Riansh FF (IMMJ2) I am dying in your love – Episode 22

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At the Hospital :Riddima : is he okayNurse : yes mamRiddima : ok once I will check and comeRiddima went to his room and found him sleeping but from his eyes tears are rolling down heavily and suddenly he woke up riddima thought what she could do to escape from himVansh : riddima……….I missed you but you came to me in my dreamsRiddima (thinking) : hey bagwaan , he is thinking it’s a dream , but okay now I can do what I want (to V) : haa darling if I am not with you in reality , I will be with you in your dreams as an illusion .Vansh : sweetheartRiddima : yah tell do you want something ??Vansh : yes (naughty smirk )Riddima : why you are naughtily smiling and smirking are you going to ask me………..
……….No no no , I will leave now take careVansh (holding her hand ) : pl don’t leave me sweetheart , I missed you and is scared that , vihaan can harm youRiddima (irritated) : oyy pl dont talk about him okVansh : why ? What was the reason , did anything happened in my absenceRiddima : vansh nothing happened and when Mrs Vansh Raisinghania is here why fearVansh smilesVansh : so my k**sRiddima : shut up vansh is this the time to kiss when you are in this stateVansh : oh come on riddima I am completely alright okRiddima : thank God you are out of dangerVansh : so my k**sRiddima : when you will come back home , I will give it to youVansh : then why you came into my dream ?? When you will give me the kiss in realityRiddima : oyy idiot , dimaak kharab hai kya
(Eyy idiot , is your mind damaged ) you are in reality only , first pinch your self and sayVansh pinches himself and gets shockedVansh : so you are here really ??Riddima nodsVansh hugs her and kisses her foreheadVansh : I missed youRiddima : I missed you tooVansh : then why you doesn’t say me at first that it was not a dreamRiddima : I wanted to play with youVansh : seriously , you will play with VR , hmm you can as even vihaan played with meRiddima : come on vansh he backstabbed you and who can’t come in front strong people , will always follow this way onlyVansh : and my kissRiddima : vansh……………………..Vansh : ok but say me one thing what is vihaan doing nowRiddima : let me ask angre bhai and abhi bhaiVansh : even they knew his truthRiddima : they only knew not everyone in the family , don’t worry as I am with youAt the same time abhi and angre comeAbhi & angre : vanshhh……..They hug himRiddima : so you all forget meAbhi : no riddu how we can forget youThey all have a group hugriddima : guys are you guys ready to execute the final step in our planAbhi & angre : yeah we are ready and ya even step 3 is ready to executeRiddima : goodVansh : which planAngre : we will say it to you laterAbhi : now taje restRiddima going from the room give him a flying kiss and leavesAt VR mansionRiddima : bhai so now execute the 3rd step and come fastAngre : 70% is done in the step 3 dont worry ridduAbhi : yeah , my work is doneFB showsRiddima : guys our last and final step , step 3 is to bring police and caught him red handedAngre : but how to caught him red handedRiddima : so what I prepared a plan , you all know right when we are drunk we will be semi – conscious and at this state everyone will say the truth only am I right ? Or am I not right ??Abhi : you are right and ya I will give him best brand of alcohol to make him sayRiddima : good and our mission will be completed too*FB ends *Precap : he is arrested and vansh returns back home

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