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HEY SWEETIES !! SO I AM BACK WITH ONE MORE NEW OS THAT IS MOST OF YOUR CHOICE , VANSH JEALOUSY , SO NO MORE TIME WASTING AND LETS START Episode begins when after coming out of coma SIYA tells everyone the truth of RIDHIMA being innocent , here only ANUPRIYA has evil motive and Kabir in spite of hating VANSH loves him like his own brother , RIDHIMA was not sent by KABIR but was manipulated by ANUPRIYA but after knowing her truth RIDHIMA denied to help her so due to this ANUPRIYA decided to take revenge on RIDHIMA for betraying her , HERE VANSH fails to make RIDHIMA forgive him but she forgive all the members and was staying in the house but ignoring the VANSH completely . IN MORNING After doing aarti , RIDHIMA gave parshad to everyone , except one person and that is none other than our VANSH VANSH : RIDHIMA won’t you give me ?RIDHIMA : But what you want MR RAISINGHANIA VANSH : Parshad RIDHIMA , You have given it to everyone except me , You neither give me aarti nor Parshad RIDHIMA : Well MR RAISINGHANIA , I clearly remember that one day you yourself told me that you don’t believe in god , So from where suddenly this believe , this faith come from VANSH : Well MRS RAISINGHANIA , I also clearly remembers that one day you yourself told me that one day will come when I will start believing on god , and let me remind you that day also came because of you , Remember when you were shot first time , I prayed for your recovery from your God , and that’s was the first day in my life when I bow my head down in front of him Before RIDHIMA could say something , KABIR realised that if no one interfere soon then this could lead to heated conversation which would lessen the chances of VANSH forgiveness , So he instantly come up with an idea KABIR : RIDHIMA , I just thought that when everything is settled so if you are free can we go on lunch together , only “YOU and ME” and no one else RIDHIMA THOUGHT FOR A WHILE AND NODDED IN POSITIVE KABIR : Okay so get ready by 2 we will leave at 2:00 after I finish my one important work RIDHIMA : Ya sure KABIR , will be waiting for you , Bye and take care VANSH was super anger after knowing that his wife is going out for lunch with his brother but is completely ignoring him and the fuel to fire is added when RIDHIMA asked KABIR to come soon and she would be waiting for him , He was unable to tolerate RIDHIMA’S care towards KABIR and leaves from there making all the RAISINGHANIA’S shocked AT 2 pm , RIDHIMA came down dressed and was looking hot , family members were shocked to see her so bold and VANSH shocked but was fuming in jealousy that RIDHIMA never wear anything except Saree in front of him and was now wearing modern dress while going at lunch with his brother KABIR ( Forwarding his hand to RIDHIMA) : Shall we RIDHIMA : Yes Saying so both of them leave , leaving family shocked and VANSH jealous AT 4 PM Both RIDHIMA and KABIR entered , with HAND IN HAND , LAUGHING , This all was noticed by a pair of jealous eyes , when suddenly RIDHIMA slipped but caught by KABIR from her waist , VANSH was super angry seeing her wife so much comfortable in some other men’s arm but was not even comfortable with his one touch , This was all enough for VANSH and he moved towards KABIR and RIDHIMA , By seeing at him only anyone can feel that how much jealous and angry was vansh right now VANSH : KABIRRR… ( He was about to punch kabir but KABIR spoke in between only ) KABIR : Bhai , bhai , bhai , before punching me just listen to me one please …..VANSH : Speak…. KABIR : Bhai this all was a plan made by Bhabhi to tease you , She want you to make jealous as a punishment All were looking at RIDHIMA who was struggling hard not to laugh and was shocked to see this much bold RDHIMA , who used to be shy earlierRIDHIMA( Pouting like a cute baby ) : What is this KABIR , you spoiled my whole plan , huh , I will never talk to you again KABIR : Oh , So what do you want madam , that I must allow VANSH bhai to beat me black and blue and let him break my all 206 bones , what type of friend you are , you didn’t even care about you friend’s life just because of your stupid plan , huh …RIDHIMA : Can’t you do this much for meKABIR : No dear , I am still Unmarried and I love my this body a lot , I don’t want to die being single , what if your husband has broken my some part that was not to be broken , then No girl will  marry me VANSH : You both just shut up and You KABIR please care to explain from when it was going on KABIR : Yes VANSH bhai let me explain you one thing FB STARTS On reaching ABC restaurant , Kabir ordered for the lunch and get themselves settled at the table KABIR : RIDHIMA , can I ask you something RIDHIMA : Yes sure KABIR KABIR : Why aren’t you forgiving bhai , I know he has committed mistake but he was not at fault completely , At a time before knowing the truth you were truly betraying him , and besides this He still loves you , he has given you one chance , so don’t you think that he too deserve a second chance RIDHMA : I know KABIR , and I have already Forgiven him KABIR : What !!RIDHIMA : Why are you so surprised KABIR didn’t you wanted me to forgive him KABIR : No, its not like that , But Then please tell me why are you Ignoring VANSH bhai since morning , Why you agreed to come on a lunch with me , when you came down wearing such a hot dress , By his look only It was clear that he was so jealous on seeing you dressed like this to go with me RIDHIMA : Oh control KABIR , so the answer to all your question is that I just wanted to make him jealous.KABIR : Oh that’s great RIDHU RIDHIMA : So would you like to continue this plan with me KABIR : Of course , anything for you FB ENDS Everyone was shocked when VANSH spoke VANSH : So now if you both have completed your teasing session , then please stop it right now ( to KABIR) Dare you again play such a prank on me next time I wont listen you and will surely Beat you Black and blue (to RIDHIMA) and you come to the room , Tonight I will make sure that you will suffer a lot Saying so he left from there , and later everyone departed for their room NEXT DAY , EVERYONE WERE SITTING AT DINNING TABLE WHEN KABIR TRIED TO SIT BESIDE RIDHIMA BUT STOPPED IN MIDWAY SEEING VANSH EYES KABIR : Sorry Bhai , ISHANI please you sit next to Bhabhi , I will sit next to dadiEVERYONE LAUGHED AT KABIR STATEMENT ISHANI : Seems , someone is still jealous ( everyone laughs) By the way Bhai , what kind of punishment did you give to Bhabhi last night , A lot of sound was coming from your room yesterday night Listening to ISHANI’S statement RIDHIMA turned red and to avoid the situation leaves from their and VANSH also to provide further embarrassment leaves from there making excuse of an call , seeing there condition everyone burst out laughing aloud THE END !! Hope you all liked it , do comment your views down and next one will be on RIDHIMA’S jealousy , so stay tuned … WILL MEET YOU SOON TILL THEN TAKE CARE , STAY SAFE STAY HAPPY STAY HEALTHY 

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