Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 4

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Hey guys i m back thnq so much for ur support i req to silent readers plz do comment as it will worth like a reward for us..Note : i changed my cover page becoz one of my favorite ff riansh( ishq me marjawan 2 ) a different love story by @ attractiveuser has same cover  page and since it  started before my ff i decided to change mine so that u won’t get confuseHere episode beginsScene 1
At VR mansionVansh announced that there will be a party in VR mansion in evening
And two special guest Mr.Kabir sharma and Ahana mehra.. are comingScene 2Everyone get ready for partyVanshRiddhimaIshaniAngreSiya AnupriyaDadiKabir and ahana arrivedKabirAhana Ahana is trying to be very close to vansh..
Riddhima who is noticing this is fuming in anger and jealousy
Riddhima’s POV
Look at this flirt raisinghania 😏who keeps calling me sweetheart and now flirting with this ahana…😏Vansh noticed riddhima’s gaze and started doing flirt with ahana to make riddhima more jealous😉Vansh’ POV
Now wait sweetheart what will i do now,😉Vansh- may i have a dance with u sweetheart (ahana)😅Riddhima’s POV
Why is he calling her sweetheart omg why i m feeling jealous ..no i m not jealous 😏Vansh started doing dance with ahana by being very close to herRiddhima’s POV
Now u see what will i do..😏
Riddhima walked towards kabirRiddhima- hello handsome can i have a dance with u..😊Kabir- why not beautiful 😉 lets goThey walked towards dance floor and stated doing dance
Kabir holds riddhima’ s hand and put his hand on her waist..
Vansh who saw this now fuming in anger..
He left ahana and headed towards Ridhbir( riddhima n kabir😉)Vansh- can we excuse us Mr.KabirKabir- i m dancing with this gorgeous lady 😊
Vansh ( thinking)- stop this or i will kill u..😏
Vansh- i invited u here for attending party not for dancing with my riddhima😏
Riddhima and kabir ( unison) – my riddhima!!!😮
Vansh( biting his tongue) – i mean with my frnd riddhima😅
And kabir leaves from there..Now everyone started doing dance in pair
Vansh – riddhima
Kabir – ahana
Ishani – angreVansh and riddhima are very close to each other vansh holds riddhima’s hand and pulls her close by her waist and they were so engrossed in each otherRiddhima to vansh- since when i became ur frnd Mr.flirt raisinghania😏
Vansh- from now sweetheart 😉 and Mr.flirt !!! Who??? Me ,😒😒Riddhima – yes u…Mr.flirt raisinghania u were doing flirt with ur so called sweetheart 😏
Vansh – someone is getting jealous ummm!!!😉
Riddhima – just shut up..😏The dance got over and suddenly ishani gets a call and she go to pool area where no one was aroundScene 3
Riddhima was drinking juice suddenly the juice fell over her dress
Vansh – riddhima your dress got spoil go and change it..
Riddhima – i go and chngeShe leaves..Scene 4
At poolside
Ishani is talking on a phone and suddenly someone pushed her into the pool
She fell in pool and started panicking due to her fear of water
She started shouting and vansh and angre come there and take her out
Vansh hugs her and she started cryingVansh( anger)- what happened princess who did this..with u..😣😣Ishani- i didn’t know anything bhai someone pushed me..and i fell
But i saw a man in black hoddy and mask.. he ran away when u came hereVansh – don’t worry princess u r safe now i won’t leave that person who tried to harm u..Scene 5
Riddhima came to ishani
Riddhima – ishani r u ok ?
Ishani – i m ok and plz don’t try be friendly with me😏
Riddhima leaves.Scene 6
Vansh – i m sry riddhima for ishani’s behavior actually she doesn’t like strangers around her that’s why
Riddhima – its ok vansh relex i know i m stranger in this house
Vansh – dare u to call urself a stranger ..u r not stranger sweetheart 😍
Riddhima – don’t call me sweetheart 😏go to ur sweetheart ahana😣Vansh pulls riddhima close by her waistVansh- i did that to make u jealous nothing else sweetheart😊Riddhima – fine 😊 now let me go..
Vansh – what if i don’t let u😉
Riddhima come close to his ears and
Riddhima- then i will tell it to dadi 😂
And she ran away.
Vansh – interesting very interesting😎Vansh’ s POV
Akhir bhag kr bhi tum kitni dur jaogi..
Laut kar to meri baaho me hi aogi😉#aishaDScene 7
Ishani ‘s Room
She is caressing a photo with pain and anger in her eyes..
Ishani – u know what i deserve this pain becoz i loved u..😭😭 my heart ache when i think about u..aaryan…loving u is biggest mistake of my life
( Kis kis ko shock lga😝)
Ishani is laughing like a manic while saying
Kya khub nibhaya tune sath mera..
Jab tere hatho me tha hath mera..
#aishaDScene 8
Angre’s room
Angre is talking on a call
Angre – i was so scared .what if he caught u.😐
Unknown person – he will never able to caught me..😎
Angre- bt be careful next time , i love u so much sona😍😘
Sona – i love u too…😘😍
( So two new character revealed
Ishani loves aaryan n angre is talking with a girl named sona😉 i hope u don’t have any confusion till now)Scene 9
Riddhima’ s room
Riddhima( smirking)
I will not fall weak..i know i m attracting towards vansh..bt i have come here for my revenge .. And i will take it at any cost😎Ishq bhi ek ehesaas tha ….jab dil tumhare pass tha…jeet kar bhi haar gaye hum wo mohobatt ki jung…jab hua khanjar se  waar tera sareaam tha..
#ByAishaDSuddenly siya comes
Siya – i was getting bore so i thought to meet u.
Riddhima- most wlcm siya ..lets have a word
Well siya ur vansh bhai always do flirt with girls na😏
Siya( flabbergasted) – what😮 ! Vansh bhai n flirt never..they are poles apart!!! Who told u this..he don’t even look at girls..
Riddhima – ok i was just asking now u go n sleep i too want to dozz offAnd siya leavesRiddhima’s POV
What😑 vansh never look at girls then why he was doing flirt with me since beginning 😐
Is he falling for me..or am i falling for him😇
Ye dil ke jazbaat jo hm smjh nhi pa rhe h..
Kya hm tujh me itne khote ja rhe h 😅
Done for today guys i hope the length is neither short nor too long if it is so do tell me..
Author’s note – mohhobatt kitni bhi bepanah kyu na ho..
Mukammal hone ke liye toh kismat hi lgti h 😊

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