Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 52

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Hello i am back guys do let me know are u liking the story or should i stopOne more thing i wanna know as u all know our immj2 is going off air so will u read the ff after that?I m in no mood to add much pics bear it for todaySo epi starts hereNext dayScene 1Riansh is sleeping on Terrace in each other’s armRiddhima opens her eyes and see vansh is sleeping like a baby hugging herRiddhima – Awww…my hubby is looking so adorableSuddenly vansh wakes up holding his headVansh (holding his head) – Aaahh!! my head..When did i slept riddhima we were talking na..Riddhim -,vansh relex u slept while talkingCome get up i will give u coffeeeAnd everyone must have come by nowThey both goes to roomScene 2Everyone is back in mansionAll are having brkfst on dining table except vanshSiya (teasing) – How was your day bhabhi! You and bhai enjoyed na😉Ishani(teasing) – Terrace ki halat bta rhi thi how much u both enjoyed😉Riddhima (blushing) – Stop teasing me yr..😊Suddenly a loud scream of someone is heard and the whole mansion is shaking nowSomeone again screamRidddhiiiiimmmmmmaaaaaa!!!Riddhima (perplexed) – vansh!!Riddhima’s povWhy is she screaming this much
Shit!! Did he get to know abt my yesterday’s stunt if yes than i. M dead Bappa plz save mePOV endsVansh descends from stairs with blood shot eyes shouting riddhimA’s NameHe comes to riddhima and holds her arms tightlyVansh (angry) – how dare you to do this with me😬Riddhima (in tears) – Vansh plz leave me ..what happenedVansh (shouting) – Oh really u don’t know what happened..Don’t be this much innocent riddhimaDadi – vansh what’s these way to talk to ur wifeVansh (angry) – Nobody i repeat no body will speak between us😬And he drag riddhima with full force to their roomRiddhima is shouting to leave her but he didn’t pay heedVansh enters in room and throw her on bed and closes the doorRiddhima (crying) – What are you doing vansh plz calm down😭Vansh goes near her and keep his one leg beside her on bed and hold her jaws tightly in his handVansh – What u did with me yesterday’s nightRiddhima (stammering)- I didn’t do anything vanshVansh makes her stand forcefullyVansh (angry) – So you are not telling me the truth should i also give u truth serum Like u gave me last night (shock lga lga lga shock lga..kis kis ko lga yr hr br vanshu deta tha riddhu ko to i thought kuch naya krte h😝)Riddhma felt earth slipped beneath her legsRiddhima (stammering) – Va..vansh..wo..i..Vansh(shouts)- Don’t u dare ..to say that u didn’t .. Because i know u did thisRiddhima (crying) – How did u got to knowVansh (angry) – I am Vansh raisinghaniaNothing can be escape from my eyesI saw the serum’s prescription in your almirahAnd because of that serum i slept and didn’t remember having a terrible headacheAm i right or am i rightRiddhima bow down her head and sobsVansh hearts ache seeing his lady love crying miserably in front of him but he can’t forget what she did with himHe holds her arms tightlyRiddhima (crying) – Va.. Vansh leave …me your are hurting meVansh realize his grip was extremely tight he immediately leave her leaving his mark on her handsVansh (smilimg sarcastically) – I am hurting and what u did was fair enough rightRiddhima (cupping his face) -I am sry vansh .i didn’t have any other optionI know  u send bhai for purpose and i did this to know i am sry vansh😭Vansh(shouts) – Didn’t have any other optionSeriously riddhimaU didn’t have any option so u did this..Amazing(Holding her arms again) – Now tell me what i blurted out in front of uAnd dare u to say lie😬Riddhima looks at him..Flashback startsRiddhima brings drink for both of them and adding truth serum in vansh’s drinkAfter having drink vansh started feeling dizzy and he lay on matrixRiddhima (cupping his face) – vansh !! What u did today tell..me why did u send bhai..Vansh (semiconsious) – I love..u sweetheartRiddhima cries listening thisShe kisses him on foreheadRiddhima – I love u too vansh plz tell me what u did today..Vansh (semiconsious)- I…went to hospital when u were sleeping..And got to know that on our wedding day..That doctor who came in mask was vikram..Riddhima gasps listening thisRiddhima (petting his cheeks) – Van.. Vansh what happened next..what else u know..tell me jaan plzBut he felt unconscious..Riddhima sleeps hugging himFlashback endsRiddhima is sobbing  and Vansh is numbVansh’s PoVThank god i said this much only what if i told her full truth damn!!Pov endsRiddhima (crying) – u know i forbid u to do this.I m sry i shouldn’t have done this but..Vansh (shouting) – But what
What i did..trying to find out my wife’s culprit.. that’s my mistakeRiddhima (crying) – No.. Vansh plzVansh (shouts) – Shut up!! Just shut up..!!Mujhe nhi pta tha riddhima tum mere pyr ka uh najayas fayda uthaogiU did that surprise drama just to know my truth rightRiddhima (cupping his face) – No..no.. Vansh that’s not true i really wanted to be with u..Plz maaf krdo vansh i won’t do this again😭Now vansh is also in tearsVansh – Yes i hide that from u.But what u did was right do u think that was rightU are also hiding so many things from me..You are hiding vikram’s identity from meYou are hiding your health condition from uWhat should i do should i give truth serum to u to get to knowWill it be ok!!😬Riddhima holds his hand – I am sorry vanshMujhe kuch smjh ni aya tb kya kru.or kya nhi..Plz maaf krdo..Vansh (with tears) -You hurted me alot riddhima..Now plz leave me alone i don’t want to hurt u in my anger..Riddhima (trying to stop him) – Vansh plz listen to me..But he stromed out of the room angrilyScene 3Ishangre’s roomAngre is doing something on laptop and ishani comesShe snatch laptop from him and sits in his lapIshani – How boring angreYou are not paying attention at me nowdaysAngre( irritated) – Jaan plz i m doing something imp right now plz don’t distrubIshani – What are u doing more imp than your wife..😒Angre (serious) – Vansh bhai send me purposely yesterday i am trying to find out what he did in my absence and why he behaved like that with sona in morningI am telling u ishani we are missing somethingIshani (in anger) – Vansh bhai sona!! Vansh bhai sona!!😬😬All day u keep thinking abt them onlyI am fed up with this angreDo u remember when we spend our quality time since i woke up from coma..I know they are important for u but what abt me..am i not important for u..Angre (trying to hold her) – Jaan it’s not like that..listen to me..Ishani (jerking him) – I am only listening u angre this daysBut u have forgotten that u have wife and u have responsibility of Her also..Sometimes i feel i shouldn’t have woke up from coma atleast u used talked to me love me sitting by my side angreNow i am missing that angremy husband i m missing himAngre (with tears)- Jaan..i ..am..Before he say anything ishani left the room crying😭Done for todaySee i didn’t give any suspense today pr vanshu ka pura sch kya h 😛 sochoPrecap : riddangre pacifying Vishani (vansh n ishani )Do comment agr iccha ho to 

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