RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 40 (MOOD SWINGS)

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With a heavy heart I still can’t accept that immj2 is going off air, I started watching it for the first time when RiAnsh reunited after Vihaan track(this year) and then I completed all the previous episodes in just few days 🙌 I really liked it. Even if it goes off air we’ll be Always connected through our FF coming with new ones 🥺🥺 lots of love ❣️ ❣️ Episode starts with: VR Mansion: Author’s POV; After the press conference, at Night Riddhima was writing something when Vansh brought dinner and said.. Vansh: What are you busy with now? Riddhima: Can’t you see? I’m writing diary for our baby. I’m telling our baby about the press conference. Vansh: Uff, this girl na! Okay now if you’re done with your writing them come let’s have dinner. Riddhima: Vansh should we eat with everyone? (Puppy face) Vansh: (Closing his eyes)no not at all! I’ll not be able to resist your puppy face but I don’t want you to go out of this room atleast today. Since morning you’re already stressing you alot due to the reporters and all. Riddhima: (angry) you na, don’t talk to me only. Vansh: (opened his eyes) fine but have food, not for yourself but for our baby. Riddhima: (touching her Belly) Baby you are seeing na? How your Papa is blackmailing your Mumma using your name! Not fair 😑 Vansh: (laughing) everything is fair in love and war, now eat it ( he spoonfeeds her) Riddhima don’t you think we should give our baby a name, till when we’ll keep talking to our baby calling baby-baby? Riddhima: So do you have any name in your mind? Vansh: Not really, but perfect name for my daughter would be VAMIKA ❤️ what say? Riddhima: VAMIKA? Nice and if boy? Vansh: That we’ll think later. Riddhima: (hitting his arm) you don’t want a boy na? Vansh: I’ll be happy with whatever God gives us but yeah HAPPIEST if my lil princess comes. My VAMIKA ❤️ (They both giggle. RiAnsh finish their dinner and sleep in EACHOTHER’S embrace..) 3 Months Later.. (Riddhima was sleeping on her room peacefully, meanwhile Vansh sneaked out of the room and went to study to take his important meeting, after finishing his meeting he came to the dinning table where everyone was having breakfast Vansh and Angre came, Siya said..) Siya: Good morning BHAIYA. Ishani: How’s Bhabhi? Vansh: Except this question ask anything. In last two months especially her mood swings are driving me crazy 😩 Aryan: You are b*t*hing about Bhabhi ? Vansh: Shut up it’s not… (Suddenly a loud scream came from RiAnsh’s room..) Riddhima: Vaaaaanshhhh (Everyone knew that Riddhima’s mood swings have taken her over troll, Vansh ran upstairs all terrified, he entered the room and saw Riddhima all angry, he trembling came inside and said..) Vansh: (in fear) What happened Sweetheart? Riddhima: (glaring angrily) Sweetheart? Do hell with it? Why the hell were you not here when I got up? Hn?😠 Vansh: I had a meeting Sweetheart! Riddhima: Oh so your meetings are more important than your wife and baby? Vansh: Calm down Riddhima. (Sweetly) You should try to control your mood swings, right? Riddhima: Now me and my MOOD SWINGS are irritating you? 😡 Vansh: When did I say that Sweetheart?😟 Riddhima: You just get out from here (throwing a pillow on him) leave I said (shouting) (Vansh with no option left the room and went down, as he came down everyone was laughing, he angrily asked..) Vansh: What happened? Siya: BHAIYA we heard everything, and we know everyday since past 2-3 months something new happens with you 😂 Ishani: Sorry bhai but please go and Console her na. It’s not under her control. (Vansh nods and after an hour he goes to his room and finds Riddhima sitting upset he stands at the door when Riddhima says..) Riddhima: Come na! I won’t kill you. Vansh: (comes and sits with her) Why do you look upset Sweetheart? Riddhima: (hugs him and Starts crying bitterly) Vansh 😭😭 Vansh: (hugging her) what happened Sweetheart? Why are you crying? Did anyone tell anything? Riddhima: (crying) I’m in mood to cry, please don’t stop me😭 Vansh:(in mind) So now from Anger to cranky #MoodChanged! Vansh: Okay Sweetheart! Keep crying, I’m there with you. (She kept on crying for another one hour in Vansh’s arms meanwhile Rahul called her, She gave the phone to Vansh, he answered it..) Rahul: Good afternoon Riddhima! Vansh: Not Riddhima but Vansh. Rahul: Oh! Good afternoon Vansh Sir. Is Riddhima busy with something important? Vansh: (without realising) Yes! Crying since one hour! Rahul: What? Vansh: Nothing? You tell anything important? Rahul: We had an important meeting, we need Riddhima anyhow. Vansh: I don’t think Riddhima is in any mood for anything like that but lemme ask her. Vansh: Riddhima you have an important meeting today, the employees need you. Riddhima: (crying and irritatingly) ohh Shut up and tell them to handle it on there own and dare if we loose the deal. (Vansh hitting his head repeats the same to Rahul while he says..) Rahul: Everything will be handled by us only Sir but please convince her to just join the meeting, he presence is Enough. Vansh: Will try my best. (Vansh hungs the call and sees that Riddhima finally stopped crying he goes near her and asked..) Vansh: Are you done with your crying session Sweetheart? Riddhima: (smiling widely 😁) Yes! I’m relaxed now. Vansh: Oh so happy now, in that case please join the meeting in evening for sometime. Riddhima: No! I’m not in mood. Vansh: Please Riddhima, for your Planning Bells. (Cupping her face) You love your company and Your employees so much, you’ve worked so hard to make Planning Bells reach at what it is now. Please! Riddhima: Okay but on one condition! Vansh (in mind): Condition? No😳😳 during her pregnancy, Riddhima’s conditions have also changed drastically, I’m dead now. (Back to reality) Vansh: (nervously) What condition Riddhima? (Riddhima smiled at him mischievously 😉 and he looked suspecious..) Episode Ends!No precap for today! Please guess and tell what would be Riddhima’s mischievous condition 🤔🤔 Hope you all like it. Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!    

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