Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 32

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I got 100+ comments in last five posts. Thankyou aayu aarushi parita radhika(riansh lover).😁😁♥️❤️😂. Then coming to the next thing! I don’t remember who was it but yeah that someone commented that the story is going boring! I should add some thrill! Actually when I added thrill people asked me to keep the story simple and funny. But if you want I will add it🙂🙂. Disclaimer: you may feel hungry while reading this!🙂🙂😂.
The episode starts with:
Riansh had their time there and left to the hotel.
In riddhima’s room:
Riddhima: I got tired today!
Ishani: what did bhai do with you today!! That you got tired bhabhi!(teasing)
Riddhima: oh god you all are always behind teasing me!
Sejal: riddhu when someone goes in a relationship. It’s our right to tease that person.
Riddhima: shut up!
They talk for a while and sleep.
Next morning:
They all leave to have breakfast.(roz bas breakfast khaate hai🙂😂😂)
Vansh: sweetheart today I ordered your favourite food! Won’t you like to have it?
Riddhima (excited): vansh you are so sweet! I want to have it fast!
She pulls his cheeks.
Vansh: wow you can do anything for food!
Riddhima smiles brightly and nods in yes.
Vansh: ok come.
They head to the breakfast table(only riansh’s table).
Vansv: here you go!
White sauce pasta:Noodles:
Chilli potato:
Cheese balls:
Riddhima grabs it and starts like a sweet baby. Vansh adores her.Vansh: now time for your favourite desert.
Belgian waffle:
Choco chips icecream:
Hot brownie with icecream:
Chocolate mousse:Riddhima have it and feeds vansh too.
Riddhima: I love this food!
Vansh: and I love you!
She blushes. They finish the food and leave to hulhumale island.
There Riddhima sees boats:
Riddhima: let’s go to ride!(puppy face) (inspired from aayu🙂😂😂)Vansh: sure sweetheart! No one can deny your puppy faces!
She smiles. They leave for boating. They both are looking into each other’s eyes.
Is qadar tum se hame pyaar hogaya
Hadd se zyada hadd se paar hogya
Is qadar tum se hame pyaar hogaya
Hadd se zyada hadd se paar hogaya.
Din teri chahton mein guzarne lage
Dil kahein har gali tumse milne chale
(My favourite song these days😂😂)
They both are enjoying their moments and suddenly splash…
Vansh(shouting): Riddhimaaaaaaaaaaaa…..
Riddhima fell in the water.
Trainer: sir please water is very deep don’t go there.
Vansh: shut up! My Riddhima is in danger.
The trainers holds him.Done with the update. Ab merko maarna mat mujhe bola tha kisine ki story boring horahi hai thrill add karo to kardiya ab mujhe bata dena ki ab bhi boring lagri hai ki sahi hai?🙂😂. Aur Maldives ghumne mein maze aare hai na?🙂😂😂🤣 Myself gauri 😉.A huge fan of immj2 ❤️

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