#RIANSH- Possesive Husband our VR- #immj2 (Part 2)

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Hi guys I am back with next part of this story …guys I want to tell that this possesive vansh will have different plot at every different parts no previous plot will be continued …Guys I want to tell you all that now I have got instant approval 💖 and I will update soon ❤️lets begin In this also VANSH and RIDHIMA are happily married …one day VANSH went to office and forget to take his lunch DADI : RIDHIMA Can you do a favour to me RIDHIMA : DADI you need not ask …just order me and I will do DADI : So sweet of Beta …child look VANSH has forget to take his lunch today ..so please can you go and give him lunch RIDHIMA : It’s ok Dadi I will go and give himDADI : Wait ! Do one thing both of you do your lunch together in his office only RIDHIMA ( Blushing) : Ok Dadi SIYA : Looks like someone was very much eager to do lunch with bhai RIDHIMA : SIYA Stop it now RIDHIMA LEAVES FOR OFFICE IN VR ENTERPRISES RECEPTION: Hello Mam how may I help you RIDHIMA : I want to meet VANSH RECEPTIONIST: Ok mam ….show me your appointment cardRIDHIMA: Sorry but I need not any appointments to meet him RECEPTIONIST’ Oh are you someone VIP that you don’t need any appointments to meet himRIDHIMA: I think you don’t love your job RECEPTIONIST: who are you threaten me with my job …wait let me call guards GUARDS : Yes mam .RECEPTIONIST: Throw this girl out of the office GUARDS PULL HER BY HER ARMS AND STARTED DRAGGING HIM …WHEN SUDDENLY VANSH NOTICED IN HIS CCTV THAT WHAT CHAOS ARE GOING OUTSIDE AND SEEING GUARDS DRAGGING RIDHIMA OUT OF OFFICE HIS BLOOD BOILS …HE COMES OUT OF HIS CABINVANSH : What’s going on her RECEPTIONIST: I am sorry sir but this girl was trying to meet  you without any appointment but she was stubborn so I ordered guard to threw her out VANSH WATCH GUARD AND RIDHIMA SEEING VANSH FREES HERSELF FROM GUARD CLUTCHES AND RAN TOWARDS VANSH AND HUG HER RIDHIMA : VANSH thank god you came VANSH ( HUGGING HER BACK) : SWEETHEART what happenedWHOLE OFFICE STAFF WAS SHOCKED TO SEE THEIR BOSS REFERRING THE GIRL AS SWEETHEARTRIDHIMA : VANSH You forget to take your lunch so I came her to give it to you and have lunch with you but your this receptionist was not allowing me to come VANSH: miss naina why don’t you allow her NAINA( RECEPTIONIST) : Sir but she was not having any appointmentVANSH : MRS VR doesn’t require any permission to neter in my office NAINA : Sorry sir VANSH : Sweetheart come lets have lunch RIDHIMA AND VANSH MOVE TOWARDS HIS CABIN AND VANSH GESTURES SOMETHING TO ANGRE THROUGH HIS EYES WHICH HE UNDERSTANDS AND NODDED IN POSITIVEIN NIGHTVANSH : ANGRE have you done the work that I have told you to do ANGRE : Yes boss they are tied in basement and Naina is fired from her job VANSH : Good job …let’s go VANGRE REACHES THE BASEMENT AND THERE THEY SAW THE GUARDS THISE WHO TRIED TO DRAG RIDHIMA IN THE MORNING WERE TIED TO CHAIR ..BLOOD WAS COMING OUT FROM EVERY PART OF THEM VANSH: You both touched my sweetheart …you drag her ….(one of his men ) cut their hands and then admit them to hospitalHE LEAVES FROM THERE AND REACHES HIS ROOM AND SAW HUS SWEETHEART SLEEPING PEACEFULLY …HE LAID ON OTHER SIDE OF BED , TAKE HER INTO HER ARMS AND SLEEP CUDDLING HER THE END …HOPE YOU LIKED IT DO COMMENT …WILL POST NEXT PART SOONGUYS I HAVE MADE THIS COVER DO TELL ME HOW IS IT

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