Riansh FF (IMMJ2) The Mafia’s Cute Sweet heart Episode 6

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The Time is 12:00 am as everyone left for picnic vansh made arrangements to celebrate and enjoy with riddima he made candle light dinner and decorated the hale with fairy lights and many more than vansh has gone to riddima who is cooking in the kitchen and by now , riddima is making parathas for lunch and then vansh came from back and kept his head on her shoulder and holded her hands which are rolling and preparing the parathas and then he started doing cooking together in every stepRiddima : vansh why you came , you just go as lunch is almost done and I will serve youVansh : no sweetheart I will help youRiddima : vansh just leaveVansh : ok I will leave but come fast aaRiddima : ok pati dev ji (ok mister husband)Vansh smiled and left and even riddima smiled for his care towards herLater , riddima after completing making lunch went to their room and then she saw vansh ,Vansh : so you came thank God , and ya here you go , you have to where this dress right now , come fastBefore riddima could speak he leftLater , riddima wore the dress which is gifted by vanshVansh came into the room after knocking so many times and when he is looking for her in the room she opened one of a door in the room and for that sound he turned his left to see her in the dress he gifted her she is coming forward while his heartbeats are highing up and then riddima came to himRiddima :(small and sweet voice) ready hu mein (I am ready)Vansh : (pride and loud and sharp voice ) : Mrs Vansh Raisinghania , You are looking Drop Dead GorgeousRiddima smiled a little and they had their lunch and vansh has asked her hand for a dance , she accepted and they are dancing , in the process vansh is unknowingly smiling but he don’t know why ?? And riddima was just silent and at that moment , the unknown enemy entered the house with a long sized rifle and he kept the gunpoint at rianshUnknown : the countdown starts now 10 , 9 , 8 , 7 ,At the same time when both are dancing riddima farm in his arms and he was staring at her and suddenly riddima’s gaze fallen on the unknown shooter but she doesn’t see the face of the person and then , she saw the person pointing the gun at vansh and his countdown ended and he shooted the bullet at the same timeRiddima : (loudly) vanshhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!She at that second came out of his arms and she protected him standed by him as a shield and she took the bullet by herself and she fallen in his arms this time vansh is just shocked as she saved him and she kept her life at stake , than him nothing more for her at that riddima murmured vansh name and she is left unconscious vansh tapped her cheeks but she doesn’t wake up he took her in his arms and he has taken her in to their bedroom he called angre later , at evening everyone came back and learned this news and they are worried for riddima very muchVansh is waiting at the entrance of the room where riddima is taking treatment he is worried soo much as his life is going away
Siya came to him and stood in front of him and saidSiya : bhai don’t worry your riddima will be fine and I am her best friend I know how she us very brave I know that she will be okayIshani : yes bhai don’t worry everything will be fine and riddima gets wellDadi : I will go and pray for god and vansh come with me as I think the god definitely will listen to a husband’s prayers towards hus wife please come , I know that you are atheist but your prayers will work come with me beta , lets goShe took him to the mandir where lord ganesha is present and asked him to take the blessings of god , pray for your wife and keep the sindoor on riddima’s forehead , she will definitely be okayVansh to god : god for the first time , I am praying for you for my riddima to be okay don’t keep her in the clutches of pain and death , don’t make her go away from me , if you wanna give any punishment give it to me not her , make her well and make her as the same riddima whom i want , whom i saw please god i request listen to my prayers please god pleaseHe done aarti with his hand to god and then he took sindoor to apply it to riddima , ge gas gone to her and by seeing her in that state vansh’s eyes got teary , he cant bear when she is in pain , he kept the sindoor on her forehead and prayed for her , at that moment her health state got normal as a miracle , but it was a magic of love , it indicates how vansh truly loves riddima and true love always wins , the doctor came checked on her and said the state is normal and left from there giving some medicines for riddima till she cures downRiddima got consciousness and everyone thanked god Later , vansh took riddima in his arms and made her drink some water Later , he left to freshen himself when he is talking the shower he is left in some thoughtsVansh to himself : what happened to you vansh , you are an athiest , you doesn’t believe in god , but you done aarti to him , why , when you saw riddima in that state you got teary and sad , why , why , why , why , i cant understand what are these feelings called , for the first time , i am unable to get answers for my questionsHe came out of his thoughts and wore a white tuxedo and left for his work but , while working also he is in the thoughts of riddima that , is she ok , is any thing happened to her , did she ate some thing , or slept with empty stomach , with this thoughts he is unable to conectarte on his work at the same time angre and rishi came to him a d tapped his back to make him come out of his thoughtsAngre : what happened why are you stressedRishi : yes is anything disturbing youVansh : nothing you both leave , I will come afterAngre & rishi : okayAnd they left from there later , vansh too left from thereThe Next Morning ,Vansh waked up and took a shower at that moment , Riddima is getting ready and she is unable keep her nuptial chain or vermilion when she kept the nuptial chain on her neck , she is unable to attach it , at that moment vansh came from back , he took her hair front and he is keeping the nuptial chainRiddima : van……….(before she could say anything )Vansh : shhhhhhhhh let me keep itRiddima agreed for his words and left silent at that moment , when vansh completed keeping the nuptial chain they had an eye lock seeing each other in the mirror and
ISHQ MEIN MARJAWAN PLAYS , there eyelock has interuppted and at that time vansh made riddima turn his side and he kept the sindoor on her forehead and he made her take tabletsVansh : riddima why you took the bulletDadi , siya & ishani : then why you prayed for riddima ??Vansh and riddima turned back to see who it is and thenRiddima : what ?? Vansh prayed for me , but he is an atheist knowIshani : of course he is an athiest but he can’t see you in painSia : yes he can’t see his riddima in painDadi : riddima he prayed for you and fir your life with whole heart and his prayers are listened by god and I know that love definitely winsRiddima looked at him in a thankful wayRiddima : thank you vansh for praying for my well-being you are the greatest best friend in the whole worldSiya : hold on hold on you are wrong riddima, he is the greatest husband in the worldVansh : will you guys stop it and leave from here
They leftRiddima : meri pyaari pati parameshwar shant hoo jaayi ye (my sweet and lovely husband cool , calm your self )Vansh smiled for her words and saud bye to her and left for his workBut two eyes are watching them with evil eyes and the person had a evil smile and the person left from there and took out his hoodiePrecap :
Unknown man : I will not leave you , now I have known your weakness I will kill your wife and then that pain kills youGuys today I posted a long update and yah here are your questions :1. who is that unknown man
2. Is he an old or new enemy
3. Is he kabir ??
4. What is the reason behind his enmityDo answer them in comment section and yah today my target is 25 comments so please comment your viewsWith loads of love
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