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Hey guys!!! I am a silent reader of immj2. I used to read many ffs and  I love them all. Really everybody writes outstanding stories. And i get inspired from them. So, i thought to write an Os hope you all will like it. I am writing it for first time so please forgive my mistakes(and for your kind information i am very poor in english😅) so let’s start..During Riddhima’s pregnancy Vansh used to look after her very carefully so that she did not have any problem. Now the date came for her delivery.Riddhima:Vansh now we will become 3 from 2 i am so happy.Vansh:I am also excited. But what do you want girl or boy?Riddhima: I want a boy who will be like you.Vansh: But i want a girl like you.Riddhima:No boy.Vansh:Stop fighting like a child,now you will become a mom.Riddhima:Yah correct.Vansh:Ri…Riddhima:Vas…aah…aaa…Vansh it’s paining so much vansh…Vansh:Riddhima wait i am calling ambulanceThen Vansh took Riddhima to hospital. Everybody was praying towards god for mother’s and chilf’s safety. Then doctor came from OT  and said..Doctor:Congratulations, Mr. RaiSinghania,Mrs. RaiSinghania gave birth to two children,a boy and a girl.Vansh: Doctor thank you so much. Is Riddhima fine?Doctor: Yes they all are fine.After 6yrs…Riddhima: Riansh and Vani where are you come lunch is ready.Riansh and Vani came runningRiansh and Vani: Mom can we go to picnic?Family picnic??Vansh: Yah why not we will have fun.Riddhima: Yes it will be fun.Vansh:(whispering to Riddhima) and i will have time to romance also.Riddhima:You…Riansh: Vani let’s go we have to planThey left.Vansh: Hey sweetheart don’t you think your are growing old?Riddhima: What? How dare you to say that? If i becomes old then remember you will also become old.Vansh: But some girls are still proposing me.Riddhima: Who propsed you? I think they don’t have eyes.Vansh: You are feeling jealous?Riddhima: Nah. Why i will feel jealous i have my two kids they will always support me.Vansh: No they will support me.Riddhima: No me.Vansh:Let’s go towards them and ask them.The End…I don’t know how you all will like it 😅😅 i will try to write more from next time.. so bye for now. Love you all and Bye💖💖

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