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Hey guys, I saw your requests to post more of my stories, so I am going to share many os in one, Enjoy !First Os: BodyguardAuthor’s pov
R: dad! You must be kidding me, do you really think that I will marry him?
Her dad glared at her and she sighed.
R: Dad, please, I don’t want to get married to your bodyguard.
Ra(shouts): Riddhima, your spoilt nature started really bothering me. I said you’ll marry Vansh which means you’ll marry him.
R: dad, the photos were fake, I haven’t done anything.
Ra: Vansh, do you have a problem with the marriage?
She looked at him with full hope that he will say no to their marriage.
V: Sir, I have no problem.
She cursed him under her breath and stormed out to her room angrily.Her father Raj Singh a well-known businessman, loves and pampered his daughter so much.Ra: Thank you Vansh for not disappointing me, She is immature but I know I can trust you with her.Va: Thank you, sir.Ra: Now, You are going to be my son-in-law, Call me dad.V: Ok dad.Ra: Please go and tell her that your engagement will take place today.V: Sure, I will.In the meantime, Riddhima was in her room and She called her friends.Kabir, Aryaan And Sejal.K: Hello, darling.S: Hello, Girl, What’s wrong with your expressions? R: Guys, Dad had fixed my marriage with the bodyguard because of that silly joke, I don’t know who made fake photos of us together and spread it on the internet.Ar: So what? It doesn’t mean you are bounded to marry him, he is not from your standard.S: Shut up, Aryan, Why do you always uttering bullshit? He is a good man I guess, Riddhu will be happy with him.K: Aweee Riddhu, Be aware, She is your soon to be husband’s lover.S: Kabir, come on, don’t joke, baby.R: Will you help me run away from this wedding? S/K: WHAAT?Ar: Of course, Anything for you.S: Aryan, shut your mouth I said, You are her friend, and you are supposed to advise her.K: Riddhu, Although I know that he is no simile to your status, I won’t help you to elope.R: Thank you Sejal & Kabir for being the best friends ever. Aryan, I will seek your help when I find a way.She disconnected the phone angry at her childhood friends who refused to support her.Knocks were heard on the door and she opened it only to get angrier.R: How dare you to come here? V: It’s My soon to be wife’s room, And dad asked me to tell you that today is our engagement.R(mocking): Dad? Do you think it’s your place to call him dad?Ra: I asked him to do so, Stop acting like that,  Riddhima, He is silent because he respects us, don’t challenge him, he is more than what you think. Get ready soon.They left her behind fuming with rage, and she called Aryan.R: Aryan, Help, Today is my engagement, I want you to come all as guests, but then help me to run.Ar: Done.The engagementShe came down welcoming her friends and then she signaled Aryan to start. Few minutes and everyone fell on the floor, except her friends and Aryan held her hand and jogged with her toward the door.
R(while running): you are the best Aryan, I don’t know what I would have done with(she was stopped by a hand)what the (she looked at the person) impossible! How?
V: you are forgetting the fact that I am a bodyguard, I took precautions. I’ve known what you are up to when I smelt the drug’s in the juice. But unfortunately (looking at the people on the floor) they had already consumed it.
Ra: I changed my mind after seeing your immature actions, marriage will happen tonight not only engagement.
R: but
Ra(angrily): not a word more.(Since I have no idea about the Indian marriage, I won’t write details)
The priest announced them husband-wife, while a masked man was pointing a gun toward them. The bullet was shot but at the right moment Vansh in a fast move pulled away causing the bullet to be shot in Freespace.And he ran behind the masked man and shot his leg but a car came and he eloped.He remembered Riddhima and came back to her.V: Are you ok? R(still in shock): What’s happening here? Who wants to kill me?Vansh stood silent, then he looked at Raj who nodded his head.Ra: Not now, Now you have to go from here. (cupping Riddhima’s face) It’s not about the scandal, It’s about your life, It’s in danger. As long as he is with you, Nothing will happen to you.R(crying): Dad, I am scared.Ra(hugging her): Everything will be fine. Now go both of you.V: Yes dad, Riddhima, Let’s go now.She walked with him to the car while the guards were encircling them to prevent any risk possible.He drove the car to his place while she was still shivering with fear, She wondered who wants to kill her when she doesn’t have enemies.V(without looking at her): Don’t worry, I will not let anyone touch your shadow, I promise.She simply nodded her head and rested it on the window.After a whileVR’S HOUSEShe eyed the house, It wasn’t as what she expected it to be, She has imagined his house to be so small. but it was as how she wanted her house to be.Even the same design.V: Come with me.He opened the door with his mobile, it’s smart lock type. She observed the place attentively, It was a secured place, she could tell after looking at the many installed cameras.V: Here, no one can reach you, You’ll be more protected than your house, as I don’t trust anyone.R: Your family?V: You don’t need to worry about it, I have neither family nor friends. And you better keep a distance from your friends as well. R: Now, You’ll be the one ordering me? V: RiddhimaR: It’s Mme for you.V: I won’t call my wife Mme, And you better understand the situation as fast as you can. Because it’s your life that’s at stake.R(scared): Who wants to kill me? V: I wish I’ve known, But still since the last month your dad was receiving threatening messages. The person who is doing it was blackmailing your dad, He asked him to send a huge amount. But Then they made the fake scandal to ruin your reputation too, And the incident of the brake failure when I luckily stopped the car at the last moment. It was an attack on you, So Mr.Raj decided to get you married to me so that you can be safer here.R(taken aback): The scandal was an attack too? But who can do it? I have never hurt someone, and I don’t even have enemies except you.V(hid his smile): So do you think that I am the one who is planning attacks on you? R: No, I am just reminding you that I hate you.V: Why?R: mmmShe paused for a moment to think why does she hate him, She doesn’t know but she feels annoyed whenever she sees his face.V: You don’t know? How mature! Not that I care, but You have to forget your unreasonable enmity with me. R: I am tired now, I want to sleep, show me my room.He showed her their room, and she laid on the bed but was stunned when she saw him coming to her.R: What are you doing? Have you lost it?He took the pillow and gave her a look and walked to the couch, and slept.The other dayShe woke up and contacted her friends as it was the usual routine for her to go out with them.R: Hello guys.S: Hello, Mrs.Raisinghania.R: don’t call me by that name.Ar: but it’s your new identity.R: You should shut up ,because of your stupid plan, I was caught and got married.Ar: Sorry yaar, I didn’t know that he is that smart.K: Because you are that stupid.Ar: Hahaha Very funny.S: Riddhu, Why did you call us now? R: What do you mean by why? Of course to go out.K: Really? will he allow you to go? R: Who needs (a voice behind her answered them)V: Of course not, Riddhima will not go out of this house without me. R(glaring): Do you think I need a nanny?V: I think you need to fix this tone because it doesn’t work on me. Do you want to go out? Sure but only with me.K: I think you should listen to him.Ar: Yeah, I agree.S: Me too.R: damn you, guys. (to Vansh) Ok, But I don’t think you’ll be comfortable with us just roaming around going to parties and all.V: That’s for me to think about it.She disconnected the call and went inside the washroom to change while he stood waiting for her. She came out ad she looked at him attentively.R: Don’t tell me you’ll go out with us in this formal suit?V: What’s wrong with it? R: Come on, please, Change into something casual.She stood in front of his cupboard and started searching for another pair for him.R: Oh I found it, wear it.He took it and changed his outfit, She heard the click of the door and tuned.R’s povOh my god, I’ve never thought that Vansh can look that handsome. I’ve always seen him in black suits which I hate, But now I couldn’t stop staring at him.V(smirking): You don’t want to go anymore? R(realizing): No, let’s move now.He sat in the car and drove us to the Mall.V’s povI don’t like these places, But I have no choice except it, The enemy may take advantage of the situation if I wasn’t with her.Her friends were there waiting for us, and she ignored me and went to them. I started analyzing our surroundings whether someone is following us.Continued on next page…
S(whispering to her): He is looking handsome.R(jealous): No, Not at all, Your boyfriend looks better, So keep your eyes on him.S(laughing): Are you jealous? R: No, Why would I feel jealous? and also for him? Never.S: Ok then I will go and talk to him.R’s povThe idiot friend of mine left me with Kabir and Aryan and went to him. And surprisingly he smiled at her. I felt a burning sensation inside me because he has never smiled at me always keeping a blank face.R(trying to distract myself): Guys, I am hungry, I skipped my breakfast.K: Yeah, Let’s eat something.We sat in a coffee shop and they ordered their breakfast, while vansh was alert.
K: try to calm down and enjoy.
V: many things can happen if I let my awareness and started enjoying.
K: as you wish.
Author’s pov
She was eAting happily and joking trying to ignore him, but she was actually very aware of every move of his. How he smiled politely at sejal, and how he answered one of the boys if they ask him something.
V: I will go and pay the bill.
He walked to the cashier girl who was giving him a flirty smile.
V: here is the money.
G: Sir, may I help you with something else? I can support you in whatever you want.
He opened his mouth to talk but a hand caught his hand.
R: no darling, he has me and I can support my husband pretty well.
G(terrified): I am so sorry, Mme.
R: you need to be reported to your manager.
V: Riddhima, no need to do that, she was just being polite.
R( angry): seriously? Polite? She was flirting with you.
He pulled her with him away from the girl.
V: why do you care? And when I become suddenly your husband?
R: yeah, you’re right, I guess.
She walked to her friends who noticed the tensed aura.
R: I will go home now,  see you later.
K: you have never done it before, so why now!
S: let it be, go darling.
She gave them a small smile and headed toward the car while Vansh was behind her as usual making sure that nobody is trying to harm her.Vr’s house
They arrived and she was walking in full fury and stumbled,she closed her eyes expecting to touch the floor soon.but instead she felt two strong arms holding her safe near his chest.
She opened her eyes only to meet his eyes. It’s like a magnet which was attracting her toward him.
V(softly): I am sorry to snap at you, but I don’t understand the reason why did you fight with her?
R: she was flirting with you.
V: so why we’re you angry on my behalf?
R: just like that.
She parted herself from him and went to the room while her heartbeats arise more.
R’s pov
What’s wrong with me? Why am I feeling like that? I can’t love him,can I?
Yes, what’s wrong with loving him? It’a just non-sense I have to stop thinking about him.
The rest of the day I didn’t see him and I didn’t want to, as he is playing with my head more than usual, I realized I was always annoyed because he didn’t give a damn, the only man who was not smitten by my beauty or my power was him, and I hated him for that.The next day
I heard him talking on the phone asking the guards to bring someone.
I hid myself looking at the man they brought to him, he put a gun on his head.
V: who sent you to shoot her?
Ma: I don’t know.
V(pulling the trigger): let’s try once more, who asked you to kill her?
Ma: I really don know her.
V: her? But you recognize her face.
Ma(scared): yes.
V: ok then, I will show you the photos. If you dare to play around, I will torture you to an extent that you’ll regret your existence.
He opened his phone and started signalling him whether she was the one or not.
Ma:yeah, this girl, she did it.
My legs moves to them and took the photo from his hand only to fell down from my hand.
R: impossible, it’s a lie.
V:it’as the truth, she is not stable mentally, moreover that she hates you.
R: how did you know?
V: yesterday, I met your friends deliberately, to see how they behave generally.
FB starts
Sejal came to Vansh.
S: hello
V: hi
S: why are you walking alone?
V: I prefer it this way.
S: Riddhima doesn’t understand you, and how you are so precious.
V: no no it’s not true.
S: it is, she always behaved badly with you.
Vansh observed her quietly and then smirked knowing very well who is her enemy, he doubted seal. And made his friend being him her medical reports.
It shows an unstable mental condition.
FB endsShe fell on her knees crying because of the revelation. And he sat near her and hugged her.V: Riddhima, don’t cry.R: Vansh, she was with me since our childhood, we were inseparable, How could I not notice that she is sick?V: Because you are blindly trusting people, You didn’t notice her when she failed the brake, And I have no evidence that she did, except the fact that she was standing near the car before your arrival. In our marriage too, she was the only one who looks as if he was waiting for someone, she looked continuously at the entrance.R: She is crazy & I am so scared.V: Don’t be anymore, The attacker was sent to the police station and she will be arrested soon.Her phone rang, it was her dad’s number. But a video call.R: Hello dadVoice: HelloR: Oh no, What are you doing there? S: I am going to give you a gift.R: Why are you doing this, where’s my dad? S: Oh there he is.She moved the camera to show a dead body while Riddhima shouted and Vansh held her.V: You’ll not be spared for what you’ve done. Just then when the police entered while they heard her laughing crazily. Riddhima fell on the floor crying bitterly.R: Dad died because of me, He left me also, Now I have no one.V: You have me, & I am with you, I am sorry because I failed in protecting him, I have asked him to tighten the security but he refused, I am very sorry.Continued on next page…
She just left him without uttering a word feeling so devasted to digest anything.Days passed after Raj’s death, Sejal was taken to mental asylum while Riddhima was depressed and barely coming out of their room.One dayVansh arrived holding a paper in his hand, she looked at him.V: Riddhima, I know you have every right to be angry with me and to hate me to the peaks because protecting your dad was my duty too. It’s for you(extending his hand)” Riddhima, My child, If you’re reading it so I must be dead by now, I know you’re upset because I got you married without your consent, but Vansh is a very good man, and worth of the trust I gave him, The life partner shouldn’t be valued by the standards, You should see his qualities, I assure you that you’ll not find a husband better than him, forgive your dad, beta. And don’t ever stop living due to the bitterness.”She read it carefully wiping and Vansh held her in his arms.R: I have no complaint with you, Vansh, I was just feeling that my world is upside down.V: Now, you are safe, You can go back to your life. if you don’t want to stay in this relationship, I will understand. Think about it! I have work and I have to travel for 2 days.R: safe journey.She spent the next days missing him badly, she didn’t know when she fell for him. But his absence was too much for her to endure. She realized that she loves him, Her hatred was just a facade, but deep inside resides only love.He called her telling her the time of his arrival, As he was waiting for the flight time.She was waiting for him but he was so late and she started feeling scared.The tv was on and they announced that the plane crashed after Takeoff, ANd they were no survivors.R(with tears): No no no he can’t be dead too, he can’t leave me. (shouts) No, I am cursed, Anyone who is close to me died, I am a bad omen. She hugged her knees closing her ears as she was remembering the announcement of the plan crash. Vansh entered his house and was stunned to see her like that, He ran to her hurriedly and hugged her.V: Sweetheart, WHat happened? Why are you crying like that? See you are hurting yourself, What are you doing? R(opened her eyes and touched him): Vansh, You are here, you are not dead, right? They were just lying.She cried more and he caressed his hair gently.V: Who told you I died? R: I heard the news.V: I wasn’t on that plane, As at the last moment I remembered that I left your gift, and went to bring it that’s how I was saved.R: Thank god, I was as if my world was slipped away. I can’t bear your absence.V(smiled): I missed you too.His eyes met her innocent eyes which held the love for him, and he understood her decision. His heart was full of joy to know that she loves him too. He was in love with her since the moment he saw her, but he didn’t want to cross the professionalism. Moreover that she hated him and He knew it very well.R: Wow, It’s so beautiful.V: Look closely at the pearl.She did as he said and gasped.R: This? V: I love you In 100 language, When I was away, first I thought of just letting you go, But then My heart urged me to confess my love first, And let you choose whether you accept or not.R(emotional): I love you too.Her heart beats faster, and she tip-toed to his level then kissed him. he took no moment to reciprocate getting wilder by the time. She held his hair in her fist for support, and his hands made contact with her waist making her let a small moan. Their tongues fought together for dominance and he won the war. Then parting away, he bends and picked her up in his arms to their room. He was surprised to find the candles and flowers all around his room. his eyes shifted to her dress,  therefore he smirked as she shied away.V(holding her by waist): Fully prepared ha? She bent her head shyly and he kissed her forehead.V: Never bend your head, Sweetheart, as long as I am alive.After a few hoursShe laid on his chest closing her eyes while he was caressing her hair.V: Tell me one thing, why did you hate me before? R: Mr.Bodyguard, I think I loved you from the beginning.V(surprised): WHat? R: Yeah, You were annoying me with your ignorance, I was used to full attention even from my friends. You were the first one who didn’t notice me.V(chuckling): It was just your misunderstanding, I loved you too from the beginning Mme, But I didn’t want to cross my limits.R: Oh my my, And I thought you were a stone-hearted man.V: Well, You know now that I am not, Right, sweetheart? R: Ha Mr.Bodyguard.V: You did pretty naughty things with your bodyguard. Mme!She smacked his arms and rolled her eyes at him smiling, He pulled her.V: You asked me before whether I have family, I had no one since forever, Your dad was the only father figure to me. she felt bad for all her previous actions with him and hugged him.R: Who said you don’t have one? Now, you have me. No actually, we have each other, And soon we will make our small family together. I want to have kids with you.V(sentimental): Really? I thought you’ll need time to think about it.R: No, We will have it soon, I don’t need time because there’s no doubt that you’ll be the best dad ever as you’re a great husband.V: I love you. R: I love you too.He took her in his arms caging her tightly and drift into a deep sleep dreaming about their future family together.THE ENDSecond Os : Poisonous love Author’s pov
He sat near her bed as she is in a deep slumber, she almost died. Why did she do it? She knew he was coming to help her, why did she choose to consume poison? He trust her now, But it’s too late.
He walked to his cupboard and found a book for a moment he didn’t understand what an empty book do on his side, but then he got that it has a hidden message. The same way he sent it to Kabir before. But the question was who sent him a message?
He used the trick to read it and got perplexed. What’s this?
Someone barged in the room and he looked at the person.
V: What happened inspector Kabir? How can you walk into my room?
K: cut the crap, and tell me who’re you? You can’t be Vansh. He fell from a very high place.
Vansh looked at said who was behind Kabir.
V: did you think that your undying hope to not see Vansh again will come true? Naaa Kabir!
D: what am I hearing Kabir? Did you doubt Vansh?
K: no dadi, it was just a joke between brothers.
D(doubtfully): is it correct, Vansh?
Kabir gritted his teeth at dadi’s unlimited trust in Vansh.
V: Ha dadi, I will handle everything.Kabir left and dadi eyed Riddhima with pity.D: How’s she? V: in the same condition, The doctor can’t tell when will she wake up. He said if she didn’t wake up soon, then maybe she will never (the words choked on his throat as He couldn’t imagine it)Continued on next page…
D: Everything will be fine, beta, don’t worry, she is strong.Dadi went away and he stood there looking at her sleeping figure.V: wake up, don’t lay here lifeless, Why you turned my life into a mess? I want to hold my grudge against you, But my heart is breaking without you, I want to punish you myself, you can’t decide your punishment yourself. How could you take the poison? Fb startsRiddhima was brought to the mandap like a dead body, with blank expressions, she failed not only as a wife but also as the bahu of this house. Kabir gave her a look of detest, along with Anupriya, Chanchal & Aryan, while the rest of the family were either disgusted or hurt because of her sudden decision. Tears threatened to fall but she held him, she is Mrs.Vansh Raisinghania, and she won’t satisfy Kabir’s sick ego more with her breakdown. She will die but the same way her Vansh died, with all her dignity ad self-respect. She smiled holding her mangalsutra in her hand And then gave a mocking smirk to Kabir who was taken aback with her sudden confidence.K: Do you think someone will come and save you from my clutches, Riddhima? Then you must be dreaming!R(laughed with tears): My savior has gone, And no one will come today for me, But I will go for someone, The only one whose love runs with my blood, Whose my heartbeats whispered his name, who resides in my heart & dreams. My Vansh.The family was shocked and perplexed because of her sudden words.D: Riddhima, What are you intending to do beta? R: dadi, Helplessness is the worse thing that I faced after Vansh;K(whispered): Shut up otherwise I will finish them all.R: Riddhima was Vansh’s wife, and will always be.VOICE: What’s happening here?? They looked at the entrance of the mansion, There he was Standing with his commanding voice, Sharp eyes, And intimidating aura around him.Riddhima’s eyes teared up and run to him hugged him.R: I lost hope, you are late, please save them.He was confused to see her like that, as per the plan she made, He came to stop the marriage but then she fell in his arms while a white foam started coming out of her mouth.R: S..a..v..e Th…e..m V..i…ha..a..nSaying it, she closed her eyes making him pass through the same fear he passed through when she was shot, Dadi’s scream made him come back to his senses.V: RIIDDHIIIIIIIMMMMMMMAAAAHe picked her up running to the car with Angrey following him And took her to the hospital.He was dying while waiting for the doctor to come out;V(to himself): She begged me to save them !! She ended her life in order not to get married to Kabir, She was holding the Mangalsutra I made her wear. My judgment was wrong about Riddhima, She wasn’t the one who helped Kabir to get me, Her only mistake is her innocence.I was so idiot to believe him, My mother was killed during my childhood, and Ragini was attacked when No one could reach her but someone from my family. It was clear that she wasn’t Riddhima, But I ignored it and believed his words. Because of what? She was a spy? I have known it for ages, Then why did I push her into committing suicide with my lack of trust?The doctor came out with a sad expression on his face, my breaths stopped.D: We did the best we could but she went into Coma, No one can predict when she will be awake, But if she doesn’t wake up soon then Maybe she will d(He stopped talking as Vansh held his collar firmly)V: Do not dare to use that word (pushing him) You are doctor, (yelled) Do your damn work, Bring back my wife, I want her, I will dig your grave here if something happened to her(breaking down) Please don’t let her die.The doctor looked at him understanding what he was going through while Angrey held his boss.Ang: Bhai, Please, Don’t break down, She needs you. We were all harsh on her, we thought that she was insulting your love by marrying Kabir, (guilty) Even, I hated her for that decision.V(with rage): Whoever was the reason, I will not spare him. The weakness they used to break her, I will make them go through it. Now that they waken up the devil inside me, soon they will know the price.Ang: They? V: Kabir has a partner, And it wasn’t Riddhima. His partner is responsible for Sia’s state. Angrey.We’ll shift Riddhima back to the house, She is not safe here, I can’t leave her and go. Get everything ready.Ang: I will boss.After a few hours, They brought Riddhima to the house and the family came to him while Kabir was still stunned because of his sudden return.V(shouted): Care to explain, What is my biggest enemy doing here? I(with despise toward Kabir): Bhai, He is mom’s son, They found each other recently.V: The one whom she lost? I: Yes, Bhai.V: and what was he doing with my wife on the Mandap?Anu(scared): Vansh, He was feeling guilty, And wV(cutting her): And wanted to marry my wife to lessen his guilt? strange! isn’t it? Why did my wife drink the poison if she had no problem with marriage? If I come to know that someone obliged her into marrying him, I swear He will find himself underground (eying Kabir), And don’t take it lightly.Anu: Nobody forced her.I: Ha Bhai, She agreed and she was the one who gave him consent to stay here.ArV: My wife is fighting to breathe, No one,  And I mean it, No one will badmouth her in front of me.He gave them a dangerous look that made them not dare utter another word against her.D: My poor child Riddhima, She must have felt alone. I sensed something odd with the way she was hiding her tears but I ignored her, I wished I have insisted to tell me.V: How’s Sia? I(sadly): She is still in Coma state.V: I will go and see her.K(whispering): Mom, He isn’t VAnsh.Anu(same voice): how can you tell? K: Mom, I witnessed his death. An: We will see.Vansh went to Sia’s room, and it pained him to see his dear sister in that state.V: Sia, Your brother is finally here, Your Vansh Bhai, I am at fault because I involved you in all this mess (caressing her hair) Wake up soon, You still have to go and explore the world as you always wished without being tied up to the wheelchair.Kissing her forehead, He went to his room.Fb endsHe held her hand and slept beside her thinking of the message she left for him.The other dayVansh put cameras everywhere in his and Sia’s room and forbade everyone from coming there. No one was allowed except dadi.Neither Vansh nor Angrey was seen since the morning, But WHat was weird is that Kabir was not around too.At lunchtime, Anupriya received a call from an unknown number, And she answered.Anu: Hello, who is this?Voice: Hello?Anu(scared): YouVoice: Ha mein, You have already forgotten me? I will never let you forget what you did, Anupriya.Anu: You can’t be alive.Voice: I am alive, and coming soon to tell everyone about you.Anu: I killed you by my own hands, Uma, You are dead.Um: Vansh, What he will do to you when he comes to know that you killed his mother? She hanged up the phone shivering.An(to herself): She can’t be alive, Yeh dokha hai, I didn’t sleep well, I am hallucinating.She checked the recent calls and found the call. SHe called Mishra.Anu: I want you to track this number, Mishra, And Kabir, I don’t know where is he? M: I will inform you of the updates.She cut the call and waited for a few moments then she found the police coming to her arresting her.Offi: You are under arrest for the suspicion of committing MRS.UMA Raisinghania’s murderer, The record proves your crime.He played the record in front of everyone while Dadi had tears.D: Uma? Vansh came with Angrey behind him and hugged dadi.V(with pain): Nahi dadi, it wasn’t Mom, just voice phishing, So that I can reach the truth.Anu(fake tears): Nahi Vansh, It was lie, I didn’t do anything.Ishaani sobbed when she learned the truth and Angrey hugged her to calm her.I: She killed my mom, (cryingly) And I gave her my mom’s place, Mom’s soul must be in pain because we respected her murderer as our own mother. Ang: Ishaani, Now, Your mom will be at peace, The justice will be served.Dadi fell on the floor and Ishaani throw herself in her arms.I: dadi, The truth is so bitter, but it’s better than the illusion. We are no more cheated by her fake tenderness.Anu: Nahii maa, Ishaani? I am your mom, It’s misunderstanding.V(blank): Is it? Then your confession? was it a lie too? I understand now the reason why you burnt mom’s painting and blamed Riddhima, And when I discovered the truth, You provoked me against her again. Kitni bewaakof ho mein ! but Mom, I have a goodbye gift for you.He approached her and act as if hugging her, and took out his phone.She saw Kabir was struggling.An(widened her eyes): Poison? You have poisoned my son? (screamed) INSPECTOR HE POISONED MY SON.V: what’s your proof?An: His phone, check it.V: Take it, Inspector.He checked it but couldn’t find anything while Vansh smirked.Anu(shouting crazily): Someone save him, He is dying.V: tch tch, I think she is in trauma. (He again whispered to her) Your son’s state will be the worse, I promise you. NOW GET HER OUT OF HERE, AND BETTER NOT TO SEE HER NEAR MY FAMILY AGAIN.She was handcuffed while shouting at the inspector for her son’s sake, She was taken  to the police.D: Vansh, what did you do with kabir? V: No need to worry dadi, Forget him as if he never existed.I: But Bhai, how did you know about her truth? V: A letter from Riddhima.Fb startsVansh checked the hidden letter and read it, He was thunderstruck.“Vihaan, I hope that you read this letter , I trusted you because I saw the honesty in your eyes,in case I died, Please my family will be in danger, and that danger is none else other than Kabir and Anupriya, after my husband’s death, I found out their truth, They threatened me to kill everyone, save them, I plead you, Take it as a dying wish and fulfill it. I will die but not get married to kabir. complete the mission, I left money for you, please don’t deceive me, I hope that no one other than you ,Vihaan ,find it.” Continued on next page…
V(to himself): Mom? No no how can she? I remembered the poison incident, Riddhima told me that mom poisoned the watermelon, she burnt the painting and pushed Sia down the stairs. Money ! This is the cause why she waited till my fake death was spread and then Kabir entered the house and tried to rule it.How could I trust her blindly? And why did I mistrust Riddhima? lied to her? Kabir & Anupriya, They have to wait for their end. Fb endsHe made his way to his room and kissed her forehead.V: Finally, They are gone, No one will scare you again, We’re free from the past the pain and everything else.Days passed with Vansh waiting for her to come back to her awareness.One dayHe was working when dadi called him urging him to leave everything as something was off with Riddhima.He left everything and drove as fast as he could to reach home. Then, He hurried to his room and found everyone was in his room while Riddhima was looking at them with a frown.V(happily): Riddhima (taking her in his arms) Sweetheart, I missed you so much.She didn’t hug him back and he looked at her face.V: What happened ? do you feel pain somewhere? R: No (he sighed in relief) But Who are you? He felt the jolt paralyzed him and then laughed.V: Don’t joke.BUt she remained looking at him weirdly, He turned to his family and they eyes him sadly.V: What’s going on here?I : bhai, She can’t recognize any of us. The doctor says that she has lost her memory.With each word his eyes were going wider realizing her state.V: Riddhima?R(irritated): Excuse me, My head is already spinning and you are just calling me Riddhima, Riddhiam, when I can’t even remember my name. And who’re you to me? V: I am your husband, Vansh, This is my family.She observed him closely.R(to herself): So he is my husband, Not bad, In fact, he is handsome. R: Then? V: This is my dadi, you loved her so much as yours. (dadi take her in her arms and Riddhima sensed her love for her and smiled), And this is Ishaani, My sister. (She smiled forcefully) He introduced them to her, but she felt a connection only with dadi. They left after making sure she was ok.She was feeling awkward with Vansh’s presence whose attention was on her.R: What? V: I am staring at my biwi.R: Hello, Mr? Are you aware of the fact that I don’t remember you? And I feel so odd to be in a strange man’s room while he is eying me as if he found a lottery.V: You are no less than a lottery to me.R: Odder, please, Understand my situation, My mind has to adjust to the fact that you’re my husband first.V: Ok then, We have our full time to do so. But I will look at you as I missed you, Don’t ever leave me again.She felt a weird sensation but she shrugged it.R: Is it supposed to impress me? V(smiling): I always impress you (he approached her while she opened her mouth shocked with their proximity) Close it, Sweetheart, or else I will.R(annoyed): How dare you? V(coolly): I dare to do more.R: so cheesy.V: I love cheese.R: Ridiculous.V: Beautiful.R: I don’t like you.V: Because you love me.She huffed and went to the bed to sleep, but when she felt his presence she jerked.R: What is it now? V: I am sleeping on my bed near my wife.R: arrrrgggg, Your so-called wife doesn’t remember anything.V: Her heart will recognize her love, she doesn’t need memory.His statement had an effect on her, her heart was pounding fast, and he held her wrist.V: I told you, This heart won’t fail to know me.R: Kuch bhi.I will sleep.V: Yeah, I am tired, And after so many nights, I will sleep peacefully.He pulled her to his arms while she protested, but he was stronger.V: Your pillow is here. (pointing toward his heart)She felt safe and protected there, And couldn’t go away.R: Just because I am tired to fight, I will sleep.He laughed at her arrogance and hugged her tighter, Then they both dozed off.The other dayRiddhima and Vansh woke up, ANd as usual, Vansh headed to the washroom in order to go fast to his office but he stopped when he saw Riddhima in front of him.R: Mr, Haven’t you heard that “ladies first”? V: Mme, I’ve heard, But now, I have an important meeting, so maybe the next time.R: I will go.V(adamant): I will.R: let me see how you will.V(pulling her away from his way): My pleasure.He was about to enter the washroom but he heard her scream.V(worried): Riddhima, What happened to you? She was holding her leg, and She noticed the concern in his eyes.R: It’s paining. He started moving her leg and found it fit.V(perplexed): But I can’t see what happened to your leg?R: actually (she stood up while he was still not understanding her intentions and she ran to the washroom) I was jocking She closed the door laughing leaving him looking at the door in disbelief, Then he smiled.V(to himself): Chirpy Riddhima, I craved to see her, The best thing that she can’t recollect our past.After half an hourShe came out of the room looking around it, and she collided with a hard chest only to find herself in his arms. They were lost in each other’s eyes, then His eyes were out of sockets when He saw her only in a towel, She was embarrassed.R: I forgot to take my clothes.V(whispered in her ear): You look so hot.R(wide eyes): Pervert.V(parting away from her): Pervert? And me? Now, You’ll see the consequences of it.R(with dare): As If I fear you!V(smiling): Ok sweetheart.He went to the washroom, And she rushed for her clothes to wear it.After some time, she heard his footsteps.R: Vansh, Where’s my ph(her jaw was dropped when she eyed his bare chest)He looked hot and she hated herself for ogling him, but she couldn’t stop.V: I think you like what you see Mrs.VR.She came back to her senses and her cheeks turned dark red.V(coming closer while she stepped back till she hit the wall): Your red cheeks are my favorite.He bit it slowly while she started to lose herself at the moment and closed her eyes anticipating more As if he heard her thoughts, He traveled his teeth all around her neck biting it then licking, And she started moaning. V(joining their nose): Don’t make that sound again, Sweetheart. He moved away and went to wear his shirt, And Riddhima was holding her heart trying to control herself.R(to herself): Oh my god, what did I lose my mind when he touched me? And my heart is pounding so fast as if it will come out of my chest. Did I love him as he was implying? V(smirked): You have no intention to come for breakfast? Or (naughtily) You want me to carry on? R(red cheeks): Shut up, You are so shameless, I am going.V(holding her hand and kissing it): Let’s go sweetheart.She felt joyful but didn’t show it in front of him while she walked beside him.V: I am your husband, Not your boyfriend, I can understand your emotions and I feel it. No need to feel insecure or shy around me, I love you and so soon, You’ll confess your love for me.I: How are you now, Riddhima? R: Huh? You are calling me Riddhima? but as far as you told me, I am your babhi, So you have to call me babhi.Ishaani was taken aback and Vansh held his laughter.V: She is right, Call her babhi from now on, Ishaani.I: Ok Bhai, Babhi, How are you? R: so perfect.Ar: Bhai, Please pass me the glass.Vansh glared at him angrily and Aryan gulped his saliva in fear, He is still remembering the way he threatened him.R(to Vansh): You won’t give him? challo, Your babhi will give you, Aryan.Ar: What?My Babhi?  I didn’t hear what did you say.R: I feel so bad, Vansh, Your brother has hearing issues and you didn’t take him to the doctor? They laughed at Aryan’s facial expressions.Ch: Riddhima, you are making fun of my son? R: Aunt, He started kidding first. the way he said “my babhi” and then he said I didn’t hear you were quite a joke. (mumbling) a bad one.Vansh chuckled loudly after hearing her and she threw a glare at him, They had their breakfast.2 weeks passed with Vansh was quite impressed by the bubbly Riddhima, his firecracker, She was so adorable, He would tease her, Romance her and argue with her, and every day she fought her feeling and neglect it.One nightVansh was away for two days, He didn’t behave normally as usual, and it irked her, She heard him talking with someone on the phone. A girl.R(to herself): Did he give up and decided to find another girl? I hate the girls’ presence around him, He is my husband, Just mine, and I have the full right on him.He came inside the room tiredly and she smelled a female perfume.R(yelled): What the hell?V(startled): What’s wrong?R: You are asking me? (smelling his clothes) what is this?V(confused): Please, Riddhima, I am so tired, tell me directly what’s the problem here? she started unbuttoning his shirt, and he pulled her by the waist.V(teasing her): ARe you this desperate to see me nude? R(furious): Shut up.She took the shirt and put it near his nose.R: Smell it! It’s a female perfume.V: And? When did I say it’s male? R: How dare you? You are admitting it on my face? V(frowning): Yeah, I know it’s for women, why are you overacting? R(taking his perfume and throw it on him luckily it missed): You are confessing that you are cheating on me.V(shouted): Are you crazy? What’s wrong with chea(realizing) wait ? what? cheating on you? Then All that because you thought I (he laughed his heart out while she fumed more and grabbed the jug to throw it but he held her hand)R: Leave me.V(sizzled): ouff, I am right when I call you a firecracker, & This anger ouff, You are killing me, sweetheart. R: I said leave me.V: Never, You are mine, and I feel like celebrating now, Your jealousy, your anger, and claiming your right on me as a wife, you’ll be definitely the end of me.R: You are lying to me, You were with another girl.V: The perfume is yours.R(in disbelief): I don’t have it.V: You don’t, because it’s new! I bought it for you.R: So why the smell is stuck on your clothes.V: It’s not, I was just trying to choose the one you’ll prefer as I know you prefer the light fragrance,& you are allergic to certain ones. I hope you like it.He gave it to her and she was so touched by his care.R(overwhelmed): I am sorry, I behaved stupidly.V: Yes, You did, But you know what? You can make up for me. R: how? Vansh pointed toward his lips and she pushed him slightly.R: Don’t joke.V: I am not.R(embarrassed): I can’t.V: But I can.She lowered her head in shyness and he lifts her chin.V: May I?She nodded at him and in no moment he attached their lips together lost in their moment till they were unable to take it.V: your lips taste like honey.She tried to go aways shyly but he twisted her arm gently pulling her back to him.V: & I love you so much, don’t dare to doubt again my love for you.He left her hand and she ran to the washroom to wash her face. She needs to cool herself after their hot kiss.R(chest moving up and down): Oh my god, He is making me lose my mind, and forget everything but him.(holding her heart) You were right, Vansh, My heart recognize you although your memory is lost somewhere in my mind.The other dayThe eveningVansh was working on the laptop and Riddhima came to talk to him but she stopped when she heard him talking with a girl.V: Yes Alia, I am coming, now, wait for my arrival.R(to herself): WHo is this Alia? Today, I will kick his a** if I find out that he has an affair.She followed him using another car till she reached a house.R: He is coming to a woman’s house, Vansh, I guess this is the last day of your life.He entered there and she was behind him then the lights went off, SHe felt scared. But A projector was on her, And it blinded her at the beginning.V: You might Have forgotten everything, Riddhima, You are denying your love for me because you don’t know that it was since ages, You loved me as I did, Crazily madly, We had flaws but we love each other Fb startsVansh was waiting for Riddhima, And the moment she stepped there, He started acting.Fb endsV: Look at those pics Riddhima.This is proof of our love which was removed from your memory.She looked at the pics with teary eyes and then jumped on him encircling her arms around his neck.R: I am sorry, I know, I was unreasonably pushing you away, I love you, I really love you so much.************************************ +18 sweethearts, especially RIHe cupped her face bringing his lips near her and then stopped, And she understood the sign, he wanted her to initiate, And she did. She kissed him with all the affection she has for him, With all the emotions she tried to keep inside her. And moaned the moment his tongue entered her mouth, He pinned her to the wall harshly and she didn’t give a damn, On the contrary, It gave her more pleasure. Continued on next page…
R(whispered): Vansh, Not here!He picked her to a room where he placed her gently on the bed, And she pulled him above her.V(laughing): Easy, I don’t want to crush you.R(biting his neck): You won’t.V(groan): damn !!!They kissed many times not able to reach satisfaction and she sat on him, Feeling his desire for her, she was wet with desire. He unhooked her dhori making it loosen and then started giving her hickeys on her shoulder while she moaned loudly.V: I love you.R(breathless): I love you too.They were lost in their moment of celebration of their unions together, Soon they climaxed together while moaning each other’s name.R: Vansh, Who is Alia?V: Alia is a party organizer.R(jealous): and why were you talking to her?V(giggled): So possessive wife.R: answer my question.V: Ok, Happy birthday, Riddhima (pecking her lips)R(surprised): You called her for my birthday?V: Yeah, I wanted to surprise you, But after seeing you upset, I can’t stay quiet.R(cuddling him): You are the best husband in the world, I love you.V(hugging her): I love you too, sweetheart.R: I am sure, Our past was so beautiful and full of joy and love.V(to himself): Our past was full of love but poisoned love, which let us neither live nor leave each other. That poison which I gave to my enemy as a reward for hurting you, I will never let it in front of you. Kabir is paralyzed, almost dead, it was his punishment for harming you.R: VAAANSHV: Yes? R: You didn’t answer? V: Yes, I showed you the pics, it was evident right? R(smiling): Yeah.She closed her eyes to sleep while he looked at the pic in his phone of Kabir’s paralyzed state with a smirk. next, He put it on the table then slept too.THE ENDThird OS: My junoon Kabir & Vansh are the sons of Uma & Aatharv Raisinghania.
Aat: wow beta Vansh, I am impressed you really cracked the deal in that short time. Your skills are much better than mine.
Um: of course, he is the best when it comes to the business world.
K: congratulations brother.
V(smiled): thank you.
Um: oh I forgot to tell you, today my best friend’s daughter is coming here to stay with us as she wants to find a job here.
Aat: great, you’ll find company.
Um(excited): yes, I gave birth just to the boys, and I got stuck with you.
They heard a laugher from the entrance and all of them turned to its owner. A girl in red came.
Voice: so sorry aunt but you sounded like someone who is really suffering.
Um: Riddhima, finally, you came to rescue me.
R(hugged her): yes, I am here, no loneliness anymore, I will make it run away.
Kabir smiled at her childish comment and then extended his hand to her.
K: welcome here, Riddhima.
Am: oh this is my son Kabir.
R: hello Kabir.
Um: and my husband Aatarv.
R: hello uncle.
Aat: hello beta.
Um: and my son Vansh.
V: hi
R: hello.Um: come with me, Riddhima, And bring your luggage.K & V: Mom, I am going to guide her to her room.They looked at each other strangely ad then they again exclaimed.K & V: I’ll do it.They widened their eyes and Their mom laughed at them.Um: Wow, Riddhima, Both are fighting who will take you.Riddhima smiled politely at them, And Vansh eyes Kabir.V: You have some unfinished work, Kabir, I will show her the room, No need to leave your work.K: But itHe gave him a glare as if daring him to utter anything further,  & He shut his mouth.V(to Riddhima): So follow me.She went with him upstairs while Uma looked at her son confused, He has never behaved like that with his brother, Then she shrugged her thoughts.He was walking with her while admiring her natural beauty, It caught his eyes, for the first time, He feels attracted to a girl like that.V: So, What are your plans? R: I just finished my studies, got my diploma, and I have to find work.V: In which field? R: Accounting.V(thinking): That’s great, It’s a good field, you’ll definitely find a job.R(smiling): Thank you.V: Here’s your room, And if you need something, feel free to ask.She gave him a wide beautiful smile which warmed his heart, Then he went downstairs where he found his brother standing on the same spot.V: Hey, don’t mind me.K: It’s ok, I wanted just to help her.Vansh knew his behavior was so odd, but he didn’t find an excuse to give.Aat: Vansh & Kabir, You have work, won’t you go to the company? He looked at the watch and his eyes tuned opened.V: I am so late, I am going mom, Kabir let’s go.K: No, I will change this shirt first, don’t wait for me, I will drive my car.V: Ohh ok, See you later.Vansh drove his car and Kabir walked upstairs while going, He passed through Riddhima’s room and found her struggling to put her suitcase. He suppressed his laughter at the way she was jumping with.R(looking up): How Am I going to put it there? So high! Oh God, why didn’t you give me some extra cms? She heard someone laughing, who was obviously Kabir, He couldn’t take it anymore and started laughing.She put her hands on her hips.R: Oh really Mr? A girl needs help here and you are making fun of her? K(smiling): My bad, I am sorry, I will help you.R(laughed): it’s okay, don’t worry, I was just joking.He approached her and took the suitcase from her hand, Placing her.R(dramatically): thank you, you are my savior
He chuckled at her drama and bid her bye.
He headed to the office urgently as he knew that he is late, and Vansh doesn’t like unpunctual people.He came to Vansh’s office and get confused when he didn’t see him there.K(to himself): Where did he go? At that moment Vansh entered and gave him a glare which he couldn’t understand.V(shouting): You can’t do the work properly? I am done with your mistakes, Kabir; K: Relax, Bhai, Which mistake you are talking about? V: Handle all these files, this is your responsibility, and There’s no place for a small mistake, I won’t bear it.Kabir was stunned, Normally his brother covered up for him in front of their dad, He doesn’t even confront him when He causes a loss, He is not into business and Vansh knows it very well, So what happened today? He left his room toward his office.Vansh looked at his retreating figure with anger, He reminisced forgetting his phone at home and coming back. A scene of Kabir and Riddhima laughing together irked him so much, Like lava inside him which ready to melt anyone to death. He hates seeing him around her, She is his, now, From the moment, their eyes met, He decided that Riddhima will be only Vansh’s, By hook or by crook, By leniency or by severity. He loves his brother so much but Riddhima is the red line that he can’t cross.The eveningKabir and Vansh came to the house together, Uma looked at Kabir’s state.Um: Kabir, Why do you look tired? He glanced at Vansh, Who exhausted him all day with tasks.K: Nothing mom, I didn’t sleep yesterday well.Um: Ohh ok, Go fresh up and come for dinner, we were waiting for you.They went upstairs ad Kabir coincidentally met Riddhima, who gave him a smile waving hi at him.R: Hello my savior.K(giggling): I will believe it.R: You must do.K: Yeah, I helped an abla naari, who was cursing her luck, So I am a hero.R: hey, who is the abla naari? Wait I will show you.She runs to catch him but he was faster and couldn’t match his pace.VOICE: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? DO YOU THINK THIS IS A NURSERY SCHOOL? They were startled by the loud voice of Vansh scolding them. Riddhima was scared and caught Kabir’s arm in the process.K(put a hand on hers): Riddhima, relax he is just kidding, right? Vansh observed closely her fear and then changed his expressions into laughter.V: How is my acting skills? R(sighing): You frightened me, I was about to die because of a heart attack. Mr.Actor, I know that you are talented but please consider not to startle me again.She said putting a hand on her heart, Kabir gave Vansh a look of “What’s wrong with you”, But he ignored it.V: Kabir, go, and fresh up.
Kabir nodded and moved to his room while Vansh approached Riddhima with unknown emotions in his eyes while she backed off; He marched till no space was between them.V(almost whispering): Your eyes are so beautiful.Her heart pounded fast against her chest with their proximity, And blushed when she heard his compliment; She pushed him slightly and ran from there while He smiled at her red face.V’s povI can’t bear to see them together, what if she fells in love with him? No, I can’t let that happen, Impossible, I have to think of something. Although I feel bad to behave like this with him, But he must understand that he can’t eye her.They sat together to have dinner, Kabir and Vansh were silent while Uma and Riddhima were chitchatting.Um: When you’ll start applying? R: Aunt, I will go tomorrow. V: in which company you want to work? R: I heard about Sharma corporation, My friend also work there, It’s hard to find a job in a grand company as I don’t have much experience.V: ButK: Riddhima, Sharma’s company is not well reputed, I know the owner, You better not work there.Vansh eyed Kabir as he said what he was intending to say, Ajay Sharma is a womanizer who is using girls for his own pleasure especially the inexperienced girl in exchange for a job. V: Yeah, you can work there, Riddhima.All the best.Riddhima muttered A “thank you” while Kabir couldn’t get his acts, He decided to talk with him after dinner.Vansh’s roomKabir came confused to seek an explanation from Vansh who was working on his laptop, checking the new presentation of the project.K: Bhai? V: Yes, Kabir? Any problem? K: I have to ask you this question, Do you have a problem? V(looking at himself): No I am totally fine, Why?K: Bhai, You know that I am not talking about sickness, I am actually asking about your attitude, Why are you doing it? V: Nothing, My mood is not good, THat’s all.K: Oh really? For 3 years of working with you in the company, It’s the first time, You give me all this pressure in work. V: So you are upset about that? Kabir, You have to stop being reckless, and take responsibility, The company is ours not only mine, but I do all the work.K: You can’t expect me to do it within one day? Ok, I understand your reason for it, But what about Riddhima?V(gritted his teeth): What about her? K: You told her to apply to that company knowing very well under who she will work, Are you in your right mind? She is too innocent and pure, He can fool her.Vansh hit the table hard with his fist which shocked Kabir.V: Time will tell if that cheap man will be able to fool her. (to Kabir in order tone) keep your attention on your work, Nothing will happen to Riddhima, ever!Kabir left him alone wondering which he possessed by some ghost that he behaves suddenly violently. Vansh took out his phone and looked at her picture.V(to her photo): Tomorrow, My love!The next dayThey were having breakfast, THen Uma hugged Riddhima wishing her luck.Riddhima’s interview went very well, and they accepted her, Her boss was kind which joyed her.Her colleague informed her that she was been called by the boss, and went to his office, She knocked.R: Sir, May I come in? Aj: Yes, come in.She went inside and stood respectfully waiting for Ajay to reveal the reason why he called her.Aj: Please, Can you help me find a file? It was here on the desk? Sindia’sR: Sure, sir.She gave him her back and started looking for it with full attention not aware of the way he was approaching her. She felt a hand on her back and she jerked stunned.Continued on next page…
R: Sir, WHat are you doing? Aj: You know? Don’t pretend to be innocent in front of me, Just come.She widened her eyes and looked at him with disgust, she tried to move but he held her against the wall trying to kiss her. While she tried to free her hands but he was holding her tightly, Tears fell down her cheeks, And someone stormed inside the room and punched him hard on his face.She looked at her savior and found it Vansh, She ran to him and hugged him then fainted in his arms, He picked her up then turned to Ajay.V: Within 6 hours, Ajay, You’ll see the consequences of touching my love, Just  6 hours.He walked outside with her holding her bridal style, He didn’t care about the employees who were looking at them. He reached his house and Uma rushed to them patting Riddhima’s cheeks.Um: What happened to Riddhima? Why is she unconscious? He narrated everything to her and Aatarv got angry.Aat: How dare he? I will file a molestation case against him.V: No need to do anything, dad. Do you trust your Vansh?Aat: Of course beta, ButV: Dad, keep your faith in me, He will regret the moment he came into this world.He took her to her room and splashed water gently on her face, SHe opened her eyes with a jerk and examined her surrounding, Then she saw Vansh.R(crying): Vansh, Kabir was right, He tried to to to (she sobbed more and he hugged her)V: Shh don’t cry, I can’t see your tears, He will get his punishment, I won’t let him go with it.She spent a few minutes in his arms till she was relaxed, then she looked at his eyes innocently.R: But how did you reach on time there? V: I had important work there, that’s why I came.He kissed on her forehead while she closed her eyes.V: Rest now.She closed her eyes ad drifted in sleep as her mind was too tired to digest anything.Kabir came back to the house and was stunned to know what happened to Riddhima, He made his way to her room to see her but Vansh stopped him.V: Don’t, SHe is asleep.He moved to go but Kabir stopped him.K: How did you reach there on time? As far as I know, we had nothing to do with Sharmas, Then?V: I don’t find it necessary to answer you, I am your elder brother, don’t forget it.He went while Kabir was observing him till he vanished.K: Was it the reason why He encouraged her to apply? No no, I am just overthinking, Bhai is not an attention seeker and especially from girls.He shook his head and went to his room too.The rest of the day, Vansh wasn’t at home and Kabir was with his parents while Riddhima refused to go out as she wanted to rest.The next dayKabir knocked on her room to confirm if she was ok or not, SHe opened the door.K: Riddhima, How are you now? R(pale): I am better.K: look at me, You can’t let people make this effect on you, you did nothing wrong to stay in your room like a prisoner, in fact, you should be more bubbly and cheered up.R: After what happened? K: Yeah, Because When a problem is unable to break us, it makes us stronger and tougher. And I am sure you are a tough fighter.She gave him a smile which he reciprocated.K: Now, I want to see the Riddhima I know, Can you do it for me? She nodded and he went downstairs, Both of them were unaware of the red eyes which were observing them. Vansh tried to remain calm and waited for her in front of her room.She crossed the door and blushed when she remembered their moment the day before.V: Are you fine now? R: I am, Thank you so much, If you weren’t there, God knows what would have happened.V: It was impossible to not be there.R(perplexed): What? V: I mean, I had a job there so impossible.R: Oh yeah, I forgot.V: I came here to tell you to get ready or else you’ll be late.R(scared): I won’t go there again.V: RiddhimaR(shivering): No He cupped her face and made her look at him, She lost herself in his eyes.V: Do you have a belief in me? She thought for a second then nodded at him.V(smiled): Then go, you won’t find him there.He switched on the tv and she looked at the breaking news, It was about Sharma’s bankruptcy, Their company was sold.V: He must be begging on the streets now, So don’t worry.R: How did that happen? V: I heard he has so many loans so obviously he will lose everything.R: It’s God’s justice, He used this power to take advantage of the weak girls, Now he is powerless, Thank you, Vansh, You made my day, I will go and change.She went and he smirked.V: it’s justice, Riddhima, But not God’s, It’s Vansh’s justice.Fb startsSharma was no comparative with VR company, Vansh compelled everyone from the business world to stop working with Sharmas Or else He will have nothing to do with their companies.Then he bought it for himself using Ajay’s brother who hated him to the core. He tricked him into signing and he found himself with nothing.Then He put some drugs in his car and informed the police.Fb endsV: You are so different, Riddhima and all mine, I sent you there on purpose but I was right behind you, And the moment I heard you saying “what are you doing”, I understood that the bastard started his cheap acts.Days passed with Vansh getting more obsessed with everything that is related to Riddhima, Even her shadow shouldn’t be touched. While Riddhima developed feelings toward him.One nightVansh was struck at work and he came late, He heard sounds from the poolside, And marched to there. He was thunderstruck to see Kabir on his knees proposing Riddhima.K: I love you, I love you so much, Since you came into my life, it became more beautiful, I can’t survive a second without you, Will you marry me? R: Yes I love you too.Vansh was more shocked when she kissed his cheek and said yes, He though she loves him, How can he be mistaken about his judgment? Their marriage won’t happen for sure, He stormed to his room angrily, And started breaking everything his eyes lay on.V: Now, I will cross the limits for you, Riddhima.The next dayVansh came at lunchtime and announced to the family.V: Kabir, Our branch in London, you’ll handle it from next week.They looked at him bewildered with the sudden decision.K: Bhai, why suddenly? V: Because You’ll have to, Go there, Check the work, and send me the updates.K: I am ready but before I want to tell everyone something.Vansh was tensed about what he will announce.Aat: Ha beta, we are all ears, tell us.K: I decided to get married.They got shocked, And Vansh eyed Riddhima who was smiling happily.V: I am done.Um: Vansh, Wait, Your brother is saying something.V: I have a headache, excuse me.His parents tried to stop him but he was so angry and went upstairs.Aat: But Uma, I think, Vansh also has to get married now.Um: I agree with you, And I’ve found the bride too.Riddhima felt uneasy and excused herself walking to her room, SHe felt someone pulling her inside. and she knew who he was, He pinned her to the door.She jerked her hand.R: What the hell are you doing? Leave my hand.V: Why? Suddenly you are feeling uncomfortable around me? R: I said, stay away.V: I will see how you are going to marry him.Saying so he approached her while her eyes turned wider when she understood his intentions, And he fused their lips kissing her wildly against the door till she was out of breath.V: Look at yourself, Do you think you’re going to be happy marrying my brother? I won’t let youHe said kissing her neck while she closed her eyes.R: You are also getting married.He parted himself from her perplexed;V: What? R: Yes, Aunt said she will get you married.V: Do you think I am 5 that my mom will choose my wife? I will marry you, and only you, And you too, don’t dare to dream about someone else.R(whispered when he almost joined their lips): I am not marrying him.V: What??? R: He is marrying Ragini, His friend.V: But I saw him proposing to you.R: When? V: Near the poolside.R: He was practicing.Vansh was left dumbfounded, He did all because he was jealous of his brother when He is in love with someone else.V: Oh my god, WHy didn’t you tell me before? R: I didn’t know that you love me.V: By the way, why were you angry because of my marriage? She lowered her head shyly and he held her face to make their eyes met.V: Tell me.R: Because I love you too.He picked her happily and laughed with her kissing all over her face.V: I love you so much, you’re my love, heart, life and everything, you are my passion too, My Junoon. Let’s go and tell them that I found their Daughter in law.She blushed and he kissed her cheek, Holding her hand to the hall.V: Mom, Dad, I & Riddhima loves each other.K: Oh finally you admitted it! thank god, or else I don’t know what my condition would be.V: I am sorry Kabir;Um(confused):  Why? V: I made a huge mistake.K: let it be, it happens, And (hugging him) congratulations love birds.V & R: Thank you & congratulations.Aat: Then the marriage will take place the next two days, no need for any delay.Um: Yes, Come Riddhima, we have many things to do.2 days afterKabir & Ragini, Vansh & Riddhima, married in the same mandap, The mansion was decorated fully celebrating the Raisinghania’s wedding.The priest announced them Pati Patni and Riddhima found herself in his arms while everyone laughed at him, She hid her face in his chest unable to look at them.Um: Beta, but wait.V: Sorry, mom, Goodnight.He eloped with his bride to their room while Kabir was struck there cursing his fate.VR’S RoomShe looked at him angrily, as he put her on the bed.R: what have you done? It was so embarrassing. What will be thinking of us?V(biting her earlobe gently): That we are so much in love.She felt as if under his spell as he approached her, And he was so satisfied with her response to his touches. He brushed their lips in a demanding kiss while roaming his hand all over her back, then he untied her dhori. Her cheeks turned redder and he bit it.Soon, They were out of their outfits and made love to each other.V: Red suits you, Sweetheart. The first time you came, You were in red, And you drove me so crazy, You became everything I think about. I love you.R(moaned as he was traveling his lips on her skin): I L..O..V..E you too.they were lost again in Riansh land, And after a while, they laid trying to breathe.He took her in his arms and kissed her forehead.V: Sleep, sweetheart.R(kissing on his cheek): Goodnight.He watched her as she slept, and he promised himself to protect his sensitive sweetheart forever, Then he drifted into deep slumber too.THE ENDSo these are three stories, I hope you like it.Thank you fro reading it.

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