#Riansh#Immj2 An Unexpected accident giving new life (Part 1)

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A caution read after a paragraph to read update 1st paragraph is my thanksgiving and posting time.Good night dears. I am happy to know that TSA, Priyudi, Priyanshu, Ishu,Myni,Niu and Ammenerh, Aisha, Annoying user have atleast considered my FF valuable after reading the title not that it waste your time. Thankyou so much for your appreciation. But I don’t know how much I will be doing the comment section and don’t put extra hope in me because today I read only 7 comments so I had mentioned to you. I am also having board exam. It will be regular update even in night and Science and Math revisions will be focused please pray and be tuned with me . I thought to end in three ep. But if you need to make it longer please give suggestions and I don’t know if I could go with it and if I can I will try to extend it.So the episode starts. Here I is referred by Ridhimma. So let us start our journey.My PovRidhimma’s family went to Mumbai for grandmother’s treatment because her condition was critical and they could not make Ridhu come with them(The health issues which is important component of my FF)Ridhima PoV,Ok I want to go, my choice is the last and final choice I would not make any difference my grandmother have looked me and I am not with her. It’s embarassing to me by my humanity. My problem is not the priority.But I can’t go na, I don’t want to go by train and Plane and the only choice is Car. Yes Car, but when I sat on the seat and was trying to start in my frustrations I realised I did not learn it because of phobia of accident by car. As I was reading all the incidents in newspapers I never thought to drive. Oh my what should I do.She started crying but her soon to be expiring luck gave her a chance which was not what she thought it was fated.Returning to Ridzs POVI heard my Phone ringing I took the phone. It was Sejal. I told about the situation. She said “Oh Ridz I think that it’s fated that I shall drop you because I wanted to go to Mumbai as one of consert was planned by her. She called her to give her some way out and I think Seju continued that it’s one bullett two birds wow. It’s fated Ridz(Me yes It’s fated but it would not end as you wish. It’s like solar system or say universe whatever the things we do it happens as if it was fated and who knows what is coming for you. )So stay tuned to know what and if not pray for me. Take care okay bye. Good night. It was updated at 12:06am. Good morning have a nice day and foreign family wish a good day.

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