house, but in a secret room Bhavani had build especially for that. It was like the same room where she once kept Meera. No one could hear Kokila and Gopi’s screams, not even their own family. Bhavani set up a few cameras in the room so she could watch Gopi and Kokilas sufferings.
Back in the Modi mansion, Gopi and Kokila regained their consciousness. They noticed that they are locked in some room.
“Maaji, what is this place?” Gopi asked. “Where are we?”
“I don’t know, Gopi. It seems like we are kidnapped.”
:But why? And who could’ve kidnapped us?”
“I have no idea, honestly. Gaura and Bhavani are in prison.”
“But maaji, we should find a way to get out of here.”
“We will. Don’t worry. Krishna bhagvan will help us. He has always been with us, I know he will help us this time as well. Let’s pray.”
More three hours passed. While the Modis were starting to be seriously worried, Gaura and Bhavani were celebrating their victory.
“Let’s look at the cameras and see what are they doing.” Gaura suggested.
“Fine, Gaura Behen. We may go visit them tomorrow. I am sure they are wondering what is going on. We will tell them tomorrow and give them some food.”
Fine, we will do it. Let’s go to sleep now. Oh, see, they are also sleeping.”
The next day arrived. Gaura and Bhavani ate breakfast and would go to see Gopi and Kokila. And while the two women were happy with their victory, the Modis realized that Gopi and Kokila will not come back by themselves. They realized that their beloved family members are probably in trouble.
“Hetal, Gopi and Kokila are still away.” Urmila said. “We should do something. Let’s inform the police that they are missing. It looks like they will not come back by themselves. They are in trouble, I can feel it.”
“You are right, Urmila. Let’s call the police. We will report them missing. I am sure the police will find them, but what could have happened to them? Could they be kidnapped or something?”
“I don’t know. Even if they are kidnapped, who could have done that?”
“I have no idea. Let’s report them missing and we will see next.”
And in the meantime, Gaura and Bhavani went to Kokila and Gopi. They unlocked the door of the secret room. Gopi and Kokila were there, tied up.
“Namaste.” Gaura was the first to say. “How are you doing? Do you like it here?”
Both Gopi and Kokila were shocked to see Gaura and Bhavani.
“Aren’t you in prison?” Gopi asked, staring at both of them.
“We were.” Bhavani replied. “But you know, everything comes to an end. Our time in jail also came to an end. And now, we are free. We can do whatever we want. And do you know what we mostly want? We want to torture you. Because you send us both in prison. And we will never forget that. Forget about your happy times, they will soon be a memory. Perhaps you have been trying to call for help and get someone’s attention? Well, let me tel you both, this is not going to happen anytime soon. Do you know where are you now? In your own house. We build this secret room inside your house and now, you are locked up in here, alone, unable to call for help. You know why? Because this room is special. No one can hear you from here. You can see your whole family but they can not. You are able to hear their conversations, but they can’t hear you. They can’t see you. How nice. You are trapt. There is no escape from here. Only if we decide to let you, only then your torture will come to an end. But as you may guess, your torture will not end anytime soon. In fact, we are just getting started. Now you will see what it’s like to be in prison. And your situation is even worse. Because your family is so close to you but they can’t help you. See, we broad you something to eat. There is some water as well. In fact, you don’t need to be tied up here. You can’t escape so we may untie you, at least for now. You can’t eat with your hands tied. When you finish eating, we will tie you up again. Are you agree, Gaura behen?”
“Yes, Bhavani. Let’s untie them for now.”
After some more time, Gaura and Bhavani left again and Gopi and Kokila were alone.
“Maaji, we are tied up again. We can’t do nothing now. How we will put an end to this torture?”
“Don’t worry, Gopi. As Bhavani said, everything comes to an end. Our torture will come to an end as well. We will find a way to get out of here. Or at least notify our family about the situation we are in.”
The night arrived again. Gaura and Bhavani were sleeping peacefully, thrilled by what they did the previous day. Gopi and Kokila were also asleep. However, their dreams were more of a nightmares. They both were dreaming how they are trying to leave this place but they can’t.
The morning came. Modis were still worried for their missing family members. They had informed the police about Gopi and Kokila’s disappearance, but still there were no news. Poor Modis. They did not know that their beloved ones were so close to them. They also didn’t know that Bhavani and Gaura had been set free. And now anything could happen.

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