#Riansh #Immj2 An unexpected accident giving new life (Part 3)

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Dear readers if this update is not long it’s because I am rewriting it. So sorry.Now recap It shows Sejal driving and Ridhu feeling awkward.So our episode starts from here. Our Ridhu will die or not. Will the FF will be long or short journey. So make your minds up. We are entering to the car Rid and Sejs is going . So here we goSej ‘s Point Of ViewI am feeling super awkward and feeling to not leave Rid here and go with her wherever she goes. I don’t want to lose her . My bestie who have chosen me from the whole class and that too an royal member.Ridhimma’s Point Of SituationI am feeling very awkward . Why do I feel like something wrong or something coming to my way. I want to go to my Granny as soon as possible I want to see her.My throat is getting squished and my eyes are swelling up by control of my tears. How can I sleep. I am not getting it from days.Seju’s phone started ringing and she put the phone on line and parked the car at side.Seju’s Point Of SituationI took the call and parked the car safely and the the person other side told me that there was a big mishap and I should go there as soon as possible and if not then the carrier of mine will be doomed into never regaining the success and it would cause red mark on her career and no one would make me eligible to perform againRidhu’s Point Of ViewWhy am I feeling so much anxious for the call. As if it is not a call and Seju’s face also carried deep pain and fear every moment now.Seju Point Of ViewI want to go very urgent but why do I feel so much awkward and feeling our friendship need more time. God don’t take Rid away from.Seju: Rid it is an urgent issue. I need to be there at the very moment. So will you wait or drive yourself as the things are  not going well at allRid : Seju when Ridhimma is here nothing to fear and no worries no fear. I would drive myself.( Me , I know this my emotional fool Ridhu would give others no problem and take all burdens all to herself).Seju: Hold your seat tightly the 10 min travel would be minimised to 5 min drive so sorry but have to do.Ridhimma: You drive harshly I would be okay. She drove harshly and Ridhu’s head was spinning and her body was paining vigorously.Sej : Okay Bye Ridz . Sorry but I would drive you back. Please give me a call.Rid : Yes surely I would.( Me, I know you would do this only and you are stubborn but cute and you would make troubles trouble you a lot. Miss fortune comes along and Miss Ridhhima Malhotra give a feast and ask to join her every span of life. She is queen the Mother Teresa )So I had did a big update but it was fated that my time would double and your time would be utilised.  I did not wanted to give you small update but happened . Sorry. Take care. Pray for me.  Let’s see if like in my dream will I die (Ridz) or not. Will they unite and whose seperation was listed down . Let’s see what future holds however the life will change with unexpected accident. Okay for Today till publishement of this next chapter link will forwarded to the last reply and it would go beyond 2 at noon.

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