#Riansh #Immj2 An unexpected accident giving new life (Part 9)

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So I think all could get the recap To your kind information if I will give you recap then the story to be would be small so no recap from now on and it’s your choice So dear we came till the accident by planned plan like accident and main person who suffered is Ridhu. And Kabir is not the destructive mastermind to know will be uploaded in this chapter. Sorry for being late. Two persons conversation: Bro our work done now we should take the power from them. Poor family they don’t know whom we are and what’s our motive. We should not hurry but be like fox cunningly controlling them with emotions. What to say they are all dump they have are not proud and selfless people but they are not allowed in our world and we would access what we want‎By hook or By crook Maniac laughter covering the atmosphere with darkness around them . Yes they are the mastermind behind this. But seriously bro how much saviors for them not at all fine. Don’t you think that they need some relaxation bro. Chill bro and they shared a tight hug with an evil 😏 smirk.There was a thud sound somewhere near but not there There was a lady and a man tied to the chair and lady’s head was bandaged and the man no guesses.Back to the bro’sHmmm, poor one of they had a change of mind when they had time it would be better. Oh bro but we are not that bad we didn’t molested her and never do we but we do mental torture and small physical torture na. We are the best abductors bro. So who are them?Are they Ridhu and Vansh? Why and who are they? Do you think what’s their motive.‍I don’t know if would be regular so take care

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