RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 8 (Feelings)

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Thnqu all for your wonderful comments and immense support. Episode starts with:At Anugrah Villa;Author’s POV:Shreya and Riddhima were talking, when Riddhima reveals her unknown and confused feelings for Vansh while Shreya says:Shreya: So Miss psychologist is confused. It’s simple it’s LOVE!Riddhima: What nonsense, have you lost it. I’ve also seen relationships breaking, when the relationship I got first entering this world was a failed one, after that I can’t trust anyone or form any relation.Shreya: What are you saying, let bygones be bygones. You teach your patients, not to dwell in past and what you are doing, because of your childhood you’ve created this lonely present and having the same plans for your future. Why Riddhima? Don’t you need someone, who loves you unconditionally and get back same from you?Riddhima: You think I’m alone? Yeah, it’s the truth, that I’m alone and I want to be rather than trusting someone and then being left. I can’t bear the same pain.Shreya (to herself): She needs to realise it soon! Otherwise later except regrets, she won’t have anything. Please God, my darling has closed her eyes,help her open them.Riddhima: What are you thinking?Shreya: Nothing! I must leave now. Byee and good night 💤.Riddhima: Byee, good night 💤(Riddhima lies down on the sofa, thinking about what Shreya said and had flashbacks of Vansh and her time),At VR mansion:Vansh: Everyone attention! As Siya is recovering so well and Ishani has finally completed her MA in fashion designing, coming weekend will be a party. But! As yesterday declared,due to rising Covid cases there will be no gathering, so only us!Ishani: But bhai, Riddhima has to come.  After all she’s the reason behind Siya’s recovery.Vansh (smiling): Ofcourse, Miss Riddhima has to be here, she’s included in us Ishani. So I’ve an important call to make you all carryon.(While Vansh leaves for his room, Ishani winks at Siya, Angre and Aryan and says:)Ishani: Next plan started. There are only two days left for this weekend get together, we need to figure out something and make this weekend the most memorable for our RIANSH.Siya: I’ll invite her tomorrow.Aryan: Me and Ishani will also come to drop you and invite Miss Beautiful 😉.Angre: Aryan soon your Miss Beautiful will become all of ours Bhabhi 😂 what will you do then?Aryan: Then I’ll have official lisence to flirt with my BHABHI 👍😉Ishani/Siya (unison): Enough!Siya: Well it’s quite late Good night all!Ishani! Yeah, good night all.(Four of them go to Their respective room, while Vansh in his room..)Vansh (to himself): My fills with joy, after listening to her name! But why? I couldn’t say anything when she threw my pills, I followed her instructions, finished the complete sweet Box and slept peacefully, why am I always smiling like fools when she’s around? What the futch is happening? Nothing and none has power to affect The Great Vansh Raisinghania, what power does she has? Am I? Am I in love with Miss Riddhima Shroff? No no this can’t happen, loving me is deadly but I’m falling for someone is impossible. But impossible itself says I’m possible! No, love is a weakness and Vansh Raisinghania can’t afford to be weak! But love can also be strength! No it’s not possible, she doesn’t even know my real identity, a Mafia cannot have a relationship as death is always near him and his loved ones, I can’t afford to lose her! Her??? Why? Why are you in my head Miss Riddhima?(Vansh lies on bed seeing her pic in mobile and sleeps).Next morning, at VR Mansion:Author’s POV:Ishani, Aryan and and Siya get ready to go to Riddhima, Vansh avoids her topic, so that he can stop his feelings.Ishani: come on Aryan, get ready fast. You are not going to see a girl 😂Siya: That’s what, we are girls and me and di are already ready, but you na!😞Aryan: I’m here my sisters, afterall I’m going to meet Miss beautiful, I’ve to look Mr. Handsome.Vansh: Aryan; don’t you dare make Miss Riddhima embarrassed by your useless flirting. And what’s this Miss beautiful hnn?? She’s Miss Riddhima and keep it that way.(Ishani, Aryan, Siya and Angre looking eachother, while Aryan winked them and said..)Aryan: Okay big bro.(Three of them left and whereas at planning Bells Riddhima decides.. )At Planning Bells:Riddhima (to herself): I’ve to stop myself from thinking about Mr. Raisinghania. In this world people only be with you to leave you. Noone holds anyone’s hand forever and Me and Mr Raisinghania are not even known to each other that much. I can’t let These feelings take over me. But why do I feel so attached with him. My thinking skills are just hampered. What the hell Mr Raisinghania, I can’t work peacefully because of you 😣(Suddenly Ishani Aryan and Siya enter her cabin, they greet her and sit in the reception till Siya and Riddhima are over with the session. After 1/2 hr. Riddhima and Siya come and Riddhima signs Aryan, Ishani to come to her cabin, they enter and Riddhima says:)Riddhima: So how are you both?Aryan: I’m fine Miss Riddhima!Ishani: I’m as usual hot and cool ka combine combo 😉how are you?Riddhima: I’m also well, and Mr. Aryan Raisinghania, I’m not looking beautiful today? That you addressed me as Miss Riddhima not miss Beautiful??Aryan: no,no, you look beautiful every day but..(Ishani interrupted)Ishani: But He’s just following Bhai’s orders!😁Riddhima: Mr Raisinghania? Orders? What’s happening?Aryan: Bhai has strictly ordered me, not to flirt with you, not to make you feel embarassed, not to call you beautiful.Riddhima (murmured): Impressive Mr Raisinghania (shying ☺️)Siya: did you say anything Riddhima?Riddhima: No!Ishani: Well the coming weekend there’s a get together for Siya’s recovery and I completed my MA na, so you have to be there.Riddhima: So during Covid who all coming?Siya: no one just Us!Riddhima: You all? Then why me?Aryan: because big bro said that you are also “Us”.Riddhima (awkward): but I’ve already booked with Shreya in weekend.Ishani: bring her also. You, Dr Shreya, Aryan, Siya, Me, Angre and Vansh Bhai. Too much fun!Siya: Please 🥺Riddhima: Okay okay.(They all leave, Riddhima reaches her home and thinks..)At Anugrah Villa:Riddhima (to herself): Is Mr Raisinghania jealous, that’s why he told all that Aryan? But why will he? And why am I thinking about it? Let him be what he wants to be! I want to think about him yrr, but why? Was Shreya right? Am I in love?(Suddenly her phone rings, she picks it up and says:)Riddhima: hello! Yes tell.Shreya: hello, so were you thinking about Him?Riddhima: who?Shreya: Mr Raisinghania? Who else? And don’t you dare to lie. I know he has occupied your mind and Heart darling. Just trust.Riddhima: leave all that this weekend you have to come with me to VR mansion. And now before you start your love theories, it’s final. Byee and Good night 😘 (hungs the call)Shreya (to herself): I hope this weekend ends up making you realise your love Riddhima. May you get back your lost trust in relationships.Riddhima sleeps thinking of Shreya’s words.Two days later, At VR Mansion:Vansh (in his room to himself): These two days I haven’t met you, but asked daily about you to Siya. I’ve tried hard to control my feelings but today you’ll come here. I can’t ignore you, but I can’t stan these feelings. Don’t know what tonight’s gonna bring.At Anugrah Villa:Riddhima (to herself): God please help me, since two days I haven’t met you but asked about you to Siya daily. Now I just want to see you. But I can’t stan these feelings. Let’s see what tonight’s gonna bring!Episode Ends!Precap: I LOVE HIM ❤️Hope you all liked the episode! Suggestions corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏. Keep supporting 🙏😘 Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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