Riansh FF (IMMJ2) I am dying in your love – Episode 21

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Yeah so at Next day Morning she gets a call from hospital and she rushes to the patient as the person is criticalAfter seeing him she is completely shockedRiddima : Dr Anand , is he the person you said to me on phoneDr Anand : yes actually , agarwals hospital found him and then they treated him but he doesn’t came out of coma till now soo they sended him to us as we are the no 1 hospital in mumbaiRiddima : ok so we will treat him and ya take him to the roomNurse : ok mamAs she is shocked bcoz as you all thought , he is vansh and he went into coma when he fallen off the cliffRiddima : I am happy at the same time sad too that you are found to me in this stateRiddima then informs this news to abhi and angreAngre : what ??? Thank God he got saved and don’t worry riddu everything will be fineAbhi : yes as you are a best doctor and your prayers can cure himAnd then the next day he get consciousness when he get consciousness he is murmuring riddima’s name as he knew about vihaan and that he could harm herNurse : sir don’t worry you will go home but after few daysIn VR mansionVihaan is drinking alcohol and aas sayingVihaan : riddima , I will not leave you , I will end your life go to heaven where your husband is presentAnd then riddima came with angre and abhi to execute step 2 in her planRiddima : so now tell me Mr Vihaan Talaiviya
Who are you why you did all this , guys do you think he willAbhi : yes as I mixed the truth serum in itFB showsRiddima : guys we should take step 2 in our planAbhi & angre : but whatRiddima : come on you all forgot it’s to mix the truth serum to make him say the whole truth as our step 1 completed and when vansh will come back recovered everything in the house should be fine and all business and properties should be okayAbhi : don’t worry I will mix it in alcoholHe mixed the alcohol *FB ends*Riddima : yaar tell me fast vihaanVihaan says everything he did to vansh and even some other crimes and thenRiddima : guys now keep the recording safely and ya don’t keep it as one take some copies of it okAngre : ok riddu we will be backThey left and riddima made vihaan sleep as he will not have any idea what happened and will not doubt on herEvening 4:00pmVihaan (waking up) : what happened why have I sleptRiddima : you slept bcoz of over drinking see how the bottle got emptyPrecap : riddima : guys are you guys ready to execute the final step in our planAbhi & angre : yeah we are ready and ya even step 3 is ready to executeRiddima : goodGuys today’s questions
1. What could be the step 3
2. Will they succeed in their plan
3. Or any new twist will come

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