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HI GUYS …I AM BACK WITH NEW UPDATE ..I WAS CRAVING FOR SOME POSSESSIVE STORY OF RIANSH BUT FOUND VERY LESS SO I DECIDED TO WRITE IT MYSELF ….THIS STORY IS TRULY ON THE BASIS OF POSSESSIVENESS AND OBSESSIVENESS ….LETS BEGINRIDHIMA and VANSH were married couple …Today is there reception party in which many famous businessman were going to come …RIDHIMA was excited for her reception party …she was getting ready for the part when she found difficult to close the jip of her gown …at the same moment VANSH enter the room was mesmerized by her beauty but found her struggling with zip ..so he offered for helpVANSH : May I help you RIDHIMA Nodded in Yes …as zip was struck so he placed his mouth on her back tighting his jip with his teeth which was enough to send chill down through her spineAfter getting ready they went downstairs and everyone were just Mesmerized by RIDHIMA’ S Beauty DADI : May God put all evil eyes away from both of you SIYA /ISHANI/ARYAN: You Botha re looking perfect bhai &bhabhi just like couple made in heaven RIANSH : Thank you ❤️PARTY WAS GOING SMOOTHLY WHEN RIDHIMA WAS STANDING AT BAR COUNTER A MEN APPROACHED HERMEN : Hey  Beautiful lady ! myself Rishabh Mathur I am one of the client of MR. VR RIDHIMA : Hello (smilling)VANSH saw all this and was feeling uncomfortableRISHABH: Can I have a chance to dance with MRS VRS ( Forwarding his hand ) RIDHIMA FIRST WANTED TO DENY THEN WHEN SHE SAW VANSH BEING JEALOUS SHE ACCEPTEDRIDHIMA : Yes sure ( placing her hand on hers ) They reached dance floor …they were dancing on romantic song when suddenly Rishabh put his hand on RIDHIMA’s bare waist …Vansh fumed with anger and he directly go towards him and punched him hard on his faceVANSH ( Holding his collar) : You bastard how dare you touch my wife … She is my wife , my girl , she is mine and only mine and you dared to touch VR ‘s propertyVANSH WAS CONTINOUSLY PUNCHING HIM AND EVERY FAMILY MEMBER WERE TRYING HARD TO SEPRATE THEMRIDHIMA: VANSH stop it … stop it Vansh …he will die ……Vansh ….VANSH you have my swear leave him LISTENING TO RIDHIMA’S WORD VANSH LEAVE HIM AND ANGRILY MARCHED TOWARDS HIS ROOM ..ANGRE ANNOUNCED THAT PART IS OVER …LATER RIDHIMA REACHED HIS ROOM AND SAW VANSH STARING AT HIS LAPTOP KEEPING IN HIS LAP RIDHIMA ( Softly) : VANSH ……VANSH Please look at me VANSH : Leave me alone RIDHIMA Remove his laptop and sat on his lap RIDHIMA: Jaan won’t you look at sweetheart VANSH : RIDHIMA right now I am angry please leave me …I don’t want to hurt you SEEING VANSH THIS MUCH ANGRY SHE KISSED ON HIS FOREHEAD THEN ON EYES THEN NOSE RIDHIMA : Now happy VANSH : No , you left one thing RIDHIMA : What VANSH : You didn’t kiss on my lips RIDHIMA : You shameless man VANSH : Ok don’t give …I will remain angry from you RIDHIMA: No …no …ok I am giving Saying so she give him a soft peck on his lips and leave THE END..HOPE YOU LIKED IT I WILL POST NEXT PART SOON ..Do comment on it guys 

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