Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 27

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Hello everyone i am back after analyzing your comments that i will reveal past without ending the ff but for that you should have some patience as separation track is needed for continuing the story moreover i can’t do injustice with my writing skills
I am not well today so bear this short update but i will reveal past in next episode
@S how are you dear
So episode starts here
Next day
Vansh calls vyom
Vansh – I am throwing a party in xyz hotel you have to come with your family
Vyom – it’s my pleasure we will come
And they hang the call
Vansh (thinking) – Now i will see is she riddhima or not
Scene 2
Party started
Vansh siya angre dadi all are present there
Vansh’ s POV
Where is he..
I can’t wait more
And then vyom arrives with shivanya and anaisha
But the party theme is masquerade so they are wearing masks
Vansh (damn it this mask why didn’t i think about this but no i will see her at any cost)
Vansh -welcome Mr. And mrs. Kapoor
They all are welcomed by everyone
Anaisha started running here and there
Shivanya – baby don’t run you will get hurt
Everyone is perplexed hearing her voice but remain silent
Suddenly anaisha is about to fall but siya holds her
Siya – are you fine
Anaisha – Yes aunty thnq for saving me
You are so pretty
Siya (kissing her cheeks) – and you are so cute and lovely
And anaisha hugs siya
Shivanya ‘s POv
Why i am feeling that something is attracting me
I feel like i have known this people but i am meeting them first time
Pov ends
Vansh – Let’s have a dance everyone
Everyone started dancing
Vyom – shivanya
Vansh – random girl
Siya – Random boy
Vyom and shivanya are dancing being very close
He is holding her by her waist
Vansh( thinking) – Why i can’t see them together what is bothering me
As if something is broken seeing them together in my heart
And pair changes
Vyom – siya
Vansh – shivanya
Vyom (to siya ) – Thank you for saving my daughter
Siya – It’s ok i must say she is so cute just like you ( biting her tongue) i mean just like you and your wife
Vyom (smiling) – you are looking so prettt miss raisinghania
And they both dance
Vansh and shivanya are staring each other
Vansh ‘s pov
Same touch same cologne everything is same
Is she ri.. no no
But i have to see her face but how
Pov ends
Shivanya’s POv
Why my heart is beating so fast and this man touch he is making me crazy
What is attracting me towards him
Pov ends
Vansh intensionally spill juice on shivanya’s dress
Vansh – I am so sorry mrs kapoor you please go and clean
And she left to clean her dress in room
She goes to a room but feels that someone is following her but when she look no one was there
She enters in a room and clean herself and about leave but suddenly lights get off
Her pov
What the hell this darkness i am scared
She shouts
Is anyone here
Suddenly she feels that someone is entering in room
Shivanya – who is here tell me or i will shout
A man enter and cups her mouth
He is vansh
He hold her tightly
She is trying to free herself but in vain
Vansh takes his phone and turn on the flashlight
As shivanya is not wearing her mask
Vansh see her and left bewildered
Vansh – riddhima
I was right she is back
She is same she didn’t change even a bit but grew more beautiful now
Stop being jerk vansh you have to ask her so question you can’t be weak
Shivanya – Please leave me
And lights are on now
She shouts
Mr. Raisinghania you!!!
Vansh – don’t act smart riddhima
I am not gonna fall in your trap now
You can stoop so low after leaving me you married to a rich man and even have a daughter too
Shivanya (slapping him) – How dare you u to talk to me like this
And i am not riddhima
I am meeting you first time damn it
My name is shivanya
Vansh (angry) – Still you are same fierce sweetheart but you have to pay for this slap
I am not gonna spare you this time
He hold her arms tightly and started coming close to her
Vansh – Stop acting riddhima
I know you are doing this blo*dy drama of yours and he is hurting her badly
She is crying and trying to free herself but he is so strong
Suddenly she fainted in his arms
Vansh (shocked) – riddhima
What happened to you open your eyes damn it
And suddenly vyom comes
Vyom(angry) – How dare you Mr. Raisinghania
What were you trying to do with my wife
Vansh – She is not your wife she is riddhima
Vyom – Stop this nonsense she needs treatment now
And vyom takes her in bridal style
And Vansh follows him
Everyone is shocked in hall to see riddhima that too in this state
Scene 3
IN hospital
Dadi – I told you na my riddhima is back
Vyom holds vansh’s caller
What did u do with her she is my wife shivanya
Vansh (angry) – She is not your wife she is riddhima my riddhima
We were about to get married 5 years ago
Vyom ( screaming) – And we married 7 years ago
She is not you riddhima
And vansh felt that his whole world collapsed
Vansh – I am sry mr. Kapoor i did wrong but she is look alike of riddhima i am extremely sorry
Vyom – Its ok
Dadi and siya are crying now
And angre is not in frame of mind to react or say anything
Anaisha is crying
What happened to mumma is she fine
Siya takes her in her lap
Siya ( weeping her tears) – Your mumma is fine baby don’t cry she can’t see you like this
And vyom smiles seeing siya with anaisha
Scene 4
Shivanya gets consciousness
She is hugging vyom and crying
Vansh – I Am sry Mrs kapoor i mistaken
I thought u as riddhima
She was your look alike
Please forgive me
Shivanya – Its ok
And vansh leaves
Done for today please guys bear me for one i will reveal in next episode promise but target is still 30 please do comment don’t waste my efforts of 26 episode just for this 1 boring episode
Luv uh all
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