Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant’s Regret

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comBaa sees Gehna missing and asks where did she go. Anant says Gehna left home because of him, reminiscing Gehna promising him to prove him innocent and him saying marrying her was his life’s biggest mistake. Baa starts crying. Bapuji asks what is the use of crying now, Gehna repeatedly told that Sagar stole file and not her and they all didn’t listen to her, even her husband didn’t believe her, she did so much for teh whole family, but they never valued her, today she left home for her self-respect. Anant says he has fallen in his own eyes; he used to think that he fulfilled all responsibilities of Gehna’s husband; he taught her stand for herself and oppose injustice, but himself didn’t trust her and hurt her self-respect; he made a mistake and will correct it; Gehna had promised to prove him innocent and bring him back home, today he promises to bring back Gehna home. Bapuji praises him. Paresh says let us go go and search Gehna and leaves with Anant.Gehna walks on road senselessly reminiscing Kanak, Anant, and Baa’s insulting words. She thinks even if the family loves and accepts her, something wrong happens always; why its easy for Kanak and Hema to insult her repeatedly and call her servant and illiterate; she is illiterate and a servant, but why she gets affected by their words easily, etc.Baa continues crying and says she couldn’t become Gehan’s good mother or MIL/saas and didn’t trust her at all; Sagar who is their enemy was staying with them. Hema gets angry hearing that. Baa continues that one who brought happiness in their house has to leave house. She asks Chetan not to let Sagar in her house again and if he returns here, he will be punished. Baa says she is right and orders everyone not to let Sagar in again. Hema tells Kanak that they are spilling venom against her brother. Kanak says she would have directly bitten him instead. Hema warns to dare not speak against her brother or else her brother will take her name and send her to jail, he will save his sister anyways, so she should control her tongue. Constables walk in and say Kanak is under arrest as sagar confessed that he did crimes according to Kanak’s plan. Kanak panics, with her universal single expression for everything, and says she didn’t do anything and Sagar is lying. Police drag her. Out of imagination, she shouts no.. Pankaj asks what happened.Anant and Paresh search Gehna on roads showing her pic to people. Gehna continues walking senselessly on road and thanks where should she go as nobody knows her, enough of living in selfish people’s world and its time to get out and life her life. A speeding car rushes towards her and she shouts in fear. Car hits a woman and escapes. Anant stops car seeing a crowd and asks what happened. A man says a woman met with a car accident. Anant nervously walks towars down and slowly turns her face to find someone else and relaxes. He helps a person take lady to hospital and cries hugging Paresh. Paresh says they will find Gehna soon. A lady asks Gehna what was she thinking, she would have met with an accident if she had not pulled her away. She introduces herself as Mrs Mehta who runs an NGO and seeing her hand injury asks where is her house, she will drop her home. Gehna says she will go by herself. Lady asks if her in-laws troubled her and kicked her out of house. Gehna says they love her a lot and respect her. Lady asks what happened then. Gehna says her bapuji and husband always tell to respect herself if the world wants to respect her, she tried but couldn’t get respect; these 12 hours taught her a lot when she was fighting for her husband in court, she realized value of her self-resect; she did a lot for others and now wants to do it for herself. She says she is telling all this to her as she doesn’t know her past, so she will not judge her.Pankaj asks Kanak if she is tensed as she helped Sagar in his plan; if he finds out that she made a plan with Sagar and Hema, he will not spare her. She shouts how are he is speak to her like this, he never spoke to her like this. He says his brother didn’t go to jail till now, Sagar trapped his brother in wrong alllegation, good that his brother is proven innocent or else he would have gone to jail for years and their family’s dignity would have been lost. She shouts where was his family’s dignity when he demanded partition from his brother, he wanted money then. He says he needed money and lied to his friend, but he is not that greedy to put his brother in trouble as same blood runs in their body; if something happens to his brother, he will not tolerate it and she should pray god that her name shouldn’t come in Sagar’s case. Kanak with same expression thinks because of Gehna her husband who was her puppet spoke to her rudely, she will not spare Gehna now.Lady tells Gehna its evening and not good for her to stay out alone, so she should accompany her to NGO. She calls auto and asks her to sit while she finishes her work. She then calls her aide and informs that she found a girl, so he/she should make all the arrangements till they come. Anant reaches nearby and searches Gehna. He sees auto going.Precap: Paresh finds out Gehna went in auto and informs Anant. They follow auto. Lady sends Gena to an inebriated man who tries to molest her and she warns not to come near her. Anant hearing her voice breaks the door open and stands shocked.Update Credit to: MA

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