Riansh : Déja Vu (completed)

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Hey guys, This is the completed version of this SS, I posted it here too as I  want to know your pov about it, I hope you like it;Chapter 1: Happy FamilyAuthor’s povA woman came to a man who is wearing his shoes fastly and kept her hands on her waist, He smiled at her.Man: Good morning, JaanWom: Again, you forgot about our family outing, right?Man(kissing on her forehead): Just this time, forgive me, I promise We’ll go on Saturday.Wom(pouting): Not fair, I was waiting for it all week, Kabir.Kabir veer Sharma: Family man, a CBI agent, Although the danger he faces every day in his work, He never fails to bring a smile to his family’s face.K: Jaan, Pakka, the last time.Wom: You better fulfill your promise or else I will kick you out of the house.K: Kyaa Baat Hai, Mrs.Riddhima Kabir Sharma, You are threatening your CBI agent aka husband. Not bad.Riddhima kabir sharma, Kabir’s wife, loves her daughter more than her life, Having some issues which will be revealed through the storyR: Of course, You can’t underestimate the power of your wifey, By the way, You are dead meat, because she won’t forgive you. You pacified me very well, but I will have fun watching you try with her.K(hitting his head): Oh no, She is so stubborn when she is upset. Please help Karo, Jaan.R(with attitude): Never, You did the mistake? (he nodded) You did break your promise? (he signaled “yes”) Then you’ll be the one who comforts her, that too without any help.k(pouted): Is this how you treat your friend aka husband? Not fair!R(laughing at his state): I never act fair, Now, Come, let’s see her. Our princess!She dragged him with her to a room that was painted pink and decorated with stickers all around it. They looked at the tiny figure who was sleeping peacefully.R(kissing her daughter’s forehead): Kavya baby, wake up.K(whined): mmm Mumma, Kavya is sleepySweet cute Kavya Kabir Sharma, So adorable child, loved and pampered by her parents. She is 5 years old, yet she is so mature at an early age.R: Kavya baby wake up it’s time to go to school.Riddhima pat her cheeks lovingly tried to wake her up but she turns her face in another direction and told her in sleep.Kav: Mumma five more minutes, please. moreover we don’t have schools today.R: That’s why I always ask you to sleep early baby, Now, Come on get up, even your daddy is here; Won’t you kiss him before he goes?Kav(closing her eyes): Daddy, goodbye, Love you!Her five years old daughter made a cute face which almost melted her if she didn’t know better Her dramebaaze daughter; Riddhima raised her eyebrow at Kabir signaling toward their daughter’s direction.R(whispered): 1 2 3 (exclaimed) NOWThey hold her tickling her while she jumped startled throwing her teddy bear away, then laughed crazily as Kabir holds her in his arms.Kav(laughing): hahahahaha daddy please, hahaha I can’t please. Daddy, Kavya is awake!K: OK princess, Now, fresh up & have your breakfast.Kav(frowned): Daddy, You said we’ll go today out, I will get ready.K(hesitated): Kavi baby, daddy has work today. we can’t go, But we’ll have fun together, and I will give my baby a special gift.
Kavya didn’t budge although she was excited and curious to know which surprise her daddy was talking about.
R(acting): kabir, challo, she is not interested in any gifts, I know my kavi very well, she won’t be persuaded. Give it to me, I will give it to Aakash her classmate.
K(eying her while hiding his smile): yes Riddhu, you are absolutely right.
Kav(shouted): Noooo.
R(innocently): no? I know what our Kavi is trying to say (Kavi smiled widely at her mother who continues) she wants you to give him 2 gifts, not just one.
Kav: no he is my daddy, not Aakash’s, and he’ll give me my gift.
Riddhima laughed at the possessive nature of her daughter then kissed her nose.
R: no longer angry with him?
Kav(kept her finger on her cheek as if thinking deeply): mm no Mumma, daddy, I forgive you.
She throws herself on him who caught her in a teddy bear hug.
Riddhima admired their bond and left them alone heading to the kitchen.
R’s pov
My life seems perfect, yet incomplete. Just like a puddle, I can’t tell what is wrong? And what’s missing here? Mixed feelings of joy & confusion. maybe because of the depression I went through after giving birth to Kavya.
Another place
A man came out from his Mercedes all the security guards take their position around him, he enters inside the multiplex building wearing his shades, everyone wished him good morning bowing their heads, and he ignored every one making his way inside his office room.He looked at his assistant who was standing shivering with fear of his boss’s mere presence.Man: Mr.Patel, Who is responsible for this loss? Who will Pay the price?Ass(shivering): So…sorry sirMan: Sorry? You’re going to be sorry for sure when you beg on roads for a penny. You’re fired!Ass(begged): No, I beg you, sir, Please don’t fire me. I will do as you say!Man: Aakhri mauka hai, I will give it to you, If you dare to repeat the same mistake, I will throw you out of here, Understood? Vansh Raisinghania doesn’t give many chances.Vansh Rai singhania :The guy who wants too many risks losing absolutely everything. Have a fire in his eyes, have no mercy in his heart for traitors, a Greek God with a deadly attitudeScary, if looks could kill then everyone he looked at would be dead serious but he can have a soft side for the people who he loved but he will hide it behind the mask of anger,
Continued on next page…You can love him, hate him, adore him but can never ignore him, he is the perfect example of perfection.Ass: Thank you, Thank you, sir!V: check the email, Let me know the reply of Mehra company.Ass(fast): ok sirHe hurried to his office and Vansh opened the drawer only to find a pic, He looked at it without emotions then place it back there again and resumed his work.The eveningVansh came back home from the office and found his mom waiting in front of the door worriedly.V: Mom, Why are you standing here? Go inside, I told you thousands of times to stop waiting for me.An: Beta, I was feeling anxious, It has been 3he cut her in between with blank expressions, acting indifferent to her words.V: I am going to my room, Goodnight.An: AT least, betaBut he was gone, She shakes her head at her son’s condition in helplessness.An(to herself): I wish if only someone comes to your life and teach you how to live again, beta, witnessing your state is breaking my heart.An(to the servants): Take VAnsh’s dinner to his room!The servants stood there trembling wishing if only they can run away from that situation and Anupriya sigh knowing very well the reason for their fear.An: Bring it to me, and I will give it to him.Delighted, They moved fast before their Mme change her mind, and they had to face his rage.Another placeKabir was so engrossed in murder cases that were happening for a few months, The common thing between victims is that they were clients of the same lawyer Rihaan Arora, However, he has a strong alibi during the murder time.K(puzzled): Rihaan Arora, My intuition tells me that you are behind all, but how?“The world needs courage and conscience that can penetrate into the darkest mysteries and secrets of the universe”Don’t judge the story from the start, and Do give us your pov. love you, sweethearts!Chapter 2: Where Am I?Author’s povA girl came and found Kabir so lost in thoughts writing notes, It was evident on his face that he was frustrated. She sighed as she understood the reason behind his anger.Gi: Kabir, come on yaar, You have become obsessed with this case. Try to focus on other cases too, we have plenty of them;K: No Ahaana, Didn’t you see how many people died because of that psycho killer?? 6 bodies were found.Ah: We don’t have anything against him, and we can’t catch him on the basis of doubt.K: No matter what it will take I will find it, We don’t know when we’ll find another victim, and he can be one from our friends or close ones. That’s why I am grabbing any chance that may help to prove that he murdered all these people.Ah: Then carry on, you will follow your stubbornness, no matter what I say, right?K(smiled): Right.Ah: How’s Riddhima and kavya doing?K: My lifelines both are fine, don’t worry about them.Ah: Is she still suffering nightmares?K(sigh): Yes, By the way, it reminds me of her appointment with the doc this week. I have to confirm it.Ah: Yes, I have something to be done too.Ahaana, Kabir’s partner, and his best friend, an Independent strong girl, who loves her job and has full dedication when it comes to her duties.Kabir received a call from Riddhima who was asking him whether he will come or not.k: Hello, I am sorry, don’t wait for me, because I am so occupied by a case, I won’t be able to make it. Take care of yourself and kavu, Goodnight.R: Best of luck, Goodnight.K: Riddhima, After 2 days, you have an appointment, don’t forget it.R: You won’t go with me?K: Jaan, what is this question? I am just reminding you so that you will be emotionally ready, Because I know it’s hard for you.R: Thank you, Kabir, I appreciate having your support.K: Come on, Jaan, I am not only your husband, your best friend too. so it’s my right and duty at the same time.R: Emm Mr.Sweet agent, If you are going to be this sweet, who will arrest the criminals?K: Wifey, don’t underestimate your husband, They see another version of me.R: scarry! Now carry on your work, All the best.K: Goodnight jaan.Vansh’s houseHe crossed the door of his room and opened the cupboard, his eyes were red due to the pain. He holds something near his heart.V(sadly): why did you leave me? This life without you is colourless & meaningless, days are the same. come back to me please, sweetheart. You have promised to stay with me. Why did you break your promise?He heard knocks on his door, and wiped tears off his face and put back the facade of the cold man again. He opened the door revealing his mother with dinner;V(cold): I am not hungry mom, Can you take it back with you? Because I am not going to have it?An(angrily): Vansh !! You are neglecting your health, and it may affect your health. It became your habit of skipping your meals, staying up late, and overwork, What is that? A slow suicide? do you want to kill yourself slowly?V(sigh in defeat): This conversation is about the dinner, right? so it will reach its end if I have it? (his mom nodded) perfect, then I will eat it. can you please now go and sleep?An: but VanshV: Mom !!An(exhaled): Fine, I am going, but don’t forget to have your dinner as you promised.V: sure.she turned to go but her eyes caught something which was hiding behind his back, and she eyed him.An: Vansh, Is this what I think it is?V(perplexed): What do you mean?An: it’s her pic?V(in rage): Don’t go there, If you say another word, I will leave the house now.She was taken aback with his reaction although she knows the vulnerability of this topic to him.An(sadly): Ok you managed to shut me up, I hope you are feeling better now, I am going, goodnight.His mom left and he closed the first drawer of the box and opened the second one revealing diamonds of the last deal.V: Here, no one can reach it.His phone rang all of sudden, the caller was Angrey his most trust-worthy man and his right hand,He answered the call.V: Yes Angrey, Did you do what I asked you to do?Ang: I did as you say, He is in our custody, He dared to stand against Vansh Raisinghania, How May I let him go? But Boss, what should I do next?V: I want you to extract the full information from him and then (paused while smirking) I am sure you know what you ought to do.Ang: Yes, Boss, I will not leave any traces behind me.V: Great, ANyway, vansh apney khilaf koi saboot ni chod ta, So how will I this time? Great job Angrey.Angrey thanked him and disconnected the call while Vansh returns back the box to his cupboard.Days afterKabir arrived at the house and helped Riddhima to get everything ready to shift to the other city, The house was old but the design was royal, she inherited it from her family. They arrived there with her holding asleep Kavya in her arms. He took the suitcases and opened the door for her to enter it. Riddhima started coughing, and he patted her back.R(non-stop coughing): there’s so much dust here. We can bear it but Kavu baby can’t. Look I am going to clean a room for her till then just stay with her in the car ok?K: I don’t want to let you do all the work alone.R: are baba please stay with her, I am going to handle it.K(sigh): Ok as you wish, Don’t exhaust yourself.(holding Kavya) The keys are inside my pocket, Take it.She took it and tried to give it back to him but he signaled her toward “kavya”.K: Just keep it with you, We are going to wait here.Riddhima stood in the middle of the house confused about which room should she start.R(talking to herself): Now, Which Room will be perfect for kavya? emmm, not a big room because she got scared easily, and the sunlight should definitely enter it to keep it healthier for my baby.She passed room by room as she has never seen this house before, till she found the perfect chamber for Kavya.R(to herself): Now, I have to look for cleaning requirements to start.She looked for it everywhere and then she accidentally hit a book which was kept on the bookshelf and was amazed to see a door opening. She accessed it and descended the stairs to the basement. Everything was natural except for one thing a strange light attracts her and made her come closer only to faint the very next moment.Outside the houseOn the other hand, Kabir looked at his cute daughter while stretching lazily and then asking him.Kav: Daddy, where’s mommy?K(confused): It has been an hour since she went inside the house and didn’t come back yet !! (to kavya) Baby, come let’s see your mommy.K(going inside): Riddhimaa?? !! Where are you???? You are late jaan !!But he heard only the silence as an answer.Another placeA girl noticed someone beside her house, she went closer only to find her a girl who is apparently unconscious.G1: Hey listen, Are you fine? Open your eyes. (she slapped slightly her cheek to get her back to her senses and it worked, as she moved to open her eyes) Are you okay?G2: I am fine, (noticing her surroundings) How did I come here?G1: I should be asking you this question, but first Who are you?G2: I am Riddhima, Riddhima Kabir Sharma.G1(smiling): Nice to meet you Riddhima,R(panicked): Who brought me here? My husband and daughter will be waiting for me at home. I have to go back.G2: Relax, Look, you don’t seem ready to go, You can stay in my house.R: who are you?G2(sweet smile): I am Sia Raisinghania, And this house is ours. (pointing toward the mansion)Riddhima turned her gaze to her surroundings only to get shocked.R(eyes out of stalks): when they did remove the hospital and built this mansion?Chapter 3: Riddhima & Vansh’s meeting
S: ARe you sure you’re fine?R: First answer me, when they built it?S: Miss, Did you hit your head somewhere? It has always been here, I grow up in this mansion.R: Oh no, You’re confused and trying to confuse me too. Global Health Hospital was here, And I am sure !! Hell, I have visited it two days back!S: Come with me, I will erase your misunderstanding.Riddhima followed her doubtfully and Sia disappeared for few minutes. Then she came back again with Album in her hands.S: Look at those photos, They were captured more than twenty years back. see the date.Riddhima eyed the photos in disbelief: How can this possible? I can’t get anything! And the important question is how did I reach here? I was at my house with my husband and daughter.Continued on next page…
S: Riddhima, I am seriously thinking that you’re not fine! I think I should take you to the doctor, Your memory is blurry. I found you near our mansion, Exactly in the backyard.R( MAssaging her face): No no nooo !! Something is off here ! not only off but also odd. (she thinks for few seconds) My PHone !! Yes!I will call my husband on the phone.S: ButRiddhima didn’t listen to what Sia was saying and ran to the place where she was unconscious.R: It has to be here !! where is it?She sat on her knees and started looking for it crazily because of fear & confusion only to find her mouth cupped from behind the very next moment with a strong voice: Who’re you? and what are you doing in my backyard? Did you come here to steal?R: mmmmmmmmVoi: Trying to shout? If you dare to shout, I will cut your tongue and throw it to the animals. I will remove my hand now, Remember VAnsh Raisinghania doesn’t back off his rules, Got it?R: mmmmmmmV: great.He removed his hand and slowly pushed her shoulder so that she turned only to come face to face with him and His eyes popped out of sockets.V: youuuu???R(shouted): How dare you misbehave with me and threaten me? I will file a case against you !! And who said I am here to steal? I don’t care about your identity Mr.wHoever you are, Stay within your limits !I dropped my phone h(She was taken by surprise as he hugged her )V: Sweetheart, You’re really here? You came for me !! I knew that you can’t leave me !! I was sure .R(gathering all the power she has, She pushed him and looked at him with a disgusted look): I am a married woman but you dared to lay your hand on me! You’re so cheap !! and you know what? let me find my phone, Then I will let my husband himself teach you a lesson!S: Bhai, What did you do? Riddhima why are you angry?R: Bhai?V: Riddhima?Anupriya heard the loud voices and came out too: Vansh! Sia !! What is happening here? ANd who is shouting? She said looking curiously at Riddhima’s back who turned to her angrily.R: Aunt, Instead of asking who is shouting? I think you should ask this man whatever was his relation with you, What did he do to make me shout?Riddhima said furiously expecting a reaction from her, But she found just wide eyes, dropped jaw, and weird staring from her side.R: where did I come? Did they turn the hospital into a mental asylum? (she said something black in a corner) My phone !! (she ran and took it in her hand) No network !! what the hell is that ??S: Riddhima, calm down !!Vansh woke up from his shock along with Anupriya who transferred her gaze from Riddhima to him.An: Riddhima?V: I don’t understand !!R(didn’t give a damn about them): I have to go to my house!!V(to himself): Stop it, Vansh! What are you doing? It’s not what you think!. (He clutched his fists, then to her) How did you reach here? Sia, What was she saying?S: Bhai, I found her here unconscious, She was insisting that instead of our mansion, It was a hospital here.V(weirdly): And?S: I don’t know she is so sure about it, I doubt that she hit her head somewhere.R(snapped at her): I didn’t hit my head !! I was at my house, In the basement, I saw something then when I came closer I lost conscience. But it didn’t mean I lost my mind ok !!!V: Fine!! I’ll check with you the address of your house! Let’s go.R: Ok thank you!He gestured her to move toward the car and bid bye to his mom who didn’t get out of her state of jolt yet.S(looking at her mom): Mom, why are you so stunned as if you saw a ghost?An: NothingS: Come on, mom! I am your daughter, You can’t be lying to me and expecting me not to realize it.An: You remember the girl Vansh was in love with?S: Yes! I was abroad for my studies during that time, but yes I can remember.An: come, I’ll show you!She walked inside his room and took out a pic from his cupboard.An: Here she is, The one with whom he was in love.S: WHAAATTTT?????But sheAn: Left him !!Another placeK(going inside): Riddhimaa?? !! Where are you???? You are late Jaan !!But he heard only the silence as an answer, He started feeling tensed and ran to each room to find her but in vain !!K: RIDDHIMMMAAA ???Kav: Pappa I am scared.He hugged her : No, Baby, You’re my strong Kavi, and your papa is with you, We’ll find mumma, She must have gone to bring something for you.Kav(Happily): Really Papa?K: Yes, BABY, Just let me call your aunt to come.He called Ahaana: Come immediately to this address, (whispered) Riddhima disappeared, I doubt that maybe she was kidnapped.Ah(Thunderstruck): WHat?K: I don’t have time for this, Kavi is listening, Come immediately.Ah: Got it. I am coming.Riddhima gave Vansh the address and he was driving to it silently without argument, He didn’t say a word during the journey.V: Here we are! There’s your so-called house, Now, Go and find yourself a place.R(in shock): cemetery???V: Yeah!Apparently, Your house! Miss. dead !!R: where’s my house? What is happening here? where has everything gone? My family? Kavya! !!! Noooo!She fell on her knees cryingly and He sighs.V(to himself): I can’t see her like that !! (he went closer to her) Riddhima! Listen I will try to find them, Give me the name! And I will find it, I promise!R(cryingly with red nose): Why would you do that?She said it so cutely that he found himself obliged to ogle at her.V: Because you need help!R: Pakka you’ll help me?V: Yes, Pakka, But for the time being, Let’s go back to my house, You can stay there till I find out. What is your husband’s name?R: Kabir ! Kabir veer sharma !V: Do you have any pics?R(exclaimed): Haa, I have it on my phone! Where is it?V: I think you forgot it at my house! No problems, Let’s wait till we reach there.(to himself) I think it’s not a coincidence. It’s a sign!The door’s bell was ringing non-stop till Kabir opened it revealing Ahaana who wasted no time to go inside running.Ah: where’s kavya?K: SHe fell asleep again after I convinced her that her mom is bringing a gift for her.AH: Kabir, Let’s take her to my house, There, my mom can take care of her till we searched for Riddhima.K: I just hope that she is fine !!Ah(hesitated): did you sleep while you were in the car?K: WHAT?? Why would you say that?Ah: Mmm It’s possible that you slept and someone came and took her without your notice.K: AHaana, Noo !! I wasn’t sleeping, I was wide awake.Ah: Kabir, You didn’t sleep for days! Sometimes you doze off after staying up late for many days, and you think that you dozed off just for seconds but in reality it’s minutes. and within minutes, Many things can happen.K: Don’t get me angry, Ahaana, I did not sleep! My full concentration was on the door waiting for her to come and tell us to go inside. I am stupid I shouldn’t have let her go alone there.Ah: Whom you think behind it? Today is Tuesday, right?K: Yes, I have someone in my mind, Let’s go !!He sat in the car with Ahaana while they drove to her place and handed Kavya to her mother then headed toward the suspect’s house.Kabir was recalling the last time he saw him, Rihaan Arora!Fb startsA body was found again, Each Tuesday, someone disappeared and the other day, They find their corpse. The only connection is that they all know Rihan Arora somehow !! Therefore Kabir went to his house with Ahaana to investigate. Rihaan Opened the door.R(Raised his eyebrow): Yes, Mr.Kabir?Ah: Sorry to disturb you, Mr.Arora, But we have few questions to ask.He looked at them both attentively then distanced himself from the door to let them enter.R(pointing toward the sofa): Please, Sit.K: We’re ok!Rihaan smirked and he continued: On the 11 h of this month at 7 Oclock, where were you?R: At Home.K: Anyone who can prove that? witnesses?R: I live alone as you see.K: watchman, maid, or neighbor??R: excuse me? Am I being accused here?K: 6 people died, All of them know you!R: So what? I don’t get the point, Are you now suspecting me to be the one behind it?K: I am sorry, Mr.Rihaan, I am just doing my job, we have to check each clue that can lead us to the psycho killer, He must have been abused during his childhood So that he is trying to show his superiority over the others by mercilessly killing them.R: I am afraid your time is finished, I have something to do, and yes, No watchman, Maids or neighbors saw me, However, the camera of the shop nearby captured me I guess.K: Then we’ll check the footage.Thank you for your time.R: It’s totally fine, If a lawman doesn’t cooperate with the police, who’ll do?K(still looking at him): Ahaana, Go and check the footage, I’ll stay here till you return.R: You’re welcome.AHaana came after a while: He’s right, The camera captured him while returning to his house.K: It’s not like that he can’t go again without someone’s notice.R: Mr.Kabir, I believe that you don’t have substantial proof against me, Therefore I request you to look for it first.Ahaana came and almost whispered to Kabir: He is right, and he is a lawyer, He can complaint against us, Let’s go, don’t be stubborn.Kabir reluctantly agreed and went with her while Rihaan looked at him then at a photo remembering Kabir’s words: He must have been abused during his childhood. (He closed his ears) No, don’t say that !! (The sweat appeared on his forehead and he went with shivering legs to wash his face then looked at his reflection: You’re strong !! Not that weak child anymore !! It’s just a bad memory, Rihaan !!Ahaana was pulling kabir with her who jerked her hand: Why did you stop me?Ah: Because he’s right!K: He could fake it, The video shows his clothes, his face is not evident.Ah: It shows that he got inside his house. It’s a strong Alibi!K: The chase is not over! (looking at his house) Rihaan!Fb endsKabir was about to go out of the car but Ahaana stopped him: Stay here, Kabir, I don’t want your rashness to offend him, If he’s behind it, you’ll make things worse by your anger.K: Ok, You go and investigate with him, I will stay here.Vansh and Riddhima reached the house and she fastly get down the car heading to the backyard to find her phone.V(from behind): It must be in the house, let’s get inside.R: Yeah, I forgot, Let’s go. (crossing the door, she said to Sia ignoring her facials) Did you see my phone?Sia’s eyes were still wide opened after knowing that Riddhima is the girl with whom her bhai was in love.R(shaking her): Sia, Why are you staring at me? I asked you something, Where are you lost?S: Nothing I guess !! Do you need anything?R: You guess?? Yes Right !! Never mind! I will look for it myself.An: but what are trying to find?R: My phone. It was here ! I want to show Vansh, Kabir’s pic.An(looking at Vansh)! Kabir who?R: My husbandS and An (at the same time): WHAATTT???R: Yes, you’re shocked because I am married? I got married so young at the age of 18 years old, and I have a 5 years old daughter.This time all of them were thunderstruck but Anupriya was the first to ask: 5 years old??? Vansh what is going on here?? I am facing a headache now.R: this is a weird reaction? Why would you have a headache concerning me having a family?V: let’s focus now on the phone!He gestured his mother to stop till he handles everything.S(exclaimed): Found it! Here is your phone.Riddhima took the phone and started going through the pics in the gallery one by one just when her eyes were out of stalks and looked toward Vansh without uttering a word.V(noticing her look): WHat???R(clutched her fits): Nothing !! I guess I will go, I remember the address now.V(doubtfully): Suddenly?R: Yes, I guess because of the fall I hurt my head, So My memory was blurry, and I got confused.V: Really? Then I am going to take you there.R: NO NO !! I will go alone, don’t stress yourself.V(to himself): weird reaction! I want to know about her. I can’t let her go alone. (to her) Ok, Then you can go.S: Bhai!V: But Riddhima, In case you face any problem, This is my number and you can come back here at any time.R: Thank you!Riddhima strolled out of the house looking occasionally behind her till she went out of the mansion.R: God !! I have to hurry up !!She asked a man about something and he guided her till she entered the place, while Angrey was behind her,He called Vansh.ANg: Boss, SHe is in …..V: what??? Ok, wait!Riddhima saw a man there and went to him: Hello sirMan: HelloR: I want to file a case against a man, Rihaan Arora, He is the serial killer! I saw it !! The file that I captured for my husband. wait a sec (She took out her phone and started showing him)Continued on next page…
Fb startsKabir was at work and started looking for the file: God !! Did I forget it? All the information I gathered is there. I have to see it because I want to visit Rihaan’s assistant to investigate with her. Ha Riddhima will help !! (He called her) Hi Jaan !R: Hello KabirK: Riddhima, Please Can you to my desk and searched for a black file, I need the information immediately.R: Yeah, sure I will.She looked for it and then picked the phone again: Kabir, I found it, what Am I supposed to do now?K: I want you to look for the assistant’s address, It must be there.R: Kabir, I don’t understand all of it, I will send you okey.SHe captured the papers without looking closely at the man’s face: By the way, What this file for?K: The serial killer!Fb endsR: He is using a fake identity and I think he was behind my kidnap. Please arrest him !Chapter4: She is her twin?M(looking attentively at each image): The file shows that there are no substantial proofs against him, And this man is not Rihaan Arora, It’s fake information about him.Just when Vansh entered the police station, All of them know him very well and dare not to play with him.M: This man is Vansh Raisinghania, How dare you show me fake reports? You’ll be charged for forgery crime.R: what???? But sir, My husband isM: Take her to the cell !! You are under arrest.V: You better not! Don’t lay your finger on her. She is my fiancee! Vansh Raisinghania’s fiancee !R: What is this nonsense?V(wrapping his arms around her shoulders): Don’t mind my fiancee, she is angry with me, that’s why she is just playing around. Woman’s revenge is the worse! and of course, No one can arrest her for that, You know what is the price of it, right??The police officer was scared and said fast: She can go with you!V: her phone?He gave it to him.V(smiled widely): Let’s go sweetheart.R: ButV(whispered): Shhh Or else they will arrest you, Do you want to sleep today in the cell?She shut her mouth as she couldn’t take the risk, He pulled her with him till they were out.R(pushed his hands): Stay away from me, You’re a killer!V: killer? Me? What made you say that?He started checking the phone only to look at it in disbelief: Rihaan Arora? You got be kidding me! who made this fake file?R: Fake file? It’s not fake !! You all are playing a game with me !!V: Game? So you came here to file a case against me as you think I am rihaan?R: You are !! My husband told me about you, You committed all that murders!V: Ok let’s suppose that my name is really Rihaan, and I am a serial killer as you think, Why didn’t I kill you? and Why did I save you from jail? Moreover than that Why people here are not calling me by that name? I will admit that I am Rihaan if you answer these questions.R: I (she paused) I don’t know!V: You mean you don’t have an answer, I am Vansh Raisinghania, The whole world knows me. and I don’t know what is that file about, But I am going to figure it out. Riddhima, I am here to support you, So you better keep some trust in me, You have no family, No way to reach your husband therefore I am being helpful but if you’re going to keep accusing me, Then to prove you’re wrong, I give you the freedom to go. Now decide whether you want my help or not.She eyed his serious expressions especially his eyes that was exclaiming his honesty silently.V(to himself): Please, Don’t say no, Please say yes.R: You are really not him?V: I can prove it.R: In That case, I will trust you.V(smiled): You chose the right decision, and I am not going to let you down.He extended his hand to shake hands with her but she refused: We’ll do it when you prove it to me that you’re right.V(sitting in the driver seat with a side smirk): Vaise, You didn’t count the possibility that If I am a killer then I am going to kill you and you won’t even have the opportunity to regret trusting me?She looked at him in horror to which he laughed: No need to get scared, I am just joking !!R: It was a horrible joke!Vansh took out a gun and she distanced herself from him eying the gun with fear.R: will you kill me for such a simple statement?V(laughed again): Do you know something? I didn’t laugh for a long time! (inhale a deep breath) it’s like returning back to life (looking at her directly) all because of you!R(to herself): What’s wrong with this look? Why his eyes hold pain? and why Am I bothering myself!V(diverting the topic): Actually the gun is for you, Take it, This is the guarantee that I won’t kill you. If I come near you, shoot me.That was it for Riddhima to trust him, He was honest and there was something wrong with what was happening there.R: Can you please look for my husband and daughter? they must be terrified !!V(taking out his phone): Hello Mr.Gupta, I want you to dig up the ground and find two men “Kabir veer Sharma ” & Rihaan Arora, I will be waiting for the full pieces of information. I want it within 24 hours.He ended the call and looked at Riddhima who muttered a “thank you”.V(to himself): I have to confirm my doubt about Riddhima too. and I have a way !!Reaching the mansion, They found the family waiting for them.An(worried): What happened, Vansh? Why were you in hurry?Riddhima was tensed and Vansh answered: Nothing Mom, Riddhima was lost here as she doesn’t know the roads, I sent Angrey to keep her safe and He informed me about her whereabouts.An: Oh dear!! Then why did you go alone?R: I am sorry, I thought I will be knowing them !!An: Sia, SHow Riddhima a room, SHe must be tired after this hectic day !!S: sure Mom, I will guide her to her room.V(stopped her): WAITS(frowned): why Bhai?V: she must be hungry !! Bring her dinner first!S(slapping her forehead): I am extremely sorry, Riddhima, I didn’t even ask you.R(ashamed): No! it’s totally fine! I am not hungry.V: she is !! Bring food for both of us.An(surprised): You’ll have dinner too?V: why mom? Am I not allowed to have it?An(happily): Not at all, Sia, come with me let’s bring it for them.R(finding it weird): You’re a weird family with so many weird reactions !!V(murmured): You’ll get used to this weird family soon!R: what? did you say something?V: emm I said you’re right!His phone started ringing again, and he lifted up the phone only for him to get a shock !!Ahaana knocked On Rihaan’s door who opened it: Yes? Who died again?Ah: MR.Rihaan, ARen’t you disrespecting the dead people now? They were killed mercilessly and you’re making fun of this situation?R: Don’t you watch the American serials? in Most cases, The Primary suspect isn’t necessarily the criminal?Ah: I know that, and I know this is reality, and there’s a difference between the two?R: Don’t you know that is inverted from our reality? with a different percentage of course!Ah: Are you now in a very good mood to talk about serials?R: Ok, How May I help you?Ah: I want to know where were you three hours ago?R: OfficeAh: Any witnesses?R: My assistant. (Dialing her number and putting it on speaker) Hello Ragini, When did I finish my work?Rag: At 9 sir!R: Thank you.He ended up the call: What now?Ah: So you don’t know Riddhima veer Sharma?R: Who is she?K: you bastard (He held his collar) Where is my wife?Ah(holding Kabir): No stop it! what are you doing? I told you to wait outside!R: Your wife? Riddhima !! (Realized) I remember her! Did she disappear again?Ah: AGAIN? How did he know?R: Because I know Kabir forever! We were friends before!Ah(shouted): WHATK: shut the hell up and tell me where’s Riddhima?Vansh was not able to digest anything remembering what the detective told him“There are no people with these names! I have confirmed myself”V: So is she creating all of it? Is it her hallucination? and the resemblance? How can two people look the same unless she was her Twin?He had dinner silently then Sia and Anupriya came to him again.S: Bhai, Why Isn’t she recognizing you? Did she fool you in the past? How can she have 5 years old daughter? Many questions that I can’t find answers to it.V: She didn’t cheat on me!An: Then what you call it? She showed up in our backyard and acting as if she doesn’t know you!You have never talked about her after your separation. Why don’t you tell her to get out? She is a blo*dy cheater!V: Mom, she isn’t a cheater!!!!! I told you she left me! but you don’t know that she left life too, SHe died on that day in front of my eyes! She isn’t Raima for sure. I think Riddhima is her twin!An(dumbfounded): died? Twin?V: she breathed her last in my arms after been stabbed! Angrey will tell us whether she is the twin or not!Ah(shocked): Kabir !!R: Ahaana, He said something important that you couldn’t notice !! He said the word “abuse” to described my suffering during my childhood, You had my file, Did you see any information about my family?Ah: No !! That’s right! Then you knew it because you know him personally!R: Closer than what you thought! Another question Ahaana, Since when the murders start?Ah: 3 monthsK: AHaana, You are hearing a murderer here? are you mad?AH: Did he lie? about you ad him?K: It’s just that I don’t appreciate talking about my past.R: I think you were abused too, dearest Kabir!K: shut upR: We both know what happened to you! that’s why you hate couples so much ! 6 bodies were found, All of them were couples, right?AH(stunned): Yes!K: Don’t listen to him, AHaana he is trying to turn you against me and mislead you!R: Three months ago, Kabir came to this city! and the murders started just after that, which means? I am sure you can understand !!Ah: Kabir, call the police force !!Continued on next page…
K: AHaana, You trust him?Ah: do as I say !!He went to the car and after few minutes he came with the police only to find Ahaana injured in her stomach while Rihaan shot.K: God !! AHaaanaaaa !!Ah: Kabir !! I am fi..n..e! H..e T..r..i..e..d To ki..ll me (she closed her eyes while He picked her up running to the car )Angrey called Vansh: Hello Bosss, I searched everywhere, There’s no one with her name, Riddhima veer Sharma doesn’t exist !! It’s a fake name!V(stormed in her room): What are you doing? and who’re you? there’s no existence of someone with your name !!R: what?V(putting the phone on speaker): Say it again, Angrey!Ang: I said There’s no one with her name, Riddhima veer Sharma doesn’t exist !! It’s a fake name!R(inhaling a deep breath): Vansh, you said you’re going to find my family and I trusted you, did you decide to break your promise?V: don’t you understand what is happening here? You don’t exist !!! What is your real name?R(hot tears): You’re a really heartless man! Why are you doing this? You want to erase my identity, why? Because I reassemble that girl right?V: How did you know?R: I heard you talking about her! This is your reason !! but I have a family !! You can’t do that to me! I won’t let you just erase my identity and my existence!The hospitalAhaana luckily wasn’t deeply injured and Kabir went inside to see her: ARe you fine?Ah: I am good!K: what happened?AH: He wanted to throw the blame on you, therefore, I provoked him so that he does something that can prove he is the real criminal and he stabbed me, I was lucky to avoid the knife, or else I would have been dead.K: why did you shoot?AH: He attacked me again ad I knew I won’t be able to run again, Therefore I shot him, How is he?K: Dead! He died!Ah: God !! I did a huge mistake !!K: No it was self-defense !! anyway, I am glad that you’re ok!He was about to go and she called him: Kabir?K: Yes?Ah: He didn’t kidnap Riddhima I guess, We have to look for her!K: For now, You rest!He went closing the door behind him and remembered the past.Fb startsK: No, dad, Please don’t leave !!! (he said looking at the servants but his mom-dad jerked their hands)Both: We’re busy & we have to go, Stay here!Fb endsK(walking through the corridor): Not every couple deserves to be parents !!Chapter 5: Truth Unfolded 1Author’s povKabir walked on the roads so lost while remembering his childhood.PASTHe belongs to a rich family and was so young, 7 years old Boy, Who was raised up by servants and never get mother’s tenderness or father’s support. And things became worse after their parent’s argument, Their life became hell, His dad was always drunk !! Not that the mother has an issue about it !!! Partying! leaving him bearing his dad’s cruelty! Till One day, Their voices were louder during their argument.Kabir was closing his ears trying not to hear them but he could still hear clearly their words.His dad: How dare you do that behind my back? with my F*** friend?His mom: Because I am fed up with you, I hate you and them !! You were just a forced decision on me by my parents, But Now I am going to leave you along with your piece of shit and go away!His dad: You don’t know what is the price of betraying me?His mom: As If you were loyal !! You fu** every woman you saw even by coincidence, How dare you to accuse me? You’re not even a man !!He slapped her and she shouted: You blo*dy womanizer! I will not stay with you even for a second !!His dad: You’re right! You’re leaving and forever! (young Kabir widened his eyes seeing his dad shoot his mom, The moment the bullet was shot he ran to his room, and Apparently, his dad wasn’t in his mind, and he followed him fast while he closed the room and backed off seeing the door is moving with the force that he used to break it)K: No !! I have to do something !! I have to think!!PresentTears fell on his cheek remembering the bitter memories and he fell on his knees: No !!(shouted): NOOOOOOOOOOOO !!VR MansionRiddhima didn’t stop tearing up: I regret trusting you and coming with you here.V(punched the wall): Damn it !!S(entering the room): Bhai! Calm down, What are you doing?V: I have to do something now!Angrey arrived and exclaimed: She doesn’t have a twin, No way that she is her twin !! (pointing toward Riddhima)V: Great! Another confusion !! (to Riddhima) Come with meR: NoV: don’t make me pick you up and take you forcefully !! Silently follow me to the car !! This blo*dy night won’t end soon I guess!V’s povI know that I am behaving so harshly but I will lose my mind soon thinking of what is happening? Riddhima or whoever she is, came in the middle, And I am taking out my frustration on her!God! Her tears! I can’t bear them !!V: stop crying!She ignored him and continued crying silently till he couldn’t take it anymore.V: You heard me talking about the girl right? Raima! My love! (taking out her pic) See her!!R: Carbon copy!V: yes, Just imagine how will I feel when I find a carbon copy of my dead love is standing in front of me !! There are no records of your identity! All that you narrated doesn’t exist too!! How you want me to behave? And what to think?R: where are you taking me?V: I won’t hurt you, I just want a confirmation! Can’t you do this much?R(wiping her tears): I can!V: Thank you! I want to ask few questions if you don’t have a problem!R: Sure, You can!V: How did you get married?R: It was arranged marriage.V: Your parents?R: kind of saw Kabir and liked him, He is a CBI agent.V: You wanted to show me his pic, right? where is it?R: Oh yes, One sec (She took out her phone and showed him the phone here it is, He did no reaction) Vansh? Vanssshh???? Oh God Vansh carefulV(seeing in front of him): oh my godBut it was too late to stop, Therefore they met with an accident.V(looking at injured Riddhima reminiscing Raima bleeding): Nooo don’t leave again !! (tears ) Please, I barely could breathe! (Cupping her face while she was unconscious) Please wake up, Whatever name you’ll use Riddhima, Raima !! anything!! (hugging her with tears) Just stay with me !!He wasn’t even miserable when Raima breathed her last in his arms, He was back then in shock, And didn’t cry, But his heart was bleeding !! However Now, He broke down and could not think of anything till people were gathered around them shouting at each other to call the ambulance.In the hospital, He was near her bed holding her hand fearing that she would fade away if he let go. Then he remembered something and gathered his power back.V: No don’t fall weak, You still have to do what you intended to, She is fine and the doctor confirmed it.Sia and Anupriya came hurriedly after hearing about his accident.S(hugged him): Bhai, I am glad you’re ok !! Thank god!An: Beta, are you fine? were you hurt somewhere?V: I am fine, Mom!! Just Riddhima Because of me she is in this state, Take care of her till I come back, don’t leave her side!An: You fell for Riddhima? I mean she is not her, just her lookalike. Vansh, don’t let your emotions take control of you.V: don’t worry, Mom, I am still the same Vansh, I won’t make an emotional decision that I regret later.He signaled Angrey to come with him, and they left the hospital together. Angrey drove to their destination, and He stood like a statue for some moment.Ang: Boss, Aren’t you going?V: I have been avoiding this place for 3 months but now I am forced to go in there !!He took out the keys ad opened the door, crossing it inside the apartment where photos were everywhere while she was smiling widely.V: I am sorry, I didn’t come for a long time! You must have been waiting for me here !! But I couldn’t !! (caressed one of her pics) what is happening? and why?He composed himself again and ordered Angrey to look for something!! He found many weird books!!V: what is that?He opened her diary:“Today I am super excited, I found a book that belongs to my grandfather, and I think it’s awesome, “Deja Vu”, I am going to read it later, as today I am going on date with Vansh, Yaay !! ““Uff, I couldn’t read it yet due to the stress, However, Vansh is sweet and lovely boyfriend, aweeee sometimes I wonder How may I be this lucky? ““Again, I am facing problems Although I have read it, I couldn’t understand some codes and numbers, I wonder whom help I should ask? Vansh? Naaaah !! He doesn’t have an interest in all this”“I found an old book that helped me to understand a bit what was the book about !! Two realms, It said that there’s a door to another parallel world? Is it even real? “V: what??? How can she believe all this nonsense?“If I inform Vansh, He will think that it’s all nonsense and he will scold me non-stop for not sleeping for days, just to find the door, and the surprise is that is inside his mansion, I will try to cross it soon”“No, I shouldn’t have done it !! It’s awful sight !! What I saw!! I am scared and I am not even answering Vansh !! I am afraid! I opened the door and I am afraid I will be killed, someone saw me there “He took the book “deja vu” in his hands: Two realms? I can’t believe all of it (He was about to throw it then he remembered one thing and turned to Angrey) The man who killed Raima, are you sure he was dead when I ordered you to burry him?ANg: One hundred percent sure, Boss, He was definitely dead.V: then How can Riddhima meet him? She showed me his pic as her husband !! Does it mean (eying the book) it’s true? There’s another world? that’s why Riddhima doesn’t exist here? because she isn’t from our world !!!! (He remembered something) The man whom we killed was tortured but didn’t confess that he killed Raima !! it’s because it’s not him !! God! It’s Riddhima’s husband! Kabir!Ahaana on the other hand, called Kabir many times just then she saw the time: Damn it !!! I forgot. She tried to hurry up and walk but it was a hard task with her injury.Ah: I have to stop him now !!The other dayKabir woke up only to be found in his house: What Am I doing here? and how?Ah: Kabir, I am glad you’re fine!K: Ahaana, How did I reach here?Ah: You passed out on the streets and I brought you here.Riddhima woke up and the first thing she saw was Vansh’s figure who hugged her without wasting any seconds.V: I was so worried !! Don’t ever do that again! Never ever again.She reciprocated the hug seeing his fear: I am fine, I am not leaving anywhere!but jerked the next moment remembering that she is married to Kabir, And she should respect her relationship with her husband.V: You’ll be discharged soon, The doc informed me. Wait few minutes till I handle everything and come back.She nodded her head silently not willing to have a conversation with him as her guilt was enough to ruin her mood.She was discharged and kind of uncomfortable under Vansh’s gaze, He was looking continuously at her which irked her.R: WHAT?V(smiled): I am just confirming to myself that you’re really ok.R: I am, stop staring at me !!V(looking in front of him while thinking): I have to do it, I can’t let it go just like that, Not after passing three months of Hell! I will do it.She watched his expressions as it changed from softness to pain then Anger!R(wondered to herself): He is so weird and has many shades. And I don’t know why I am thinking about him, Especially the pain in his eyes, It hurts to see it.She felt the car stopped and found them reached the house. and headed inside.V: Angrey, do as I ordered you before!Ang: I will do it, don’t take tension Boss!When?V: after one hour.Ang: Great, I’ll be ready.After one hourVansh came toward the backyard: It’s time to go! (He saw the light when he approached a place but then realize late one thing !!After half an hourVansh moved to blink his eyes waking up slowly and looking at his surroundings confused for few seconds then widened his eyes looking at the figure unconscious near him.Continued on next page…
V: God! Riddhima? Why did you follow me?Fb startsVansh came toward the backyard: It’s time to go! (He saw the light when he approached a place but then realize late one thing !! that a hand held his before they disappeared together from there to the other world)Fb endsShe opened her eyes too: My house !! I am at my house again!V: You’re not in your house! You’re in a murderer’s house! Kabir is a killer !!R: You’re a liar, A blo*dy liar !! I’ll go and tell my husband.V: He is a criminal, and he isn’t your husband, He killed his own wife You forgot everything! I am your Vansh! Don’t you recognize me anymore? What has he done to you, Raima!?Chapter 6: Truth Unfolded 2 & Origin of EvilAuthor’s povR: what rubbish is that? How dare you? You lied to me !! You said you won’t try to erase my identity and now what you’re doing? How we reach here, ! And what is that door in your backyard? Were you the one who kidnapped me and acted since the beginning?V: try to understand! You’re not Riddhima, not his wife !! His wife died! She was the one whom I performed the last rites for, thinking that she was you !!R'(in shock) : I don’t believe this nonsense !!!Kabir looked in Ahaana’s direction then his phone: Why did you do that, Ahaana?Ah: what did I do?K: Why did you kill,Rihaan?Ah(shocked): WHat? !!! I told you thatK: Don’t lie to me! You stabbed yourself and killed him !! Do you want proofs? (He played a record)Fb startsAfter Kabir’s departure, Rihaan looked at Ahaana: I am telling you the truth! He is committing all these murders or else why will he so obsessed with trapping me? He came here 3 months ago and met me but because we know each other’s past, I didn’t want to acknowledge him, and the first couples who died were in my office on that day! Don’t you feel All these coincidences are so fishy?Ah: It is, but I want to tell you extra-information, I came here too 3 months ago, and I visited your office!R(his expressions turned to horror): WHAT???Ah: Yes, you know more than you should, about the childhood story! Our parents’ cruelty! Do you call what you’ve been through suffering? What about the 6 years old girl who saw her psycho father kills her psycho mother? If it wasn’t for him, I would have been killed !! My Bhai saved me! and I am going to save him too.R: Bhai?Ah: Kabir is my brother, and you dared to mess with him, I guided him to doubt you, The day he visited you, He saw a couple fighting almost throwing their kids to each other, and the memory was revived in his mind, therefore he killed them.R(stunned): Then He is killing them and you’re cleaning behind him? Was all acting?Ah: He is definitely not acting because *****Fb endsK: Rihaan was recording what happened! Am I a killer? (she kept looking at him with moist eyes) So I became suddenly mental and started playing a superior role and punishing people? How can I? Did I kill Riddhima? Oh, God !! No !! I am a monster !! What did I do? And you? Why? Did I push you away to be a monster too?Fb startsHis dad came and started breaking the door while he went fast to his scared sister and cupped her face: Do you trust me?The small girl: Bhai, I am scaredK: don’t be, I won’t let him hurt you, Stay always strong, don’t let anyone wrong you, You’re my strong little sister. You have to go, Now!The girl(held his hand): Bhai, Come with me.K: No, I have to distract him or else he will hurt you, Just go!He pushed her out and she held his hand but he moved it only for her to let go and ran while looking behind her.The moment she vanished out of his sight while he looked in the window’s direction, The door was thrown away and his dad came inside.He hit him several times: I don’t know whose dirty blood runs in your veins after all you’re that b***’s son, and where’s the other one?K(shouted): You won’t hurt her, You monster !!!He started hitting him harder: I’ll find your sister and cut her into pieces !!Kabir’s look changed and he looked at him without blinking: What are you looking at, you spoilt brat?He didn’t feel anything till He hit him with the vase and looked at him bleeding. Then he burnt the whole house while observing it then passed out there.Fb endsK: You knew about my mental state? Still, you left a criminal committing more crimes, and you helped him by killing Rihaan too. I had a doubt when I saw your injury, It was so precise not to hurt your vitals, and it’s hard to believe it’s by coincidence! What Have I done more? Where’s Riddhima????Ah: Bhai, Please listen, I am doing all for you !! you didn’t mean any of it, it’s all due to our sick parents!K: We’re not any less, We proved that we are their children !!Ah(tears): Bhai !!K: I killed Riddhima, Right? I killed the mother of my daughter!R: KabirK: Riddhima?V: Naaaa not RiddhimaR(looked at Kabir with hurt expressions): Who Am I? I am not Riddhima, right?K(shocked): What? (He looked at Ahaana’s face, and It took a second to understand that she knows something) Ahaana? what is Riddhima saying? (SHouts) SPEAK UP!She shivered to hear his loud voice and feared his state to deteriorate and blubber the truth: She is Not Riddhima !!K: How??? When? WHY? and where’s Riddhima ??? (She again keep quiet) Ahaana, I swear if you don’t speak up now and tell me everything I am going to kill everyone including myself!Ah: No Bhai, Please !!K(pointing the gun to his head): Say it! What did I do?V: You killed your wife! You are a murderer !!Ah(glared at him): keep your mouth shutK: Then you open your mouth !! Did I really kill her?Ah: Kabir, you weren’t in your real mind !! Riddhima get to know about you! She knew that you kill people! and the one who told her is this Raima!K(in disbelief): I killed her for that?Ah: No !! She wanted a divorce and contacted Rihaan, when you heard the word Divorce, You lost your mind ad followed her as she ran from you then you killed her.K: No no !! I can’t understand, (Eying Raima)Then who is she?V: My love, Raima! I guess this girl knows how she came here (pointing toward Ahaana ) after what we heard, she definitely has a hand in it, right?K(to her): Is it right? (Yelled ) You know about it too????FB startsRaima opened the door for the first time and crossed to the other world as she was curious, She saw the girl’s pic: God !! Is she My version in this world? It will be so much fun if we meet each other, and who is this man with her? He must be her husband !!and heard some noises, Then looked at the horrible scene in front of her in shock, A man stabbed a couple to death, His expressions held no mercy and she could neither shout nor move.Ra(cupping her mouth while she teared up): Her husband !! Where did I come? I shouldn’t have done it !! Vansh, I need you here !! I don’t want to die !! How will I run?The man strolled toward the cupboard where she was hiding but then fell unconscious there, she sighed in relief: Thank you Bappa for saving me !! She tried to move but then she noticed a girl who came inside and started whipping everything! She called someone Hello, I want you to move these out of here! Don’t forget I can jail you at any moment !! If You let a trace behind you, I will kill you!She hangs up the call then looked at him: Bhai, I can’t let you know and destroy your life! It’s not your choice and you’ll lose your family if the truth comes out! The family you craved for.Ahaana’s conversation with unconscious Kabir was interrupted by a noise and she saw someone running away but before she could go and get hold of Riddhima she was shocked to see the two with The same face!Ra(held Riddhima’s hand and looking behind her): Save me, please !! they will kill me !!Ri: Who are you? And WHat are you doing at my house? (shocked) And your Face?Ra: I don’t Have time for this, Your husband is a murderer, He killed two people and I saw a girl there, she is his partner! They will kill me!Ri:I don’t believe you, My husband can’t do that !!Ra: Then look at this video, I recorded him.Ri(in shock): Ahaana?Ra: Ran away or else they will kill you too, I am going !!Ri: Kabir !! No! He is killing people !! I have to save myself and my daughter! What if he kills us too?Ra: Look I did what I had to do, I am going back! If I stay for a long time, I will be lost forever!Ri: What do you mean by going back?Ra: My world, Riddhima, my original world ! I shouldn’t have come here.Ri: You’re crazy !!Ra: Look, Believe what you want! If I stay for a long time here, My memory about my world will vanish, and I can’t !! I have to go.She ran fast to the basement again toward the door and vanished. While Riddhima was shocked to see Kabir with bloodstains on his shirt unconscious there. He opened his eyes.K: Riddhima?R: You killed them? I was right about your weird behavior!! Your disappearance and then showing up suddenly, I had always doubted !! My daughter!I will take her! I have to save her!K: What do you mean Riddhima? (He tried to hold her but she pushed him)R: I won’t let you hurt Kavya !! I’ll take her. I’ll divorce you !!He was frozen in his spot then his eyes darkened and she noticed the scary look and ran toward the same direction from where Raima went but He followed her.Kabir stabbed her and she fell there bleeding.After an hourVansh reached there and saw her dying in front of his mansion.R: S…a..ve H..e..rV: Raaimaa !! Nooooo Who did this?? (she lift up her finger toward the camera before she breathes her last) Wake up !!! No, don’t leave !!But it was too late, she died !! Vansh was obvious to the truth that the real Riddhima was the one who died there.Ahaana managed to bring back unconscious Kabir !! as she was following them too.Fb endsAh: I kidnapped Raima, within the time you were questioning yourself where Riddhima disappeared I was keeping Raima captive till she lost her memory then I told you I found her in hospital.K(cried): I killed my wife !! Why? I loved her so much !! I don’t deserve to live !! I should have died years ago, I shouldn’t’ have saved any of us, Then many people would survive! But it’s never late, sister.He looked at his beloved sister for whom he fought his dad at the age of 7 years old with tears then shot her and cried: I am sorry !!Raima cupped her face while Vansh pushed her behind his back and pointed his gun toward Kabir.V: don’t you dare?K: I am sorry because you had to suffer because of us, Can I ask for a favor?V: What will a psycho murderer ask? I am curious to know !!K: My childhood was the origin of my evilness, Can you save Kavya from this? My baby girl! Can you save her? Please? (Take her with you) She is with Ahaana’s mother, Can you both be good parents?R: Kabir, STop! Kavya needs you!K: If she stays here, She’ll be known as the murderers’ daughter, (Smiled sadly) My baby girl is too innocent to bear it. Take care of her, Now Evilness is finished.The moment he uttered those words, A bullet was fired and he fell there dead while Raima shouted hiding her face in Vansh’s chest.Chapter 7: Happy Ever After Riansh(last)Author’s povAnupriya eyed Vansh: Where is she?He signaled behind him and she crossed her arms over her chest: Achaaa My Kavi baby is hiding there, Let me show you.She held her and tickled her: No dadi, Please !! (Laughed) dad save me !!V(grinned): No! You deserve it for being such a naughty girl !!Kav: Dad!!!! I am angry with you!V: acha? and Why so?Kav: Because you broke your promise!Voice: Which promise My kavi baby is talking about?Kav(whispering): Dad, don’t tell her, please !!R: Don’t tell me what?V: ahem, Nothing, sweetheart, Dad-daughter have their own secrets.R: Oh really? Is this secret starts with the letter “I” I guess, Ice cream, No?They opened their mouth widely and Riddhima closes it with her hand.R: Both of you, If you dare to eat Ice cream, I will make you regret it badly !!V: Ok I am scared!Kav(whispered): What dad? I thought that you’re the Vansh Raisinghania who scares the world!! but tche tche you disappointed me! You are standing near me scared of your wife?R: Miss Kavya Vansh Raisinghania, What do you mean by that? and What are you taking me for? deaf? You mean you don’t care about your mommy? So should I forbid you from chocolate too?Kav: No no no mom, I meant He has to be afraid! You’re Mrs Vansh Raisinghania, So fear will come by itself !!R: I wish if only I can know this playful nature from where you inherited it? Hai na Vansh?Vansh’s expressions changed and she regretted asking him.R: Kavi baby go with your dadi, I want to talk to your dad!Kav(kissing their cheeks): Ok mom-dad!She closed the door behind them and strolled to him and hugged him.R: Vansh, I am sorry !! I reminded you, right?V: Sweetheart!R: No, I shouldn’t have said it! I insulted Kavya’s mother who is your dead wife! I am so sorry!V(cupping her face): Don’t ever apologize, Baby, I love you so much, I can even cross anything for you (to himself) every limits or world will be crossed to you!R: I love you too, and I am glad you gave me this beautiful adorable girl, I fell in love with her since our first meeting !!Fb startsKabir killed himself and Raima broke down seeing the sight in front of her !! But she composed herself!Ra: Vansh, we can’t leave Kavya !! she needs us! Now she doesn’t have anyone but us.V: shh, sweetheart, we won’t let her alone ever!They headed to the address where the adoptive mother of Ahaana lives, she asked them about Ahaana and they told her that she is on a mission.The Moth: Riddhima, She was crying wanting to see you since they brought her here. Take her.Kav(with a red nose and moist eyes): Mummy !!R: Baby, Come to me, let’s go !!Vansh looked at the adorable face of the girl and fell instantly in love with her.V: Let’s move now!!V(to himself): I am anxious, there’s a risk with each second we pass here.They went to the basement again, and Riddhima asked Kavya: Baby close your eyes, don’t open it till I tell you, Ok?Kav: Ok mummy !!The gate was opened and they passed to the other world, Vansh gain his consciousness first and Took them inside the house.Raima woke up and started searching for Kavya but was relaxed to find her near her! Thank god !V: Are you fine?Ra: Vansh! I don’t know what to say! I can’t understand anything! You made A DNA test that proved I am Raima and then we heard the truth! Honestly speaking I & Kabir were never closed physically! I felt always that he is my friend, closed friend! and still, he is! He was wronged during his childhood and that impacted him that he started killing people without even realizing it. He tried hard to find the serial killer. I can’t hate him for all what he has done as he is a victim!V: I know, I didn’t think He was wronged to that extent. Let’s move on from that. Kabir wanted Kavya to have a family and we both can make it together.Continued on next page…
Ra: Can you give me time to think?V: Sure, Have your time!Sia came inside with juice: Raima, Bhai asked me to bring juice for you!Ra(smiled): Thank you very much !!S: Mention not!She drank the juice and after a few minutes, her eyes were closed by their own will.Ra: what is happening to me? I am suddenly sleepy! Sia, WHat did y(her words were incomplete as she drifted into a deep slumber)S: Bhai, why did you ask me to add sleeping pills to it?V: Because she needs to forget the bitter memories! I can’t let her suffer even for 48 hours, I can’t !! She’ll sleep till the morning! and keep Kavya away from her till the time is completed.V(caressing her face): I am sorry my love! I can’t see you in pain!The other morningVansh did his best to keep Riddhima Asleep till the 48 hours end.After 48 HShe woke up and looked around her with confusion: Where Am I?She saw a man who was sleeping on the chair with a frown on his face and a cute pout.Ra: He looks so cute, But who is he? and who Am I? What Am I doing here?Unknowingly to her, she was speaking loudly and Vansh jerked from his sleep.V: you’re awake?Ra: Who’re you?V: I am Vansh! Your fiancee !!Riddhima!Ra: Riddhima? My name’s Riddhima?V: Yes, Your name is Riddhima and we’re engaged! (to himself): I am sorry, Raima for the world you’re dead moreover that you’ll dig up the truth if I tell you your real name and I can’t take 0,0001 % risk! You’ll live as Riddhima and I’ll take care of “the birth of Riddhima”S: Bhai, she woke up too.R: Who?Sia brought the cute little girl and Vansh said: My daughter Kavya !!Riddhima (Who is actually Raima, don’t get confused guys, Hahaha): She is so cute!Vansh smiled knowingly how to handle everything! He told her that they went through an accident although it was so weird and unbelievable that they both lost their memories, with Sia, Anupriya, and ANgrey’s support, She bought their lie.Riddhima lived with them there till their marriage take place, She was feeling weird about everything as it’s unknown to her.Once she was out with Kavya and Sia when they came back, she went to her room but she found it dark which terrified her but then she saw the candles and the decoration there and frowned only to see Vansh coming near her and going on his knees.V: Sweetheart, I am madly in love with you, Although I know you don’t recall anymore our love, deep inside you’ll definitely feel my love, It resides there only, you’re my fiancee, However, I want to officially propose you again, Miss Riddhima, Will you marry me?Her heart pounded hard against her chest as she heard the most beautiful confession in her life, Not that she recalled whether she received other confessions, but was sure that was the best. Her fast heartbeat told her the answer about her feelings, she has no memory of him, But her heart beats only for him.R(going on her knees): Yes !! definitely yes !! I love you too, Vansh !!He smiled widely before taking her lips in a soulful kiss promising himself to never let the world he built get destroyed by any means and at no circumstances.Fb endsV(nuzzling her neck): Mrs.VR, won’t you stop running away? You’re taking care of everyone but what about your hubby?R: Mr.Raisinghania, why are you talking as if it passed a year since we got married? It’s just 2 months.V: and during these two months you tortured me badly! (winking) when we’ll have the second baby?R(shy): Shut up!V: You still need time to adjust? It’s ok (He distanced himself from her and she felt bad for hurting him)R: Vansh, I amV: No, don’t worry, love! I will go to work. (SHe held his hand) Riddhima, I am really good, don’t overthink. (kissing her forehead, He left the room)R(to herself): stupid idiot !! why you have to feel so embarrassed? He is your husband !! He has been patient for a long time, but your dump head doesn’t get it !She heard laughter from the door revealing Sia along with Anupriya.S: mom, Did you hear that? Bhai is tortured !! Poor him!An: My poor son, is frustrated because of his wife’s shyness.R: Mom! Sia !! Please, don’t embarrass me more !! Whenever I try to go closer to him, I find myself the very next moment running away feeling so scared and shy!An: Riddhima, It’s normal to experience that, Every woman goes through these feelings, However, If you trust your partner enough, You’ll find it easier to take your relationship to the next level. ANd I am joking about the frustration part! It’s not possible that Vansh acts inconsiderately toward something you’re uncomfortable about.R(pout): No He was really upset and I hate seeing him like that.S(winking): Then fix it, I have a brilliant idea.R(excited): WHat?S: *******R(opening her mouth with shock): WHAAATTTT???Anupriya laughed while saying:I can help in that!OfficeVansh was working and then remembered Riddhima, He was teasing her acting like mad, but regret it now.V: she will be sitting at home sad thinking that I am really upset, I will call her.Just then the door drift opened revealing his wife in:: What is that? What are you wearing?R(coming toward him and caressing his lips boldly): shhh Mr.VR!! What’s wrong with my clothes? don’t you like it?V(touching her forehead): Are you fine? and this short dress?She pushed him slowly till He sat on his chair and she sat on his lap in a seductive manner.R(with lips almost brushing): I came to pacify a certain mad hubby! (she kissed his neck) Because my stupid husband doesn’t understand his wife.V(controlling himself): Riddhima, we’re at company anyone can come in!R: I asked your assistant to not let anyone in, So I guess (whispering) No one will interrupt us.She brushed their lips together kissing him letting him in shock because it was the first time she initiated any type of intimacy.She broke the kiss seeing him not responding and tears threatened to fall: Don’t you want it anymore? I am sorry Vansh I di(He shut her mouth with a kiss that took away her senses, while they fought for dominance till they heard knocks on the door)V: Shit! i forgot the meeting! All because of you !!R(innocently): WHat did I do?V: You came in such a hot dress, and made me lose my mind and forget about work!V: vaise, You weren’t scared that Maybe I would rip it off your body?R(wide eyes): what?V: you won’t go back in this dress, My wife’s hotness is only for me, I can’t take it when others eyes you therefore, Wait a minute.He called Sia: Hello, Sia, Yes, I know! this stupid idea will be definitely yours! Send Riddhima’s clothes with the driver. SHut up ok ? she won’t go back in that.R: God !! you’re overreacting! It’s a normal dress!He pulled her without hurting her and said possessively: You’re mine, and no one can see you but me!R(encircled her arms around her neck): Then why did you leave angrily?V(smirked): actually, I wanted to see what my wife will do to pacify me! And it turned out to be ready for many things (winking)R(embarrassed): Shut up !!V: aweee my sweetheart, you’re keeping switching from bold to shy shade. I love you, This fact won’t be changed no matter was the reason! For me, You matter the most.R(hugged him): I love you too.V: Now, I am going but don’t dare to come out of my office in this dress!R(laughed): so possessive!V: Indeed I am. wait, Love, I won’t take much time.Vansh ended his meeting but didn’t find Riddhima there then he noticed a letter on his desk.” Hubby, You’re so late ad I got bored therefore I am going home.Ps: I changed the dress, See you at home“HomeVansh came late at night and found everyone asleep therefore he headed toward Kavya’s room and kissed on her forehead and adjusted her pillow.V: goodnight Angel!Then He went to his room, bt this time, It was his turn to get confused seeing it so dark.V: Riddhima, where are you? Why is it too dark?The lights were turned on revealing his wife in a beautiful saree, The way he loves to see her.V: Wow, that’s like my Riddhima, Innocent yet so hot !!V: what do you intend to do?R(whispered): Make me yours!He looked at her for secs before lifting her up heading toward their decorated bed where they consummated their marriage.3 months laterAfter his car stopped near the mansion, In no time, His baby girl comes running to him and wrapped her hands around his neck.Kav: Dad!V: My baby! You miss your dad this much?Kav: more than what you think!V: Emm I have a gift for my baby girl.Kav(excited): Really? What is it?V(signalled to the servants): Bring it here.She looked confused at them while they went to the room where her dad was playing piano, and they put something.Kav(eyes widened with surprise): Piano? FOr me???V: Yes baby, Only yours, You were always saying you want one, This is all yours.Kav(jumped while he held her): You’re the best dad in the world.V: And you’re the best Kavya in the world.R: ahem ahem, Best dad and best kavya, What about me?V: Of course, the best Mumma in the world, Hai na kavya?Kav: She is good!R(jaw dropped): Huh? good? And he’s the best !! (pouting) Not fair !!Kav: Mumma, Joking !! (kissing her cheek) You both are the best parents.R(caressed her stomach): don’t butter me now! You’re two and we’re three! Ahem so your team is a loser.Kav: Mom, My baby brother-sister will be with me na? I am their di and I’ll handle them and rock them to sleep.R: aweee my cutie-pie, come to your Mumma. I love you, Baby ad they love you too.V: and they love me more!R: self-obsessed!V(whispered in her ear): Because their Mumma loves me more and can’t stay without me ! ALready forgot sweetheart? You made me cancel my trip and come back because you called me in the middle of the night crying that you missed me and can’t sleep without me?R(smacked his arm shyly): shut up!! Kavya is here.He looked at his daughter who was playing with her piano and pecked Riddhima’s lips: She isn’t looking at us.R: Behave !!V(kissed her cheek): I love you.R(she put her head on his shoulder): I love you too.Kav: Dad, I love you too !!He smiled while his memory went back to Kabir and said to himself): Thank you, Kabir, for this gift, I am lucky to have her. I hope wherever you’re now, You’re at peace! Life wasn’t fair with you, I hope that there’s a happy afterlife for you.The EndI hope the story was good and you enjoyed it, Thank you, Guys, for voting and commenting !! It’s the first time I am trying to write something mysterious, I am glad you supported me, Loads of love.I hope you don’t find it silly, and please do not accuse me of stealing the plot from a serial, I agree two worlds or even more, Many serials were made of it, But it doesn’t mean that I stole the plot. thank you for reading it, and Sorry for not answering your comments, I appreciate your sweet words, dears, I am just stuck with writing and posting the stories. 

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