Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) Character Sketch

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Hey guys…so some of the people told me to post n ff so i m here😅 but i will end this soon..becoz i not good in this so plz support if u like my story..Here is the character sketch i will post the episode soon bt only if u supportI want to thank to @mennahussien55 [email protected] for constant support ..if u r reading this guys loads of luv to u..So here i go..Vansh raisinghania- a famous business tycoon.. loves his family alot. He is is arrongant but sweetRiddhima malhotra- a sweet bubbly girl with hidden motives😅 she is orphan and has some past.Ishani raisinghania- she is vansh’ sister .she is not arrogant but she dont prefer unknown people around her..due to her past..or may be present.Sia raisinghania- she is youngest sis of vansh n ishani..cute n lovely..loved by all and she is handicap and can’t walkAngre – he is vansh’s right hand and bodyguard ..Suhasini riasinghania- she is grandmother of vansh ishani and sia.Anupriya riasinghania- she is single mother of vansh ishani n sia.and love everyone alot..So guys here is the main characters  and few will introduce later as pr the story..Plz guys tell should i post the ff or not.. i m quite nervous..Thnk u Well i m not so good at writing ff as i m shayar and i love to pen down my thoughts in shyri..and here i m exploring my writing skills

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