Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Jigna And Hema Vow To Take Revenge From Gehna

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
Anant searches Kanak thinking she was just here, where did she go then. Goons surround Kanak and misbehave with her. Anant reaches there and brutally trashes them. They overpower him and start beating him. Pankaj noticing that rushes towards him. Goons are about to stab Anant when a man stops goon and introducing himself as plays’ writer who becomes fighter seeing injustice. Anant and him overpower goons again, and goons run away. Jigna gets emotional seeing Kanak and hugs her. Pankaj asks Anant if he is fine, he saw goons trying to stab him and a man protecting him on time. Anant sees writer already left. Kanak sits senselessly. Jigna asks what happened to her. Anant says let us bhabhi home, she will be fine after she rests. Pankaj backs him. Jigna says if he can see Kanak’s condition, looks like she didn’t have anything since days. Pankaj goes to bring food.Baa eagerly waits for Kanak and prepares aarti thali for her welcome. Gehna helps her. Hema thinks she is very happy hearing Kanak is returning, she will call Jigna and ask when is Kanak coming. She calls Jigna and asks how is Kanak, she is eager to speak to her. Jigna asks Kanak to speak to Hema, but Kanak doesn’t react. She tells Hema that Kanak has become a senseless like a stone idol and asks her to speak. Hema pleads Kanak to return back, they will enjoy a lot like usual. Jigna says Gehna ruined Kanak’s life and herself is enjoying a lavish life as Desai family bahu, she will make her shed blood tears. Hema says she is with her. Writer hears her conversation, goes to check, but stops when he gets his friend’s call. When he returns, he sees Jigna already left. Pankaj and Anant return and see Jigna and Kanak missing. He gets a message and shows it to Anant.Gehna with family holding aarti eagerly waits near door to welcome Kanak. Anant and Pankaj return with sad faces. Gehna asks where is Kanak, if she is coming with her mother. Anant informs that Kanak went with her mother. Gehna says its good Kanak went with her mother as a daughter needs her mother in trouble like Tia comes to Baa, let Kanak stay with her mother for sometime, they can bring her back home after a few days. Pankaj says Gehna is younger but speaks sense, they will bring Kanak back home after a few days. Paresh says they should celebrate Kanak’s return with Gehna’s prepared kheer tonight. Baa asks Anant and Pankaj to freshen up and have food. Gehna prays Kanhaji to send Kanak home soon as a garland is incomplete with a missing bead. Hema hearing her thinks of reuniting with Kanak and taking revenge from Gehna.Anant returns to his room and sees a thank you card. Gehna thanks him for finding Kanak in 24 hours and says now their shattered family will reunite. He gifts her chocolate and says he is getting her admission in a law college. Gehna gets emotional. Anant says she has to study a lot, its a 5 year course, time will pass on easily. She licks her fingers. He says he didn’t know she loves choc so much, he didn’t know about it. She says there are many things which he doesn’t know. He asks to tell then. She nervously says coffee. If she will lick even coffee. She says let us talk while enjoying coffee. He says let us have tea instead. She goes to bring tea. Tia brings boquet and says someone sent it for Gehna. Anant finds a note in it that he is coming to refresh their old memories. Writer thinks who was the woman who was speaking ill about Gehna.Precap: Gehna falls from a chair when a ball hits her.
Writer holds her on time.Update Credit to: MA

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