#Riansh #Immj2 An unexpected accident giving new life (Part 11)

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‌So guys second part . Which way is the FF is going on and who are they(? Actually I am only moulding it )Actually ongoing writing will make me clear and doctor seriously I am serious but my mind always change the plot and don’t believe any interpretation as this was going to end by memory loss and Riansh wedding and am suprised what did I do. Don’t be jealous of my self admiration 😂😂So let’s go to POV and it will take time as I should read it ones morVansh Point Of ViI told them I will take her home. I hope that Angre won’t blabber anything as I really forgot what I was saying. Oh will this Angre get jealous as he is my bestie cum bodyguard he doesn’t like anyone other getting more attention and I have said something bitter I guess. Oh my what did this accident did – Yea offcourse it made me meet a girl and she is very innocent and God will you give me her please don’t let her parents take her. I really hope she would be an orphan but however she was just true copy of the girl who comes to my dream. It was blur Eventhough she was same and I got comfort and peaceful sleepSo guys happy na it was not Ridhi neither was the man vansh. How is it. Seriously I did not wanted it all this fast but.A sleeping structurIs that the hostagIs it RidhYes it’s RidOh thanks I did not no my mind didn’t allow it to be our RidRidhu os now in a typical coma but she is seeing the boy who appeared in her dreams again on coma and she could here some murmuring .( Yes, it’s our Vansh Rai Singhania’s big thought bla-bla- bla). But that sound is give some peaNow hospital managementIt’s not the first time a lady also got this retreat and yes one man also. Oh if it is having any connection with them. We need to inform Mr. Vansh and it is only way out it’s not our carelessness and no time to waste as we know he is a big mafia plus he is trustee of the hospital and have all rights on it. Prepare every proof as he doesn’t give time so fast within 15 min a well performepresentation to the real fact should be presented by the head with out living a small point. It’s not reputation it’s your profession and your life which will be affected and he will withdraw everything .Now don’t look at my face as I am not going to do anything do fast and if anything happens to her then be sure to lose your life so the head security for mental asylum the most powerful security should secure them. Why are you looking don’t you get it you should here my point plus your work you are multiplayer who should do numerous things as in same timeRidhu famOh now we should be relaxing but neither did Ridhu nor did Sejal call. How did Seju beti didn’t call this is a place for suprise but something is very much aching. But however they won’t be hurted as they did not oppose anyone a s nowadays no one could oppose or take action against wrong(Guys literally I hate it. Hope you all too do the sameSeju PThe businesses of her party planning didn’t had any problems and ended niceKabir PNow everything was aligned in his lifeThe management were doing their best and the CCTV footage, eyewitness and details were magnified to it’s limit and was preparing the presentation with the head managing iOh what is this are you working or staring me, all the time I look you would be starting work it clearly shows that you all are staring me.It clearly shows that you are not working. Don’t stare me like this am married and don’t think about testing me. I am good husband don’t you dare or my wife would end both of our life. Why aren’t you understanding I love my life and don’t snatch it from me. Don’t panick I explained the worse now back to worMeanwhile engaged couple was staring glances of each other without having knowledge of the situatiThe head Sruthi what ate you doing. She was walking towards her fiance to give paper and getting shocked she moved fastly and to no ones suprise adwait swiftly put his leg infront of running sweta and behold fall into the Sanskar as his name tells he stood up and backed her and she didn’t fall down neither made an awkward situation but a posture where the friend leans to other fro distance holding sholder. How was it. It was amazing for everyone but romantic cum composed to our FF couple swedanIt is my idea do try it but do precautions before hand.. I do prefer sibling as if my plan had flopped you would be rewarded for fighting with your siblings by beloved parents and do keep cusions of cotton to not hurt 🤕🤕. Don’t blame if any thing such happened to you. Better luck next timeDo you think Sanskar is such dump to leave adwait with out doing something. But he composed himself and they were doing with the presentation adwait excused for bathroom and Sanskar followed him and pinched his ear which was reciprocated by hissiIt is so much fun if you imagine. He said can’t you be quite and stop pulling her legs. It’s not first time that to in critical condition but it gave me some solace and before he could go on Adwait felt if his head is part apart and some stars 🤩🤩🤩 or something after a few seconds regained after spinningand gained the information that his to be bhabhi had beaten him.He started to run and run and it was watery their and head was on his way to look out the three persons who were being missing for a time and lo and behold our Adwait fall into our head who was out of mind for coming couple of time came back to stand and the most hilarious scene was that he got wet and he scolded Adwait what man what were you doing and am warning again be on your guards because you are trying to snatch my life which I won’t allow and Sweta was missing because at nick of time our Mr perfect Sanskar pulled her back and tip tied to the exit of bathroom and after safe far they broke into a irresistible laugh 😂😂. He deserves him and they ran from them but both bumped into assistant of head oops and she scolded them that what is this it is critical situation and you are laughing here it’s just not good and when she further moved was bumped into our Adwait and she was though shy didn’t express it. She scolded him but broke into laughter because head was fully wet because when they were sneaking out our Adwait was ready to run and was infront of the sir suddenly by feeling something passed through there made his spine chilled he hoped backward lo and behold our Adwait and Head is drenched and the reason why assistant got angry was because he half drenched her too. So guys tried to make it hilarious 😂😂. How was it and don’t think everything is right read POV ones more and inform of you found out and who are they and if hostage aren’t Riansh who on earth. If you feel confused keep on comment section and no answer but replies could be afforded by me. Take care for sure happy April fool plus my birthday gratitude.

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