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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 28

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#Past revelation
Note : no one will blame me because you were the one who was hell bent to know i can’t fulfill your whole wish so i am giving you this half past because this is rhe requirement of story i hope you will understand my POV
@s you will be fine soon dear best of luck for your surgery
I request everyone that it will be ok if you don’t comment about episode but please pray for her
So episode starts here
Scene 1
At night
Vansh comes to his room and goes to washroom
And on the shower

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He screams on the top of his voice

He cries loudly
He closes his eyes
Flashback starts
At wedding day
Riddhima and vansh are sitting in mandap
Riddhima – Dadi before the marrige starts can i use the washroom once
Dadi – Ok beta come fast
Ishani – I will take you bhabhi
And they both leaves
After half an hour
Vansh – its too late angre come with me something is not ok
Angre -Yes bhai we should check once
They both goes to riddhima’s room
Scene 2
Riddhima’s Room
When vangre enters
Their eyes are out of socket
The whole room is quite messed up and their are traces of blood on the floor
And their is letter on bed
Vansh reads
This marrige is fake my love is fake
Save your sister if you can
Your sweetheart ( i accept your chappals for this)
And vansh collapsed on the floor
Angre ( screams) – No!!! Sona she can’t do this where is ishani
Bhai we have to find them
And they both rush to find them
Scene 3
In car
Vansh (angry) – did you find the location angre
Angre – Yess boss i got the location
Vansh – My heart is saying ishani and riddhima are in grave danger
Scene 4
Vangre reaches the location
Their is secluded godown
When they enter they got the biggest shock of their life
Riddhima is holding a gun in front of ishani

Ishani is crying miserably with so amy wounds on her
Her head is bleeding
Ishani (crying) – Please leave me don’t kill my baby please
Riddhima is holding gun in the direction of ishani with red eyes and fierceness
Vangre (screams) – ishaniiii!!
Vansh (angry) – riddhima what are you doing have you gone mad drop the gun
Angre – sona stop this nonsense
Riddhima – both of you keep your mouth shut
If you want your sister alive then just leave this place
Vansh – riddhima stop this what are you doing you love her na she is pregnant damn it
He burst into tears
Angre (crying) – Sona i gave you so much love why are you doing this
I am your bhai you can’t snatch my happiness sona please i did your upbringing as my own child how can you kill my child sona please stop
Vansh – Sweetheart just look at me our love was not fake remeber the moments we spend with each other you told me na you will give me happiness then how can you snatch it from me
Today is our marriage sweetheart
I love you
Riddhima stares vansh for a sec
Riddhima – enough of your drama
Now it’s time for action
And thudddd!!!
A gun shot is Heard
Vangre – Ishaannniiiiiii!!
And she fell on the floor in semi conscious state
And riddhima stand numb there

Vansh and angre goes to ishani
Angre takes her in his lap
Angre( crying)- nothing will happen to you and our baby
Ishani (wrenching in pain) – ri…dh..ri..ma..angre..plz…rii..
Angre – i know she did this to you i wont spare her please don’t close your eyes
Vansh goes to riddhima and slap her hard on her face

Riddhima – vansh listen to me
Angre( crying ) – Bhai please take her to hospital
And vangre leaves leaving riddhima there
She follows them to the car
Riddhima -please let me come
Vansh pushed riddhima and she fell on the floor
Vansh – just stay away from my sister
I hate you riddhima
Flashback ends
Vansh opens his eyes
And screams
Why why why .. Why you did this
You broke me
I lost my sister becoz of you
Was your love really fake
Was i that wrong that i couldn’t know your real face
I hate you riddhima ..
He says
Zindagi ki tanhayi me..
Tujh se mili judaai me… aaj bhi ek dar hai…ishq–e–bewafayi me..
Laakh chupa le hum is duniya se..
Par naam toh aaj bhi tera hi likha hai..dil ki geherayi me..
Scene 5
Angre is crying holding ishani’s hand
Angre – Why she is back why
I loved her she was my lifeline and she did this to me
She was the reason for your condition
Please wake up jaan
I need you i can’t handle this much pain alone
My heart is piercing remembering her name
He closes his eyes
Flashback starts
Vangre brings ishani to hospital
Angre holds doctor’s collar
If anything happen to them i will kill you
Vansh and angre hugs each other and cry
Riddhima also comes there
Angre ( angry) – just get out of my sight before i do something bad
Riddhima – bhai please listen to me
Vansh (screams) – Just leave riddhima can’t u listen
Suddenly doctor arrives from OT
Trio rushed towards doctor
Angre – how is my baby and wife they are fine na
Doctor – I am sorry But we couldn’t able to save your child
Your wife is safe now but due to the shock she is in comma now
And angre collapse on the floor crying

Vansh is numb as if his whole life is upside down now
His sweetheart snatch her sister and her child from him
She is a murderer
Angre stands up and goes to riddhima
And thuuuddd!!!
He slaps her hard on her face
Before i kill you just leave
You are a murderer u killed my child
Riddhima – bhai please listen to me
Vansh holds her arm and drag her to the car harshly

She is screaming to free her self but he is so fierce
Scene 6
In car
Riddhima (crying) – vansh let me speak
Vansh stops the car and drag her out
Vansh (screams) – what do you want to say
You are a blo*dy murderer riddhima
You killed your own brother’s child
I hate myself for loving you

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And he takes her to VR mansion
He drag her harshly to hall and pushed her in dadi’s feet
Dadi (crying) – what is this vansh what are you doing
Siya – bhai what happened
Vansh (angry) – Ask you riddhima what she did
Riddhima (crying) – Listen to me once dadi
Angre comes
Angre (screams) – I will tell you what she did
She shot my wife and killed my child and my wife is in coma
Dadi and siya are shocked to the core
Dadi in anger slap riddhima on her face (poor riddhu 3 slaps in a day)
Dadi (crying) – We gave you love respect family relation and you gave this in return to us
Shame on you riddhima

Siya (crying) – no!! Di you can’t do this
Tell me this is lie you love ishani alot no you can’t do this
Vansh – She did siya she is murderer
She snatch your sister from you
Riddhima (crying) – let me explain vansh please
Angre (screams)- No reason can explain that what you did was justify
Just shut up riddhima for God’s sake
Listening riddhima from her brother is like being in hell
The brother you used to call her sona is know calling her riddhima
She fell on vansh’s feet
And hold his legs
Riddhima – I beg just listen to me
Angre rushed to her and hold her arms
Angre – Just leave i don’t want to see your face
Bhul jana ki tumhara koi bhai tha
And he drag her fiercely to the door
She is crying and begging for just to let her speak
She holds vansh’s hand and beg him to listen

But he jerked her hand
Vansh – Mujhe aaj tk apni kisi glti pr afsos ni hua pr aaj mujhe afsos hai ki mene tumse pyr kia
He wipe his tears and Said
Chli jao yaha se mujhe tumhara chehra bhi ni dekhna
Dadi is crying and siya is pacifying her
Angre pushed riddhima out of the door and she fell on the floor crying miserably

Riddhima joins her hand
Riddhima – Please don’t do this where will i go
I have no one other than you
Angre – Agr behen tumhare jesi hoti hai toh accha hota ki meri koi behen hi na hoti
And she felt numb hearing this
The brother she loved the most is saying this
Vansh – Tumse pyr krne ki saza maut hai to me tayar hu marne ko
Pr tum aaj ke baad apni shkal kbhi mt dikhana
Angre – Tum mar gyi hmare liye aaj se riddhima
Chli jao yaha se
Vansh heart felt a sudden jolt that the girl she love the most is considering dead being alive in front of him
He says
Jisse pyar kiya..
Usi ne waar kiya…
Jiski chahat me dekhe the jeet ke sapne…
Usi ke peeche sab haar diya…
Saza toh milni hi thi gunaaho ki..
Par tumhe chhod kar hamne tum pe ehesaan kiya..
They both stare each other rembering every moment with each other

And he closed the door on his face
Leaving her their like a corpse

Flashback ends
He woke up with sudden jolt
And he sees ishani
She killed our princess
You are in this state becoz of her
She is not my sister
She is murderer and i hate her
He says
Ek tum hi toh the…jise hum bhula na paye..
Ek pal bhi tumhe na dekhe..toh dil ko chen kese aye…
Aaj toh koi nhi hai..jo hume apne dil me basaye…
Tab toh ek tum hi the…jiske bin hum rehe nhi paye..
Done for today guys
Have some tissue from my side i hope you are not crying
Target is 30 do comment and give feedback
Love you all guys
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