RidhAngre vs IshVan or RidhIsh vs Vangre OS IMMJ2

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RidhAngre  vs IshVan or RidhIsh vs VangreHello guys, I’m back with another OS. Thank you for all the responses and love towards my OS, means a lot to me❤❤🙏 @Aarushi suggested that I should start a FF which I was thinking of doing so. So I thought of converting the OS I was writing in to a fanfiction. I will post the character sketch soon but won’t post the episodes daily because of my exams. However, I will post more of One shot if I can. Back to this update.So in this story Riddhima and Angre are real siblings and Vansh and Ishani are real sibling too(like the show) It’s going to be siblings vs siblings.In the Study room
Vansh: Angre here, take these files and complete working on them. (commanding)
Angre: Yes Boss, right away.
Vansh: Angre, what are you waiting for? Go!
Angre: (trying to hide his smile) Sure boss, but what about the blueprints of the office?
Vansh: Oh right, they are there, on the shelf (pointing) you can collect them. (finding Angre staring at him) What?? Why you staring at me, what’s wrong with you? Has the witch (Ishani) cast a spell on you??
Angre: No boss, nothing of that sort, boss could you please get that file for me while I pick this trash (looking at the floor)
Vansh: Angre! Are you alright? Anyway let me do that (he tried standing up) Why can’t I stand up!!
Angre: (couldn’t stop himself from laughing) I’m sorry Boss.
Vansh: What’s going on?? Why are you laughing like a maniac?? Why can’t I get up?
Riddhima: (entering) Because of me!! (laughing) Bhai what is this yaar, you couldn’t stop yourself for even a bit?? (face palming)
Vansh: Uhhh! Riddhima!! What have you done?? (angry)
Riddhima: Nothing much, just took a bit of glue and applied it on the seat, simple!! You like being glued to this chair and room right? Always Work so here, I made things easier!(smiling)
Vansh: You both brother-sister will one day ruin me!! How do I get up from this freaking chair!! And you what are you smiling at me for? (to Riddhima) Your innocent and cute face won’t work today! Because peeche dekho! Peeche! (look behind) (Riddhima turned while Angre looked straight)
Ishani: (From behind) Surprise!!
Riddhima: (turning back to Vansh) Where did he go?
Vansh: phirse peeche dekho (look back again) If you have your partner then I have mine! (hi-fived Ishani)
Angre: (came to stand near Riddhima) So all this while you knew? But
Ishani: Oh my bewakoof patidev (my foolish husband) Who do you think Ishani Rai Singhania is! I heard you both yesterday!
Riddhima and Angre: Irritating!! (left)
Vansh: (laughing) We got them!! 😂
Ishani: But who did you call a witch? (🤨🤨) I spell a cast on Angre huh??
Vansh: umm nothing don’t mind that! For now let me go to my wife and try and pacify her!RiAnsh roomVansh pushed the door open to only find himself drenched in cold water. The door was tied with a rope connecting to a bucket with water full of ice. Before he took a step ahead another invisible string tripped him, making him fall on the ground, flat on his face. He sighed. He knew who had done it; Riddhima!! Riddhima came out of the washroom laughing. Vansh tried standing up but he couldn’t, he slipped again.Vansh: Do you mind helping?? (frustrated)
Riddhima: The Vansh Rai Singhania is asking for help!! Oh My God! (she laughed)
Vansh: are you done? Riddhima help me get up! I’m freezing here! (shaking)
Riddhima: Ok ok. Here (extending her hand and pulling him) Done! Now here wipe your face with this napkin.
Vansh: Thank you, finally you’re on track, out of the mischievous you!! (he took the napkin and wiped his face) Can you smell cream?? (wondering)
Riddhima: (laughing) yup from you.
Vansh: What nonsense!! (He looked in the mirror in horror) RIDDHIMAA!! My face!! You know how much I adore my face, what if something happens to it! My handsome face, The VR’s face!! How will girls get impressed now?
Riddhima: (frowned) Girls!! How dare you impress girls! You’re MINE!!
Vansh: Definitely I’m yours BUT if you keep these antics going on then soon I WILL HAVE TO SHIFT TO SOMEONE ELSE (teasing)They heard Angre scream from her room. While they could hear Ishani laughing out loud. Vansh laughed too by which Riddhima understood that Angre had gone through the same thing. They rushed to see Ishani on the ground laughing hard. Angre’s face was decorated with make up! Dressed up like a girl, wearing Ishani’s dress and heels. Ishani looked at Vansh and laughed harder than ever. Angre laughed at Vansh then saw his state and was shocked. Riddhima joined Ishani in laughing too.
Angre: Riddhu, are you my sister or enemy??
Riddhima: Sorry bhai but I cant help it (laughing) Ishani good job!! (they hi fived) I never knew you will do it with such perfection!!
Vansh: (went to Angre) Look what your sister did!! (pointing to his face)
Angre: Look what your sister did!!
Vangre: This was both your plan?? Trapped us like this?
RidhIsh: Of course, Our plan!! (they laughed)
Vangre: YOUU!!! (they ran to get hold of them)But due to Angre’s heels, he fell down and Vansh due to being wet, slipped again. The girls took the chance and fled.Vansh: NOOOO!! You can’t run!! (he woke up from his sleep) Where did you go… wait (checking himself) I’m fine, there’s no cream on my beautiful and handsome face! Uff was just a dream! (checking beside him) Angre!! Wake up you lazy bum!!
Angre: You devil (Ishani) For what are you taking revenge? Why are you torturing me?? (talking in sleep)
Vansh: ANGRE!!
Angre: Yess sir, Angre reporting! (eyes closed- still in sleep with his hand on his head in a saluting posture)
Vansh: ANGRE!!
Angre: (waking up) Yes bhai, sorry!
Vansh: Did you call my sister a devil?? (Angre worried) Don’t worry, your sister is the same!! Both of them together is a disaster! Specially after they kicked us out of the room yesterday! I don’t know what’s in for us today!! Oh God help!! Let’s go now, we need to attend a few meetings today.
Angre: yes boss!Vansh and Angre put their feet on the ground to only find their feet in gooey slime.
Vansh: Riddhima!! Not again!!
Angre: Ishani!! Not again!
RidhIsha: Yes our name!! (they giggled)
VanGre: yes our name (mimicking them) I hope we don’t get food color coffee and play dough toasts for breakfast today! Ye hum hai, ye humari dukhbari kahani hai aur humari pawri ho rahi hai! (they frowned)If this was the start, then you can imagine what would be in for them during the whole day. Who knows Vansh’s dream could come true!So how did you find RidhIsha? I tried making this funny but I don’t know if I succeeded in doing do, please let me know about it in the comment section. Please let me know how you found this one and please do give suggestions on what my next OS should be on! While I will try to give my character sketch to my Fanfic by tmr!❤❤Parita❤

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