RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 7 (BOND)

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Blessed to have supporting readers like you all! Lots of love my FAM.Episode starts here: Author’s POV:Riddhima and Vansh were crying and eating; suddenly choked. Parallels between they drank water, thinking about the day both of them slept having tears.Next morning at Anugrah Villa:Author’s POV:Riddhima got up and thought..Riddhima: oh no, today also I’ll reach late at VR Mansion. Siya must be waiting.(Suddenly she sees the day and thinks..)Riddhima: Today no VR Mansion, rather Siya will visit me from today onwards I won’t go to her. But I want to visit their not for Siya but for Mr Raisinghania! Hold on why I want to meet him? Because I’m a psychologist, but my patient is Siya not him! To ask him that did he sleep last night without pills? But why do I need to interfere in his life, I’m not that kind of a person who is interested in others’ life. But he’s not other na.. then what he is? Huuhh!! Relax Riddhima. Get ready and leave for VR mansion, no no no… Planning Bells and that’s final.At VR Mansion: Author’s POV:Siya was waiting for Riddhima but Vansh said..Vansh: She’ll not come from today. Her session was only for 3days. That completed yesterday.Siya: How can she leave her patient and treatment like this. Bhaiya can I ask for something from you.Vansh: Ofcourse my princess!Siya: Bhaiya if Riddhima can’t come then fine we’ll go to visit her. I just want a session with her. She makes me feel encouraged and motivated.(Vansh was surprised and happy as after the accident Siya was scared going out, and today she herself initiated..)Vansh: Get ready princess we’ll be leaving in 1/2 hour. Angre be ready with the car.Siya: thnqu bhaiya 😍Angre: Yes Boss.Vansh (to himself): interesting..very interesting! There you go Miss Riddhima, your calculation was correct. You are just Magical. I can’t wait to meet you thankyou for this biggest happiness of my life.At Planning Bells, Author’s POV:Riddhima enters the office, everyone greets her, while someone was just mesmerizing by her ❤️ while she shockingly said…Riddhima: Mr Raisinghania you’re here?Vansh: Good morning Miss Riddhima, surprised or shocked?Siya: Hello Riddhima. I insisted bhaiya to take me to you. Please will you continue my treatment. I love having sessions with you. I’ll come here daily.Riddhima: Siya, Angre and Mr Raisinghania first of all please come in my cabin. Rahul please do the needful arrangements for them.Inside Riddhima’s cabin:Riddhima: Siya I’m really happy to see you here. And now before we start with our session I want you to go with Riya (my assistant psychologist) there’s a surprise for you. Did you eat your medicine?Siya: Okay. And yes I had the medicines you prescribed.Riddhima: well done. You.go I’ll see you in 10mins.(Riddhima calls Riya and she takes Siya to the counselor room in the office itself, as Siya leaves, Vansh says…)Vansh: I can’t thank you enough Miss Riddhima, today’s the best day of my life. Finally my princess, my Siya is overcoming her past. You are the reason behind.Angre: Miss Shroff, since her childhood trauma Siya feared to step out of of house. She used to go to school with much difficulty and today she herself initiated to meet you outside the house. You are really amazing.Riddhima: Please guys! It’s nothing like that. It’s part of my profession.(Angre gets a call, he leaves to attend)Vansh: Thnqu!Riddhima: now for what?Vansh: For throwing those pills and giving me the sweet Box. Those really added some peace in my life yesternyt. You own this to me!Riddhima: Well, I’m not person interested in others life but still wanted to help you out. Glad that my help worked. I need to go to Siya. You can leave if you want my driver will Siya safely.(Riddhima went to Siya, while Vansh stood there itself motionless and thought..)Vansh: I don’t know what to name our bond, o don’t know whether it’s a bond or not, it’s just that you are special. I’m a person who doubts even his shadow, that why it’s always with me, but my heart says to trust you! But why? What’s this?(Riddhima and Siya come back to the cabin and found Vansh sitting there..)Riddhima: Mr. Raisinghania, you didn’t go?Vansh: No! I thought of taking Siya with me and go. I sent Angre for some work and sat here only.Riddhima: Okay.Siya: Come bhaiya, let’s go. Byee Riddhima. Bhaiya I’m waiting in car you come.(Siya leaves and calls Ishani work done, I’ve left them alone)Vansh: Okay then. Bye Miss Riddhima.Riddhima: Byee Mr Raisinghania.(Vansh leaves and Riddhima also reaches back home)At Anugrah Villa!Riddhima and Shreya talkin while Riddhima said:Riddhima: He’s so different Shreya. I’ve always seen relationships breaking, families breaking but Mr. Raisinghania since his childhood he’s carrying his family together. I’m just smiling whenever he’s around. Without even knowing him much initiated to help him, I was wishing that he gets some peace, I’m ready to fight his past with him and overcome it. My heart pierced when I heard about his childhood. I don’t know what’s this.Shreya: So miss psychologist is in confusion! It’s simple it’s LOVE!Episode ends here!Let’s see whether they’ll realise their feelings for each other or their past will become the hurdle. Hope you all are liking it. Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 ❤️keep supporting 🙏😘 Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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