RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 6 (SWEETS AS LOVE)

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I am really overwhelmed with the feedback from my dearest readers @mennahussein55, @parita, @arushisoni, @prapti, @tanvi @aisha @deepti @priyanshi @attractiveuser, @ravneet, @shivangi, @niyati @akshii @priyasingh @neetu @subu23 @annoyinguser, @nisha @pomu @aditi @ manvika @siddhi_ @Vkjhp @jayashree @priyadharshini @sree @yashi @mahira @pearl @jj @diya @disha @priyanka @heena @manya @nia and sorry if some left then. As I completed my 5 episodes yesterday wanna thank you all and names if left. Please 🙏 support me the same way 😸♥️Episode starts with: Next morning at VR Mansion Author’s POV:Everyone was sitting at the dinning table for breakfast when Vansh asked..Vansh: So my princess, where’s your Riddhima? Will she come today?Siya: Don’t know bhaiya, whether she’ll come or not. Maybe not.🥺Ishani: Yeah bhai, let’s see what she does?Vansh: What are you both trying to say? Miss Riddhima Shroff is dedicated to her work, u believe she’ll come.(And suddenly Riddhima standing on the Door says..)Riddhima: Impressive Mr Raisinghania! That you trust me.Well now I am here (smiling, she winked).(Siya came running and hugged her. She said..)Siya: Thnqu for visiting me ❤️Ishani/Aryan: Yeah a Big Thnqu 😍🙏Riddhima: Don’t embarrass me like this. My patients are always my priority 🙂Vansh: Can anyone explain me what’s going on behind Vansh Raisinghania? Why were Ishani and Siya thinking that Miss Riddhima wouldn’t attend Siya today?Riddhima: na.. na..nothing Mr Raisinghania, just we had a disagreement in some dresses, but now all sorted.Ishani: Yeah bhai, nothing to worry, well I’ve to leave for a party. Byee.(Ishani leaves while Aryan says..)Aryan: So miss beautiful, did you miss me?? 🤭Riddhima: oh really? Mr. Aryan Raisinghania, don’t you have anything else to do, other than flirting 😂 ?Vansh: Miss Riddhima is right, you must stop it and leave. (Jealous hnn🤣)Aryan: well yes, I’ve to do some call. Byee Miss beautiful 🥰.Siya: Riddhima I’ll be waiting for you in the backyard. Today we’ll have our session there if you are comfortable?Riddhima: No problem Siya. You go I’ll be there in 10mins.(Siya leaves nodding, while Angre gets a call and he too leaves.  Vansh and Riddhima were alone when Vansh said, seeing Riddhima bit low..)Vansh: Miss Shroff, you look low Today. Anything discomforting?Riddhima: Yeah Mr Raisinghania, I’m not able to sleep from two nights, so was…(Before Riddhima could complete he suddenly went upstairs and came down bringing something, Riddhima asked..)Riddhima: what’s this?Vansh: sleeping pills. It can help you sleep 😴 I’m sure.Riddhima (to herself): that’s what I was waiting for now you yourself will admit that you consume sleeping pills.Riddhima: How can you be so sure?Vansh: because I consume it frequently. Believe me it helps.(Riddhima took the pills, and threw it. Vansh was furious, he was about to shout but controlled his anger and said..)Vansh: What did you do this? Are you out of your mind Miss Riddhima?Riddhima: Are you, out of your mind Mr Raisinghania? You know what, you are committing Suicide. This is just so harmful. O got to know everything when Siya told me..Vansh (interrupting): What? What did she tell you?Riddhima: everything. That you work till late nights and intake these pills to sleep.(Vansh was relieved while Riddhima continued..)Riddhima: As a psychologist I would like to stop you from harming youself. Your family, especially your sisters don’t have anyone apart from you, have you ever thought, what Will happen to them, if something happens to you. Don’t do this to yourself.(Takes out a sweet Box from her purse and gives it to vansh saying..)Riddhima: Take this, when I was small, dad’s wife left us, dad was busy handling business, I had no one around. I used to cry alone but then these sweets, pastries were my friends. They are best for me when I suffer sadness or tensions, you must try it. Maybe these sweets add some peace in your life and you could sleep well without those suicidal pills 🙄. Now I should go to Siya, she must be waiting for me.(Riddhima kept the sweet Box on table, while Vansh was left awestruck and at the same time Mesmerized by her caring and daring attitude. He said:)Vansh (to himself): Interesting..very Interesting! For the first time ever, someone cared about my inner peace. What’s this aura you’ve created around me Miss Shroff! I just couldn’t say anything to you. Why?Scene shifted to Backyard:Author’s POV:Riddhima (to herself): Why? Why did I bother so much about him! The fact is as a psychologist I should be concerned only about Siya, then why did I gave a long lecture to Mr Raisinghania? I never cared about anyone! Then how come he?(Riddhima was thinking deep, but Suddenly Siya interrupted..)Siya: Riddhima? Where are you lost? Whose thoughts hnn😉😉?Riddhima: (without realising,) Vansh!Siya: Hn?? Anyways Thnqu so much of coming. After knowing the whole truth also, you just want bhaiya to lead a peaceful life, defeating his inner demons. Can’t thank you enough.Riddhima: Well, there’s a rule! Shakespearean friends can’t be so formal 😸.(They giggled and continued with the session, while suddenly Vansh and Angre passby backyard, Vansh stood still adoring Riddhima, it was like he’s just noticing every thing about her,(taadna free of cost hai😂) and then Aryan, Ishani came and interrupted..)Aryan: Vansh bhai, I know she just so beautiful but is it that you’ll just keep staring her?Ishani: Uff! Aryan bhai is actually lost in her beauty n her dreams 🤣Vansh (getting embarassed): can you both useless people just shut up, I’ve an important meeting, come on Angre.(Riddhima leaves for her office, bidding byee to Ishani, Siya and Aryan, while they all go in Siya’s room to hold a “very serious” discussion.Siya’s room, after an hour:Author’s POV:Aryan, Ishani and Siya were holding a “serious” discussion about how Vansh changes infront of Riddhima, Aryan said..Aryan: I mean like, Today if I noticed the correct time net 20mins. Bhai was just staring Riddhima.Ishani: ohh you flirt, it was not staring rather it was adoring.Siya: Exactly Ishani di, Aryan bhai there’s a difference between staring and adoring.Aryan: mere liye toh dono hi tadna hota hai😂Ishani: And you both know what…(Suddenly Angre came and interrupted…)Angre: You both know what… Since morning Boss is lookin at a Sweet box, I wonder what’s in that? Maybe a gold or diamond illegal consignment hidden in the box.Ishani: Oh stop it Angre! You and your Boss always think about deals, guns and business, but it’s not like that.Aryan: Then what’s it? Why was Big bro adoring a sweet Box?Siya: Bhai no one adores a sweet Box, you are confused 😂 Bhaiya was actually adoring Riddhima and staring the box.Ishani: Okay, if the English lectures are over, then listen to me, I was eavesdropping bhai and Riddhima today!😉Aryan, Siya and Angre in unison: What?😲 Really?Ishani: Yes. That Sweet box is given by Miss Riddhima to Bhai 😁😁 , and she’s the one who dared to throw Mr. Vansh Raisinghania’s sleeping pills 🙌🙌 and Bhai controlled his anger infront of her.Siya: Means Bhaiya is really feeling something for Riddhima 😍😍Aryan: Maybe afterall she’s Miss beautiful 🥰Angre: But what next. It’s not that simple. Boss has created those hard walls around him that none can break.Ishani: But the walls are melting ❤️Aryan: But how do walls melt? I’ve never seen them melting before!Siya: Bhai it was used as an example. Why didn’t you study English nicely in your school 🙄😂Ishani: Back to RiAnsh guys?Angre, Aryan and Siya (unison): What’s RiAnsh now??Ishani: Riddhima and Vansh 😌😌Aryan: Sounds exciting! How will Bhai and Miss Beautiful will romance, come I’ll show you all(Aryan gets up and puts the phone on his ears, He pretends to be Vansh and Riddhima…)Aryan: I love you Mr. RaisinghaniaI love you too Miss Riddhima ShroffMiss Shroff did you eat food?Yes, Mr. Raisinghania I had! Did you?Mr. Raisinghania I cured two patients today, and cracked a big event.Great, Miss Riddhima Shroff! And I cracked 3 big deals in 2days.Good night Miss Shroff, Sleep well!Good night Mr Raisinghania, sleep without sleeping pills 🤣(All of the four burst out laughing)Siya: So Ishani di, what’s the plan?Ishani: Angre, go and bring that sweet Box secretly to me! Then we’ll see whether Bhai has feelings for Riddhima or we are just cooking up! Let’s observe how bhai reacts after not finding the box given by “Riddhima” near him.Angre: That’s a risky task, but I’m habitual of risks, and as far as it’s for Boss I’m there till my last breath.(Angre very carefully steals the sweet Box and handovers it to Ishani)At Planning Bells, in evening: Author’s POV:Riddhima was in conference room with her employees and some foreign clients, she finished her meeting and as the clients walked out of the office, she entered her cabin and found her Dad sitting on the sofa. She asked..Riddhima: Dad! How come you are here?Gautam: I called you so many times in the day, you didn’t answer. Why?Riddhima: In day I was busy with my patient.Gautam: I called at office and mrs. Scarlett (receptionist) told me that you were not in the office. Where were you then?Riddhima (in anger): I’m not answerable to you dad! Please don’t interfere in my life and as I said; I went to visit a patient.Gautam: but you are Riddhima Shroff, you don’t visit patients, they visit you.Riddhima: Dad please you don’t tell me who am I! It’s none of your business. Please don’t create a scene as this is my office. My cabin. No! Actually I’m at fault, why I’m even listening to you, I should ignore and leave.(Riddhima picked her purse and walked out of her cabin, in anger.)At VR Mansion, at night:Author’s POV:Vansh shouts…Vansh: Angre where’s the box that was kept on my table?Angre: Boss.. woh..that…Ishani: Bhai it’s with me, see!Vansh: What the hell Ishani I don’t like anyone taking my things, you..Siya: Bhaiya sorry, Ishani di took it for me, as I asked for some sweets.Vansh: It’s okay princess. You had it?Siya: Yes bhaiya, take it.Vansh: Ishani, don’t be upset I was bit angry. I love you ❤️Ishani: Bhai I know Siya is your favourite, but I love you too ❤️Vansh: Okay Good night to all then, well Aryan I had a talk with chachu he’ll be back in 2days, from the business trip.Aryan: Yeah bro, he informed me.(Vansh left to his room while the foursome gave a hifi to each other, smiling widely and went off to sleep 😴)At Anugrah Villa:Author’s POV:Riddhima was crying bitterly thinking about her fight with her dad today, her mind was filled with her lonely childhood memories, she took out Vanilla ice cream and brownie and started eating, while at VR mansion Vansh remembered Riddhima’s words and started eating sweets, his thoughts were filled with the fear of losing his loved ones. Both crying and eating, suddenly choked!Episode ends with this emotional yet beautiful parallel!Hope you all liked it! Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 keep supporting 🙏😘Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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