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Hey guys, i’m so overwhelmed with all the love you keep give me. For the people who don’t know my name is Yvette but naira is my nickname, So call me yvette. Some wanted os but i forgot to ask if you want them in parts or not. So i first published this part and for the next part it will be published soon. I really hope you enjoy it and the next chap of TFR is coming very soon. And @Yashi, sorry for misspelling your name.Let’s start:I can say that this story is from the start of (immj2). The story and dialogues will be sometime the same but with a little special change, which the (immj2 plot) did not have. So do not mind if you find it similar 😁.Let us start.Episode starts…With two girls talking. One was wearing a white anarkali dress with orange dupatta with a bright smile and those cute eyes. (Do not judge me yaar; I do not know a lot about Indian clothes so usually asked my bestie google. So if you have a problem talk to her😜)Something like that, but with an orange dupatta.The girl in white was telling something to the other girlGirl 1: Life is overflowed of twists. Often we make plans but life has other plans. Sejal you know, that most everything in life has a reason, but yeah sometime we know the reason and sometime we just do not know it🤷‍. Maybe that is what is called destiny.Sejal: shut up. You always in your funny moods and ignore everything. Destiny is just only for the upper class level not for middle class people like us. If destiny existed then we would not be orphansGirl 1: sejal. That’s what I’m saying na, maybe our parents had their reasons and maybe if they didn’t left us we wouldn’t have meet each other. And whatever it is, destiny has its own plans even if they left us, now you are a successful part planner. While I am a successful physiotherapist😀Sejal: yes. Now you have a point.Girl 1: vaise I have a surprise for youSejal (existed): what is itGirl 1: dekho, I bought a ring and it is for Kabir. Kabir taught me the meaning of love and today I am going to propose himSejal (rolling her eyes): riddhima, you are beautiful, smart. And look what boyfriend you got for yourself a PT teacher. Couldn’t you get a businessman, a pilot or like a doctor. If I were you, I would have for the prime minister. And that is not a surprise for me but for your Kabir.Riddhima (laughing): crazy, prime minister. Do you think he would have accept you?Sejal: of course. If I was as beautiful and smart as youRiddhima (hugging her): stupid, you are beautiful and smart. That is why you are a successful party planner. Who plans big parties?Sejal (praising herself): Yes, I know that I am beautiful but less than you are (pouting)Riddhima: ok, do not be sad. But love just happens and we do not think before falling in love, understood.Author:On the other side, a man is showed coming in a boat. And it has revealed that he is Kabir whom riddhima thinks he’s a PT teacher while he’s secret agent disguised as PT teacher to catch a criminal whose name is Vansh Raisinghania. While he is talking to his partner, someone calls him and tell them that they are ready. Kabir wanted to catch Vansh’s workers and prove him guilty but some of them commit suicide so that they do not reveal anything while some others escaped. And again, he lost the chance to prove him as a criminal.On the other side. A man is seen driving a beautiful car while he is on a call with one of his most trusted man Angre. And it was revealed that he is the greatest Vansh Raisinghania whom Kabir wanted to catch his works and prove him guilty.Vansh: what happened during the raid?Angre: nobody opened their mouth. Some of them escaped while others committed suicide. But the inspector who came, it was if he knew everything. He was taking your name.Vansh: Interesting. Very interesting. Angre, why are you even thinking, after all I am so popular that is why everyone knows my name. Whenever Kabir feels he is going to win, I am going to make him lose. Because vansh never loses. When Vansh Raisinghania comes in someone’s life the course of his life changes. That person either joins me or meet God.Author:While he was talking, riddhima was crossing the road absent-minded, as she was happy that she is going to propose her boyfriend. Vansh’s car was about to pass through her but thankfully he stopped the car at the right time, while the crazy girl covered her eyes with her hands as if what she did will save her from the car.As the day passed, riddhima went to meet Kabir. She proposed him, while he did not respond but said that he will surely meet her in the evening and respond to her propose at the same place where they meet often.When Kabir left. Riddhima’s phone rang.Ridd: yes sejalSejal: yaar. Can you help me? I am in a big problemRid: yes tell me, anything for you.Sejal: Actually, I have accepted to organize two parties on the same day, which means today. And I cannot be present to two place at the same time. So can you go for me?Rid: I had to meet Kabir but I will go. Tell which party I need to organizeSejal: Vansh Raisinghania’s beach party.Rid: yes, I will go but I am scared you know Na; I am not as good as you areSejal: you do not worry. I know you know a little but it’s okay. Just do your bestRid: okay let me get going.Sejal: bye, bye. Thank you and love youRid: no sorry and no thank you in friendship. And I love you tooVansh, Angre and his personal bodyguards were on boat going to his beach party. While riddhima was organizing everything very wellAs soon as vansh arrived at his party, his eyes were fixed on the flowers, which had colorful flowers while he likes only white flowersVansh (POV):Who the hell is the party planner? Doesn’t he/she knows that I like only white flowers? Maybe this girl in front of me knowsVansh (screaming and angry): what the hell is this?When riddhima listened to his voice, she was astonished that when she turned to see who has this scary voice and she accidently pushed the candle and it light between the two of themVansh (POV):I do not what happened to me when she turned; she was as beautiful as the light. She shined like the sun. Her lips were so attractive. Her black hair and those deep eyes left me speechless. I do not what she has that all the girl I meet did not have. I was feeling as if I am attracted to her, it is not as if I never meet any beautiful girl but they were nothing compared to her. Her scared face attracted me more. I just did not know what I was feeling after seeing her. I think if she is beautiful like this then her voice would be like a lullaby that will make you sleep and never wake. Oh god! I do not what this beautiful girl did that I started to become like a poet from a businessman. Now I just want to know her name but I cannot ask her that afterall I am vansh raisinghania but I will surely ask Angre to do that for meRiddhima (POV):What the hell! Oh, my god the person before me was so handsome with those glasses and that beard. He was a man that everyone could wish to have. Even me. But then I remembered that I just proposed Kabir.Riddhima what the hell were you thinking. You love Kabir and want to marry vansh.But what to do he is that handsome. I think that he wears glasses to hide then pain in his eyes, I do not why but I feel he has seen a lot in life. He is so handsome yaar.I am sure if sejal was here, she would have died a heart attack after seeing him, and he is so graceful. But what is strange is that he wanted to talk but when I turned, he did not say a word. But I did not mid as I was looking in those beautiful black eyes which he hidden using his glasses.We stayed like this until the next minute just starring in each other eyes.But I must admit that he is more handsome than Kabir and I do not why but when I meet Kabir and during all those years that we were together, I never felt what I am feeling. I just do not what I am feeling.And not only is he handsome, graceful. He has a beautiful voice, wish he would have called my name, I am sure it would have sounded beautiful.But then again I remembered that I have a boyfriend and I am sure this handsome boy has a girlfriend too so I should stop dreaming.But what if he does not have one. Oh god! I will go crazy if I continue to think like this.Author:The two of them stayed like that looking at each other’s eyes until the fire doused and vansh spoke up.Vansh: do you know who the party planner isRiddhima: well, sir it’s meVansh: do you know whose party is it.Riddhima: yes. It is Vansh Raisinghania’s party.Riddhima (Pov):He has such a beautiful voice.Vansh (POV):What a melodious voice. But I should not concentrate on that now I should just be angry with her as to why she did not put white flowers alone but put them withVansh: if you know then. What the hell is this?Riddhima: what happened sir? Is there any problemVansh: yes, there is. And I think before you could start to organize this party. You should have searched about me and learnt that I hate disorganized people and things.Riddhima (POV):What the f*ck. I agree he has a sweet voice, he is handsome but now he is talking as if he is Vansh Raisinghania. And what the hell is disorganized here. Let me deal with him.R: sorry, to say but can you point out what is disorganized here, please.V: the flowersR (Shocked what. (Laughing the flowers. They are really nicely organized don’t you see how beautiful they are.Vansh (POV):Not as beautiful as you. Wait what, did I just accept that the flowers are beautiful, and did I just accept that she is beautiful. I think I am going crazy. From when did I start to like colorful flowers, no I like white flowers that is it?V: the flowers should be white as it brings graceR (laughing): sorry to say, sir. But I think you taste is ridiculous. Who likes white flowers only?V (shocked me and do you have a problemVansh (POV):Wait a minute. Does she even know that right now, she is speaking to Vansh Raisinghania or she just thinks that I am a guest? Because until today no one dared to speak to me like this.Angre (POV):What the hell, is happening here. I feel like the person right in front of me is not boss. Because if it was boss with this girl’s attitude then she would have been outside. I think boss is not okay.R: sir, white flowers are like a lonely person when they are alone and a lonely person never has grace but pain. But when they are with other flowers with different colors, it is like a person who is… with a beautiful family with only love, care and trust and that person is lucky and is very happy than anyone else. And not only, that but I like those flowered the way they are, right now.Vansh (POV):Why? When talking, it is as if she carries a lot of pain in her eyes. Is she by any chance an orp…? No no, what are you thinking vansh, it is nothing like that. I am sure she has a beautiful family who loves her a lot. But her attitude is making me more attracted to her, but no, I have to control myself until I know all the details about her. Maybe she is send by one of my enemies and that is why she is having this attitude, yes, I am sure it is something like this.V: who asked you about your opinion? Here what matters is the owner’s party not yours.R: I know. That is why I even asked the owner and everyone present here. They like it a lot. Except you who has no taste.Vansh (POV):What she asked the owner. I think this girl is crazy that is why she saying nonsense. How can she ask me and I do not even know about it.V: are you sure that you asked the owner.R: Yes and here, I like the flower except one thing that I do not likeV: I said your opinion does not matter but still what did not you like?R: I do not like your tone, it needs to be changed. You are speaking as if you are the owner.Vansh (POV):This girl’s attitude, oof. She is killing me yaar. But I cannot fell for it, I have to act strictAngre (POV):Now this girl is getting on my nerves but why isn’t boss saying anything. StrangeV: if you do not like something then it is your problem.Vansh (POV):Hehe, now she will not speak I am sure I shut her up with my one sentence.I thought that she will not speak but what surprised me she answered me back. This girl has something in her maybe that is why she attracts me so muchR: exactly that is what I have been trying to say. But you do not understand. What you do not like is your problem because as I said the owner likes it and the guest too. And you are no one to claim what you like, got it.Riddhima (POV):Now that is like riddhima, I am sure I thought him a good lesson. He is handsome but that does not mean that he will come and say whatever he likes. I was sure that he was defeated as one of his man was coming to talk to me but he stopped him and said interesting, very interesting. But I think he must be crazy what is interesting in all that I said crazy man.Vansh (POV):Angre was about to go to her but I stopped him. I would not like it. By the way, she is the first person who talked to me like this, but maybe it is because she does not know who I am. But I am sure one she know she will not dare to speak like that. So I better just stop thinking a lot about her attitude.Now I am starting to doubt if I am vansh. Now when I go home, I am sure ishani will be the first to know what happened her. Afterall Angre cannot keep anything from her.Angre (POV):I was shocked when boss stopped me. Now I was sure that not only boss is sick but also he had gone crazy for sure. He stopped me from confronting the person who insulted him. I just cannot believe it. Once we go home, I will tell what happened to ishani, she will just be shocked and maybe will help me to know what happened to boss. (Guys here ishani and Angre are best friends)Author:When vansh finished saying his favorite sentence, he left from there. And Angre and his bodyguards followed him. When he left, riddhima was happy that he left him speechless but was also sad because that handsome boy was rude.Riddhima (POV):He was handsome but rude. Wish he were a little sweet.Oof riddhima, you keep forgetting you have a boyfriend. I was about to turn, so that I can continue my work, but then I saw the pic of vansh sir. And I was the one shocked. Now I understood why he was talking like the owner, because he was the owner. Stupid of me, I was flaunting that I spoke to the owner, when I was just telling the owner if ever sejal founds about it then she will kill me as I ruined her reputation. I just hope that he does not complain about me. Bappa, please help.Author:As the party continued, the dancers came to entertain everyone there. They were dancing in front of where vansh was sitting and he was just observing the person behind the dancers.Vansh (POV):I do not know why but I just cannot keep myself from looking at her. She is damn hot. I am just waiting for us to go home after that. I will ask Angre to find all about her then I can be sure whether I can be free to think what I am thinking or I just have to be the vansh raisinghania everyone knows.I was looking at her but I think one of the dancers thought I was looking at her as she came and started to dance while touching me. I think she is just crazy, to think that I am interested in her. I was so irritated, but I was just worried about what that pretty girl would be thinking about me. I did not want her to think that I am pervert. I was just about to push her but Mr. Chang and we went. LRiddhima (POV):When of the dancers was touching him, I was just pissed off. I never felt like that, when it was about Kabir, but now I do not why it is hurting me. But I think I should just ignore that fact and go. I have to finish fast as Kabir may be waiting for me.Both riddhima and vansh went to do their respective work. As riddhima had finished before she decided to go to the hostel and take rest. When she arrived there, she saw sejal and told her about everything. How she felt, when she saw him, how she fought with him. At first sejal was angry but after listening to how riddhima was feeling about him. She knew that she fell for him but decided not tell her anything. She already knew that Kabir was not meant for her. And for the first time she was hoping that might destiny do something that will make them separate so that her bestie can start her new life with vansh.Hope you loved it. Do comment how it isBig love. Stay safe and healthy. Let us meet soon for another part.

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