Riansh-love between police officers episode 29- marriage proposal

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According to everyone today is riansh’s anniversary! I don’t if it’s or not but wishing riansh a very happy anniversary 😍😍😍!Guys in last chapter there was a mistake..it was he knows about my parents instead of lare te 😔😔! I will kill this autocorrect 🔪🔪! In this line:Riddhima: vansh your sweetheart needs you! Please save me! This Kabir tortures me daily. He knows about my lare te but don’t lets me meet them. Vansh your sweetheart is alive. Please save me(crying)The episode starts with:Riddhima’s face was pale and she was looking very weak. She moved out of the room and saw Kabir sitting on couch in living room.Kabir: go and wash the dishes.Riddhima nodded and left. She goes to the kitchen and started washing the dishes. Her mind was fully occupied by vansh. Kabir came.Kabir(angry): this is how you wash them!!He throws away the dishes on the floor.Kabir: wash it again! And correctly (anger)Riddhima was in tears. She washed the dishes again.Riddhima : I have washed them.Kabir: ok now go and start cooking.Riddhima goes.At VR mansion:Vansh comes back from his duty. He goes to a secret room. It was all covered by Riddhima photos. Some solo and some with him. He caressed her photographs.Vansh: why do my heart says you are alive!! I did your last rites myself but still my heart can’t believe that you are not with me(crying)He kisses her photo.Vansh: Riddhima please come back if possible! I need you! Your vansh needs you!Yeh dil tanha kyun rahe
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiyein
Kyun rooh meri yeh sahe
Main adhoora jee raha hun
Hardam yeh keh raha hun
Mujhe teri Zaroorat hai Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
Mujhe teri zarurat hai..
Yeh dil tanha kyun rahe
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiyeinYeh dil tanha kyun rahe
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiyein
Kyun rooh meri yeh sahe
Main adhoora jee raha hun Hardam yeh keh raha hun
Mujhe teri zarurat hai..
Mujhe teri zaroorat haiAndheron se tha mera rishta bada
Toone hi ujaalon se waakif kiya
Ab lauta main hoon
In andheron mein phir
To paya khud ko beghana yahan
Tanhaayi bhi mujhse khafa ho gayi
Banjron ne bhi thukra diyaMain adhoora jee raha hun
Khud par hi ek saza hoon
Mujhe teri zarurat hai
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai(Another best song from ek villain movie🥺❤️)Riddhima makes the food and serves to Kabir. Kabir takes a bite and spits the food.Kabir: don’t you know to cook food! (Anger)Riddhima: it was good..I tasted it!Kabir: now you will answer me back.He keeps his shoe on her bare feet. He starts rubbing his shoe on her feet. She shouts in pain. He leaves.Riddhima: I cant believe how can I become  so helpless!! That bold Riddhima has now become so helpless! (Crying)At VR mansion:Dadi goes to vansh’s room.Dadi: vansh!Vansh: yes dadi! Come.They both sit on the bed.Dadi: vansh I know no one can take Riddhima’s place in your heart but you can’t live like this! You have to marry someone.Vansh(anger): dadi I will not die if I don’t Marry! I am not going to marry anyone.Dadi: vansh please! I can’t see you suffering like this. You need someone to console you. A life partner.Vansh gets up in anger.Dadi: vansh me and uma have already chosen a girl for you. That inspector in your police station aarushi(down the memory line back to episode 10😂). She is a nice girl.Vansh: dadi she is just my junior inspector! I can’t marry her.Dadi: no vansh I will not listen to you now. Already 1 year has passed.Dadi leaves.Vansh: I couldn’t marry anyone except you Riddhima. I promise I will stop this marriage. You only deserve to be my wife no one else!Precap: vansh weds aarushi.Hope you like it. Shaadi mein zaroor aana bina chappal tamatar joota ke🙃🙃😂.

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