#Riansh Born to be United.. Episode 36!!

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Hello everyone!!So many of you were saying to post this one I am really sorry for the delay I have written Half of it But then I was not well so..But as this was not getting a proper response so if I am posting it I want the response to increasing..and for all those who requested this, your wait has come to an end..Do comments how it is…So let’s start..And now Episode 36!!Raghav:- I will kill you today then your so-called innocent sister and then her lover Vansh..His grip on Angre’s neck was tightening..Angre was struggling for breath..He somehow picked the rod that was lying there..and hit Raghav’s head…And at the very next moment, the room was opened..Some police with Raghav’s dad was there..Police seeing Angre’s condition helped him and offered water..Raghav’s father:- He killed my son.. arrest him..Angre:-( Caching his breath ) I..t ..w..a..s..s.e.l.f.ane he fainted…Police took him to the hospital and called Vansh..On-call.Vansh was in a restaurant with Aksh when Vansh excuses himself to the washroom…Vansh left his phone on the table only..His phone was ringing continuously..Aksh thought to pick it up..On-call:-Police:- Hello! Mr.Angre is in hospital you have to come here immediately..Aksh:- papa..And the phone fell on the floor…Vansh came there..Vansh:- Champ ready..Aksh what happened?Aksh:- Woh..mamu phone..He picked the phone..Scene shifts to Riddhima…She was somewhere very happy she is returning India her birthplace….When Neil comes from behind..Neil:- What’s up.. already?Riddhima:- yes..all set..Neil:- Excited?Riddhima:- yes very much!! But I will miss this house..Neil keeping his hand on hers..Neil:- Riddhu I am sorry because of me..Riddhima:- Neil please don’t blame yourself…this leave it..It was just a mere mistake done by staff and I don’t want to now stress now on this topic and better you also..Neil:- But it was not a mere mistake it was a grave one and because of that mistake, we have to shift..Riddhima:- It’s okay Neil… because of that, I got a chance to meet Bhai..Neil:- okay so will celebrate our last night in London..Riddhima:- hmmm….so this party, is juhi also coming?Neil:- yes…and you know a secret juhi is also coming to India after 2 days as she has to wrap her work here..Riddhima:- That’s great Neil.. achha listen don’t tell juhi about anything.. okay?Neil:- yes babba now let’s get ready juhi must be waiting..Scene shifts to Hospital…Police:- Mr.Vansh he has been shifted to normal ward no need to tensed but I can’t allow to meet you..he has seen killing Raghav and his Father has complained FIR we can’t do anything..Vansh:- I understand but.Ishani:- How can you? he can’t do anything like this..She held Vansh collarIshani:- Mr. Vansh why you hell bend In destroying my husband’s life.. first you did all the things with Riddhu and now Angre is lying there just because of you…and she collapsed on the floor..Vansh’s eyes were wet but he didn’t have the courage to speak anything…Time skips….In Vansh’s roomVansh:-Happy birthday riddhima..I hope where ever you are just keep smiling..I am missing you.I just want to hug you wish you..I want to celebrate..gift you..you know I have decided the very next day when I met you what I will give you on your birthday but..I can’t..each year I had bought gifts for you..but how to give it to u..I am sorry..I just messed up..I a..m ..s oo.rr..ythis VR is of no use..I hate myself..I hate my..s.e.l.f..See today is your birthday and today finally I could do some good work..Angre is proved innocentBut I messed my family..I a..m..s..o..r..r.y.!!!Precap:- Ishani:- I am breaking all ties with you Mr.Vansh Rai Singhania…FINALLY DONE…IT WAS A LONG ONE ??OKAY SO I WANT RESPONSE TO BE INCREASED IN THIS ONE AS I HAVE ALREADY LOST INTEREST IN THIS ONE BUT WHEN I WAS WRITING THIS ONE I EXPLORED THAT IT IS GOING GOOD I WILL END THIS SOON AFTER UNITING RIANSH…THERE WILL BE 8-10 EPISODES…THIS WAS MY VERY FIRST WORK BUT I HAVEN’T EVEN COMPLETED 50 EPISODES AS ALL THE OTHER FF STARTED WITH THIS ONE HAS!I WILL TRY TO POST SOON..ONE NOTE:- WILL NOT ABLE TO GIVE MORE THAN ONE UPDATE OR NOT EVEN REGULAR AS I HAVE TO NOW RESPONSIBLE FOR MY SCHOOL WORK, DEADLINE IS COMING CLOSE SO….I WILL TRY MY LEVEL BEST TO UPDATE “LOVE WITH A TWIST” OR “LOVE AFTER BEING BESTIE”OKAY, ENOUGH OF MY RANTINGS….BYE TAKE CARE!!

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