Riansh OS : His Queen

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Riddhima was shivering to look at the figure which was laid on the floor in front of her and whispered absent-mind: He is dead !! I am the reason !! I didn’t want to be ! How did I do it?  Fb startsKabir vowed to snatch Riddhima from Vansh’s life caressing her photo: Tum Sirf meri hoon, Riddhima, I will have you back in my life, And never let you go again, You will have to come to me, Your Kabir, You’re not his !!! He just fooled you to have your love. Only I have rights on it!Vansh talked with Chang carefully not to alert Riddhima and wake her up from her deep slumber then he went to the study room ad contacted Angrey to meet him there. V: This is a dangerous deal, Angrey, If it fails then either I will be destroyed or dead.Ang: Boss, I will go with you, You’ll need me there to have your back.V: Naaa Family is more important now, Stay here and keep them safe, I will try to return fit!Ang: But BossV: No Angrey ! No more argument ! Ang(obediently): Yes Boss!Kabir texted Riddhima to talk with her but she refused But agreed later when He said he will come to her room if it’s needed Because he has something important to discuss.Riddhima walked angrily looking around if someone is keeping an eye on her, and thankfully no one was there. R: Yes? What do you think you’re doing? And what is important that you’re calling me here? K: Relax, don’t take stress, Love (he tried to cup her face but she lifts up her index warning him)R: don’t dare, Kabir, and this cheap act, Keep it with you! Either you say what you want or I will go now!K: Ok ok, Look I know you don’t trust me, but I know the truth behind your parents’ death!R(stunned): What? (then remembered something) No, I don’t wanna hear you !! How many times will you manipulate me and turn me against Vansh? Look, Kabir Veer Sharma, I am fed up with your games and lies. I trust my husband with my life, and I don’t care about someone else but him got it?K: Riddhima, I am not the one who is playing games and telling lies! Vansh is doing that ok? I heard him personally! R: Then you have to go and get your ears checked by the doc Because Mera Vansh can not do what you’re implying now! and if he sees you close to me again, He’ll kill you!K: At least your mind even unwillingly is admitting that he is a cold-blooded murderer. Nice start! I will give you soon the pieces of evidence of my words, You’ll know Vansh’s truth soon. What if you’re wrong? what If I make you reach the person who made you orphan, What you’ll give me in return? R: Anything you ask for! and this answer must show you how much I trust my Vansh, and I know you’ll never be able to prove this lie.A jealous voice from behind: Sweetheart, what are you doing here in this hour? You know that your wound is still fresh, and needs care. (naughtily) You disobeyed your hubby to get a punishment ! and I have an idea how to punish you! But not in front of other people! It requires only both of us.Like adding fuel to the fire that was burning Kabir, He felt like exploding and wished if only Riddhima disappeared somehow so that he can kill the bastard for his words But knew better than do that and ruin his image in front of Riddhima more than it already is.R: Vansh!V(kissing her cheek angering Kabir more): Your chubby red cheeks look so yummy! R(whispered): Not here, He is watching us.V: Is he? (to Kabir) Ohh, I forgot to give you a proper answer for a certain topic!R: which topic? She was answered by him cupping her face and kissing her in front of Kabir whose jaw was dropped whereas Riddhima was shocked by the sudden hard kiss that held possession and love with her. He pulled away then caressed her lips. V: You got my answer! I think this will clear your misunderstanding Kabir, (To Riddhima sweetly) Chalo? He extended his hand and she held it while she was still in shock of her husband’s audacity.VR’S Room R: Vansh ! in front of him, How can you (he hushed her)V: shhh, No one matters, Just us and our love.R: But (He came closer to her lips and she smiled naughtily and pushed him away) Not so easy! V(smirked): VR always wins!R: And RV too.V(confused): RV? R: Riddhima’s Vansh!V(smiled widely while raising his eyebrow): Oh really? (he rubbed their noses together making her giggle) Vaise sweetheart I have important work tomorrow! (to himself) what If I fail? She will be alone! (to her) I want you to always stay strong, The Riddhima I fell in love with, No matter what happens, MRS. Raisinghania’s head should remain high, promise me?R(scared): Vansh, you’re scaring me! don’t ever talk like that (Hugged him with tears) Your Riddhima needs you, always. (putting her head on his chest) I want to stay like that. I’ll never let you go! I am strong, still, I want you by my side. (Looking directly in his eyes) You’ll stay with me forever, right?V(to himself): How can I promise you! You’re the only reason why I’ll feel sad if I fail! Because you’ll have to bear the pain. (to her) As long as I live I will stay by your side, In fact, even after death, My bhoot will be stuck to you. R(wiping her tears): What a bad scary romantic joke is it !!V(laughed nuzzling her neck): It’s not a joke, I will do it! I want this evening to be special for us, Let’s spend quality time together.R: Romantic suddenly? Why not? We deserve to live our moment together, And I have my own surprise for you. But Not now!His phone rang and he answered then eyes widened. He looked at Riddhima and apologized because he had to go. R: What? But Why Vansh? V(kissing her forehead): I promise, I will be back fast! Wait for me! She nodded her head and he caressed her cheek before he goes.Vansh to Ishaani: WHat happened? What were you saying?I(panicked): Bhai! Someone gets to know the truth! He said that he knows everything about the accident.V: calm down, Ishaani, I wrapped up everything very well. No way that someone knows about it. I: Someone sent me a message “I know that you are the real murderer of Riddhima’s parents and soon the world will know too“. I am scared, I am so scared !! V: Ishaani, Look at me ad stop panicking! I will see who he was! don’t worry, Get a hold on yourself. Angrey is here too.Kabir was looking at them while recording them: Vansh, Now you lost Riddhima for sure, she’ll never forgive for this crime. And she’ll run back into my arms.He moved to try to find her but bump with Angrey: go away from my way (He pushed him and moved to Riddhima’s room.R(huffed seeing him): Now I am really fed up with your acts, Get out of here, Kabir! K: You said, You’ll do whatever I want if I prove that I am right about your husband. R(perplexed): What do you mean?K: I have a shred of evidence against him. Wait let me show you (he put his hand in his pocket and then frowned) Where is my phone?R(rolled her eyes): Kabir !!!K: No wat for a sec, I must have dropped it.He ran back to his room and found his phone on the floor, then came back to her.K(playing the video): See, This is your husband’s truth!R(looking at the screen): What is that?K: what? Vansh & Isha(He didn’t carry on his sentence as he looked at himself in the video telling Vansh that he must be thankful that he sent Riddhima to him) Riddhima, don’t misu(She cut him off by a slap on his face)R: You’re so cheap Kabir, Get the hell out of here, nooooww!! K: Riddhima, Believe me, It was Ishaani & V(VAnsh from behind him)V: You’ve heard her, Kabir! She doesn’t want you here, and you shouldn’t be here in our room! R(hugged him): Vansh! He is planning to separate us again!V: I am here for you, He can’t do it! & he won’t!Kabir strolled out of the room gritting his teeth in anger: How did the video change All of a sudden? My phone was (He recalled bumping with Angrey) AngreyAng(smirked): Yeah? K: You are the one who changes it! It means you Ang: We saw you while you were recording our conversation, and it took just a few minutes to fail your plan, Better luck next time!VR’s roomV: Forget about him! Where is my surprise? You promised to give it to me! R(smiled): Yes, Get ready Mr.VR for your special surprise.She walked toward the washroom with a pack in her hands. On the other hand, Ahaana was on a call with someone: Yes, I will do it! Sure! I won’t mess up anything!The person: We need to get rid of him soon.Ah: Why are you suddenly obsessed?The person: No need to know! Just follow what I saidAh: I will S .S: Stay Alert.K’s POVPlan A failed, but it’s ok, Plan B will succeed for sure, Vansh; Whatever was your intentions for tomorrow, I will make sure to fail it.The roomRiddhima came out of the washroom dressed up in a gold sequin short skirt with a white top and heels looking so hot in that outfit, His eyes were literally out of the sockets.V: Riddhima She switched on the music and marched to him with steady steps and then took his hands in hers, and putting it on her waist, They swayed together while she leaned giving a full space of her neck where he buried his nose.V: You are killing me with this look of yours.R(arms around his neck): How Am I looking? V: Fire! So Hot! I always knew that My wife is cute, But Today I got to know that she is s*xy too.R: Never Underestimate me, sweetheart!V(raising his eyebrow): I do not dare to do so.She chuckled and he leaned to her lips taking them in his, while he kissed her widely especially when he remembered Kabir’s words that Riddhima his. He was harsh but she liked his wild torture on her body while he kissed her jawline and bit there, Then lick it making her unwantedly moan.R(pointing toward the dinner): Let’s have our dinner!V(taking the glasses): CHeers, sweetheart.R(pecking his lips): cheers, Vansh !!The other dayRiansh woke up in each other’s arms, and He frowned!V: My head hurts, did we drink a lot yesterday?R(holding her head): I can’t recall what happened after our dance!V(massaging her head): I think it’s a hangover. This massage will make you feel better!She relaxed her head against his chest as he did magic with his fingers, After some minutes, she switched their positions. R: My turn to heal your headache. Kabir got a notification and his mouth turned wide opened with the jolt he got. K: I understand now, and have the way how to make Riddhima hates Vansh! Ohh Vansh, You’re doomed now. Riddhima took a shower and went downstairs to have breakfast where Kabir came hurriedly to talk with her.R(gritting her teeth): What’s your problem? Why are you following me everywhere? K: To see this (showing her his phone) This time, no mistakes!R: No it can’t be !!K: It’s true !! & you know what you have to do in this situation !!R: Kabir, leave me alone! K: I can’t see you cheated like this, Riddhima, I was stupid to lose you! I love you! I really do! He doesn’t deserve you! She didn’t react and he added: I understand what are you feeling! and sure that you’ll make the right decision!Vansh moved to the place where he was supposed to meet Chang.V: where is he? He should be here by now?Just then the police came into the place and pointed their guns at him.Ins: We have pieces of information about a smuggling deal here, We have to check the bag.V(to himself): Oh no! The plan failed, Everything is finished! They opened the bag and he shut his eyes tightly. Ins: we are Sorry; Mr.Raisinghania, take back your bag.V: What? (to himself) How can they leave me easily? (he looked in the bag only to find stones instead of diamonds)They freed him while he was unable to understand what is happening there and where the diamonds disappeared suddenly. Police departed and he didn’t know either he thanks his stars that he is not caught red-handed or curse his fate that he lost the diamonds.V: Angrey, somebody took the diamonds! Aise Kaise ho Sakta hai, It was with me !!Kabir was stunned knowing that police let Vansh go. R(called Kabir): You were right about Vansh! Please come, Kabir, I need you!In less than half an hour he was there.Before few minutesRiddhima called Vansh crying and breathing heavily: Vansh, save me! He is here! I don’t know why he got mad! V: Who? R: Kabi (The call was disconnected and he tried it again but couldn’t reach her)V: damnnnnn !!!! (on call ) Angrey! I want you to track Riddhima’s phone, she is in danger! He got distracted from the diamond topic!the presentIsolated areaMishra was calling Kabir non-stop and he answered him: Sir, I want to send you something important! I contacted the ex-director of the orphanage, I will send you Riddhima’s photo now. Kabir opened the message only to get the biggest shock in his life.R: Kya Hua, Kabir? Shocked?K(in horror): You’re notR: the real Riddhima! She was with me in the orphanage! too sweet for her own good.K: Who are you?R: Riddhima K: What is this joke? You’re Riddhima or not?R: I am Riddhima but not the one who lost her parents because of Ishaani Bla bla bla ! That one is dead.K(shocked): What??? R: Oh yes, While everyone was irked by me, Bcz I had accidentally pushed one of my colleagues, They consider it evilness inherited by my mother TARA. They never stopped taunting me for my parents’ crimes, So I thought why not taking birth again, with another identity. I think the director forgot to tell you that the orphanage was set to fire, and all the records were burnt. Let me tell you a secret (whispering to him) I burnt it! K: Oh GODBack to Vansh He was on the way, and called Chang: Why you didn’t come? Did you know about the police presence?Ch: What are you saying Mr.Raisinghania, Yesterday you contacted me saying that you’ll send your assistant, Scorpion!V: WHAAATTT???Ch: the deal was done yesterday itself.V: Who is he?Ch: It’s “she”, A smart woman with a sharp mind, She managed to convince me to increase the price to double.V: Oh my God!Back to RiddhimaR(laughing): This reaction is weird even from you !! Nevertheless, You have to know with whom you messed dearest, Kabir!K: Hahaha I like it, I love you even more now, knowing that you are deceiving Vansh, Gave me ultimate peace! Woah ! what a game! But How did you know what was Mishra telling me?R: Scorpion, Doesn’t it ring some bells? K: Tatto !! Ahaana? R: Bingo! (loudly) AhaanaaAhaana entered the place and stood there with obedience as if waiting for Riddhima’s orders. K: You’re with her?R: With me? Hahaha isn’t it a good Joke? Ah: I am Scorpion’s right hand! Scorpion The queen of the Mafia world!R: She did a great job by keeping me updated on Vansh’s plans! So I was fully prepared for every scene, Aren’t I perfect?Ah: Sure, Boss, You are the definition of perfection itself.Riddhima smirked in satisfaction while recalling their conversations.Fb startsAh: Scorpion! You actually did it!R(holding the diamonds): My aim never fails!Ah: How? I mean Vansh couldn’t figure out.R(angrily): He’s your Boss, Like me, don’t call him by his name ! and about the diamondsBack to  their evening togetherRiddhima added drug in Vansh’s glass before he came.R(pointing toward the dinner): Let’s have our dinner!V(taking the glasses): CHeers, sweetheart.R(pecking his lips): cheers, Vansh !!They drank it and just a few minutes and he fell unconscious, She caressed his face with the gun: Sorry, Love, I have to do it! I can’t let you have it all for yourself !!She took his phone and contacted Chang as Vansh Raisinghania urging him to meet his assistant instead of him Because the police come to know about their meeting the other day.She went at night wearing a mask: Hello changCh: Hey Scorpion, WHere is it?R: first the money Mr.Chang!Ch: Come on scorpion, You have to trust me this much!R: In the Mafia world, Trust means death.Ch(laughed): I like it! (showing her the money)R: Tch tch Chang, Don’t you think that it deserves more? The deal was done a  long time ago, Now, Everyone in our world is dying to have it, And they’ll pay huge amounts. (pointing toward the money) Much more than this.Ch: You can’t back off now!R: Oh I can, We are not working in charity organizations, We’re calculating everything with the profit and loss, And here I can say without any hesitation that I can get a better deal within few minutes. (She extended her hand to Ahaana who gave her the phone) Hello Mr.Trivedi, Still you’re interested in the topic we discussed before with the amount I choose?The other side: Of course, Scorpion, What you ask will be yours, Are you ready to make the deal with me?Riddhima raised her eyebrow at Chang in a questioning manner.Ch: I agree with your condition.R: the double!Ch: I will give it to you.R: That’s like a win-win deal!She took the money and went back to sleep next to unconscious Vansh, not before putting stones in the guitar.The other dayRiansh woke up in each other’s arms, and He frowned!V: My head hurts, did we drink a lot yesterday?She acted as if she doesn’t remember so that he doesn’t doubt her.R(holding her head): I can’t recall what happened after our dance!Fb endsK: My head is roaming with all these revelations! So You’re not in love with Vansh?R: And Yes I am not in love with Vansh K: That’s great, darling!! Oh God, I don’t believe I am this lucky. R(laughed): You are lucky, But let’s not go to why you’re lucky, You’re stupid too! You failed to kill Ragini dearest, Kabir! Ragini was left alive but thanks to me, You weren’t caught, Shouldn’t you thank me that I did it for you?K(taken aback): You killed her?R: I can’t believe that a police officer’s aiming is that bad! I had to kill her to save my love.K: Oh my god !! Thank you, Love !!R: don’t thank me now! Oh, By the way, Ahaana, The old talkative man who dared to send him my pic, You know what to do with him, Right?Ah: Sure!She went ordering her men to move and obey the orders.K: How did you know about Vansh?R: Good question! He was helping the poor Riddhima who lost her parents, Of course without letting her know about him, However, I got curious to know who he was. On the party day, I was there to spy on them, and know about their deal However a stupid cop ruined my plan. Now Your next question will be either I knew about you from the beginning or not?K: Exactly!R: Well, I did, If I could know about Vansh, obviously I would have known who are his enemies too. Your work was to make my path easier, As I thought, Vansh assumed that You sent me there, Therefore he started the game I wanted it to start. My motive was above everything else!K: Woah we’re same to same, You are born to be my queen!R: I am a queen for sure, Not a simple Prey as you think of me. Let’s share a drink celebrating !! Uff it was so suffocating to act nice and scared but I am sure I rock it;K(smirked): You did !!! (she gave him his glass and he started drinking it)R: I forgot to complete the sentence, I am not in love with Vansh, I am obsessed with him, that’s why I killed Ragini, Even though she was a way to reach the truth. I got rid of her because I can’t bear the fact that there’s the tiniest possibility that he will be still in love with her.at first, It was just a mission to make him trust me blindly, But Then I fell in love with everything about Him, Vansh is My junoon, Passion ! And you did a huge mistake by targeting Scorpion’s passion !K: Ri Ridd..Riddd (the words couldn’t come out of his mouth)R: Dear Kabir, I was dying to see you like this, But I had to keep you in the dark till the end, By the way, The message you got about the deal, I sent it, Curious why? If I didn’t, You would Have searched for another way to harm him, Right? And I needed to gain some time till I get rid of you or else you’ll expose me. Hahahaha With your eyes popped out you look cuter, isn’t it? (She heard Ahaana’s voice through Bluetooth) Kabir,  One more move is needed here (she took a knife and stabbed her shoulder and put the knife in his hand)R(shouted): AHHHHHHHHHHHHVansh came in that moment and Ran to her: RIDDHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMAAAShe fell on the floor and started bleeding: V..a…n..S..H H..E Tr…I..ed t..o Force..fully wh..e..n  I S…a…i..D nO He St..ab..bed me.V(his eyes darkened looking at kabir unknowingly to him that he is dying) Kabir, This is your last mistake in this life!!! You shouldn’t have touched My wife. (He took the knife and stabbed him while Riddhima signaled him “Goodbye” from behind Vansh.The life slowly left his body leaving his corpse behind. Riddhima was shivering to look at the figure which was laid on the floor in front of her and whispered absent-mind: He is dead !! I am the reason !! I didn’t want to be ! How did I do it?V: shhhh sweetheart, You’re bleeding we need to take you to the hospital now !!The hospital Her injury was treated immediately and the doctor said that luckily it wasn’t deep, Therefore she will be fine within few days.V(hugged her): Thank God, I didn’t lose you! I am ready to lose anything but you.R: You’ll never lose as long as I am here with you, I love you.V: I love you too.He pecked her lips and the nurse came inside, She looked at Vansh and smiled: You are a caring person! She is so lucky to have you!R: Indeed I am, & you won’t be lucky like me.N(frowned): What?R: I mean He is just one piece in this world!N: Ohh I will wait for someone like him !R(to herself): You’ll do if you stay alive ! (to Vansh) I am fine ! let’s go back to our house.The houseV(to himself): I forget about this scorpion who is he? He took everything I earned during my life !!R(noticing his face): Vansh? Are you fine?V: I lost something !!R: what?V: not important!R: Sometimes, we lose something only to gain something bigger!  I will go and take a shower.V: Do you need help?R: No no I am fit!!she entered the washroom and called Ahaana.R: Did you do the work?Ah: Yes scorpion, It will be done by now!R: Very good!She cut the call.Back to VanshAngrey came to him with a suitcase: Boss someone sent it, I guess its name is scorpion!V: WHAATTT ???Ang(confused): who is he?V: He stole my diamonds !!He opened the suitcase and found the money with a letter!“I took the half as I have rights on it as  I saved you from being caught by police! And the amount you wanted is yours, So I guess No enmity, It’s a bad decision to make enmity with Scorpion, No one can survive my bite, it’s so poisonous, Keep it in your mindS.“V: such a smart Player!  I don’t know where to class him, enemies or friends, He saved me and not literally stole my money, But Take advantage of the situation and gain it. I like his mind, So sharp!!R: what is that Vansh?V:Mm Nothing sweetheart, Old clothes we need to get rid of. (Pulling her by waist and picking her up twirling her) I am so happy.R(kissing his eyes): I want you to be always Happy !! I love you.V: I love you too.He said before holding her neck ad pulling her toward him, Kissing her wildly while they moved toward the couch.After few hoursRiddhima stood up leaving asleep Vansh and called Ahaana: You got rid of that old man, Mishra and the nurse ?Ah: I did it !R: No traces should be left behind! whoever was the one who will come between me and Vansh finish him! This is my order!She cut the call and looked at herself smirking: I won’t let any of us lose Vansh, It will be our victory together.She returned and he pulled her toward him making the bedsheets around her fell: Where did you go?R: washroomV: Not allowed to stay away from me, even for minutes, I love you !!R: Vansh, KAbir?V: He is buried somewhere where he won’t be found.R(to herself): You don’t know that you killed an already dying man, Vansh! But I am sorry, Love, I can’t risk and expose myself before you.(to him while hugging him) I was sp scared.V: You’re Vansh’s queen, No one will dare to eye you again.R: Love you.She said and smiled hiding her smirk, then she put her head on his chest while drifting into a deep slumber.THE ENDI DON’T KNOW IF I AM MAD BECAUSE I HAVE WRITTEN THIS OS. Hahahah don’t bash me ok !! I  ended it so soon Because my mood changed suddenly due to a problem. SO I HOPE YOU LIKE IT.

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