RIANSH: Becoming Mrs. Raisinghania – Episode 20

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Hi y’all! Thank you for being so extremely generous. As a token of appreciation from my side, here’s a relatively quicker update.Hi Mahira, thanks for reading!Hi Shivangi, thank you so much.Hi Ravneet, thank you.Hi RiansHLoveR, thank you so much.Hi Stuti Abigail Tyagi, thank you.Hi Candid11, thank you so much!Hi Parita, thank you so, so much! That means a lot to me. I hope to continue hearing from you.Hi Niyati12, thanks so much!Hi Jennifer, thank you.Hi Thakur Priyanka, thank you so much.Hi Siddhi_, thank you!Hi Mary, thank you so much.Hi AarushiSoni, thank you so, so much! That really means a lot.Hi Disco Priya, thank you so much. You’re always so kind.Hi Aisha08, thanks so much! That is so generous of you to say.Hi Prapti0809, thank you.Hi Akshitha 🤩, thank you so much. That really means a lot. I’ve been considering of discontinuing the FF, but I’ve decided to wrap it up as soon as possible. Thanks for being so kind all the time, though!Hi Nia! Yes, the updates of this FF have been really getting delayed, which is why I’m considering wrapping up this FF as soon as possible. Anyway, thank you for the really insightful comment, it really feels nice to receive responses like that. That part was in order to make it funny because I couldn’t handle the tenseness of that scene, lol. And about your question: Girl, idk what you’re talking about because there are so many mistakes in every article I write lol.Hi Jayashree, thank you so much.Hi Priyadharshini, thanks!Hi JJ, thank you so much.Hi Vkjhp, thank you.Hi Nisha, thank you so much.Hi Aafrin Jahan, thank you so much.Hi Neetu, thanks so much.Hi Jayanthi, first things first: I love reading your comments! Thank you for being so generous with words because I love insightful comments. (I said this to Nia too) My understanding of love is not very spontaneous which is why I feel the transitioning phase is the most crucial, so I always tend to highlight that. About the opinion influence, I was very confused about how it’d be received. Because there are times when the influence really matters. However, things are kinda different here – you’ll know about that in greater detail in this update. I’m glad my FFs are providing you some sort of a meaning/ reason because that really makes me feel like my passion for writing serves as medium for me to talk and convey my thoughts and ideas. Again, thanks for reading!(the title of this chapter struck-through intentionally)BECOMING MRS. RAISINGHANIA – EPISODE 20: HOPES AND PROMISESRiddhima walked down the pathway in the lawn and brushed her fingertips on the bushes along the pathway absentmindedly. The night offered her an unusual peace despite the continued commotion inside the mansion. She looked around herself, consuming the entirety of the landscape, and sighed quietly. This mansion was soon going to be her second home and she’d have to live here permanently – away from her Ma and Di, the only people she’d called her own after her Mummy.“Two more weeks, that’s all,” she mumbled to herself and whimpered at the thought. She didn’t know what the conclusion of her decisions would be. How was she going to manage a relationship she never wanted? Marriage was a phase of life that she’d never wished to indulge in, yet her decisions had spiralled in complete contrary.“So, you’re here. I’ve been looking for you all around.”Riddhima almost jumped out of shock and turned around him, narrowing her gaze in annoyance. He could’ve called her softly too, but this was Vansh Raisinghania. He had to exhibit his power, even if it was with the mere touch of his gravel voice.Riddhima: I did tell everyone after the dinner. You could’ve simply just asked them.Vansh: Everyone inside is too busy to listen. (walking beside her) Why didn’t you play with everyone inside?Riddhima: I don’t feel like it. I’m not that fond of these games.Vansh: Really? Those games are actually real fun, you should try playing some time. We’ll arrange for something after our marriage.Riddhima (stopping and looking at him): Then, why didn’t you stay inside and play?Vansh stopped and turned around toward her, looking at her from a distance. He noticed the way the faded moonlight fell upon her skin and illuminated her amidst the shadows. His lips curved into a small smile and he tilted his head, continuing to look at her.Vansh: I didn’t want you to be alone.Riddhima (smiling and walking toward him): I’ve been on my own most of my life, Vansh. It doesn’t really make a difference, I don’t feel any different about being alone.As she tried walking past him, he wrapped his fingers around her wrist and she turned around, looking at him in question. With his loose hold tightening around her wrist gently, she felt her skin ignite at the mere touch. His fingers were warm and as he pressed them against her cold skin, she found an unusual comfort unravelling within her.Vansh: You’re not alone anymore, Riddhima. I’m here to support you and you’d always receive this support whenever and for whatever you’d need.She stared at him, the inside of her curling in warmth. How did he always create magic with his words? She’d realised that some people were naturally gifted and a lot of them knew how to misuse the power and benefit for themselves. It scared her because that was business and Vansh was a businessman.She exhaled harshly and looked away, not wanting to mull on the conversation any further. She didn’t want to rely on him in hopes of receiving. This marriage was not meant for understanding and dependence. Despite what happened two weeks later, they’d have to be alone to fend for themselves and neither did she want to build any hopes or bind herself to any promise.Hopes were meant to shatter, and Promises were meant to be broken.Riddhima: Shall we go inside? I guess Ma would want to return home.Vansh: I was hoping we could talk about a few things before you leave. (seeing her hesitate) It’s important.Riddhima sighed and nodded her head, realising she wouldn’t be able to skip this conversation. She’d begun noticing the changes in their conversations since the past few days and she hated how expectations had become a trivial fraction of their conversations. She hated how she’d conveniently ignored that fraction and never attempted to erase Vansh’s hopes.Vansh: Do you want to sit down and talk?Riddhima: No, I’m good. I think it’d be better if we make it quick because…Vansh (interrupting): Is there anything bothering you, Riddhima? I’ve been noticing since this week that you’ve been trying to ignore a lot of things we talk about our marriage. Is something wrong?Riddhima: I just – I don’t know how to, um, say this I guess, but… uh.Vansh: You can tell me whatever you want. We should even out the field from now, so that we’ve no trouble after the marriage and it’s easy for us to…Riddhima (interrupting): What do you expect from this marriage, Vansh?Vansh stared at her, taken aback by the suddenness of the question. He didn’t know what kind of an answer she was expecting from him in response to that question, but he knew what he wanted from this marriage. Despite how they’d started, he’d begun believing that their marriage could be normal and beautiful.Vansh: Just normalcy. I think, our marriage can be everything that a normal marriage usually is, and it can be beautiful. I think, I can genuinely expect trust, support and…Riddhima (exhaling harshly): I think you’re in the wrong juxtaposition, Vansh. I can’t offer you any of what you’re expecting from this marriage.Vansh (nodding his head): I know it’s difficult for you. Marriages are always difficult, but everything falls in place over time. I think the two of us can get through this smoothly.Riddhima: For me, this marriage is nothing more than a societal affair. (looking at her wristwatch) I should get going now, it’s gotten really late.Vansh stared at her retreating figure and sighed deeply. He shoved his hands into his pockets and wondered about her words as they continued echoing in her mind. He didn’t know what he’d been thinking since the past few days, but their marriage was going to be far away from normal.There was going to be friendship, but no trust. There was going to be support, but no dependence and understanding. There was going to be attraction and moments, but no love. How was he ever going to change that?————Riddhima was unlocking her car when she heard footsteps stopping behind her. She felt the hot breath falling on her shoulder and she turned around, her gaze widening in shock. As the events from before flooded her mind, she felt her blood boiling and her temper rising.Riddhima (stepping back): Why are you here?Angre (smirking): To congratulate you. This wedding must mean a lot to you, right?Riddhima: That shouldn’t be any of your business.Angre: Of course, it has to be. (folding his hands across himself and leaning on her car) Would this marriage have happened if not for me? I really don’t think so.Riddhima: Right. Just like how your invitation here today has a lot to do with me being quiet.Angre: Oh c’mon, Riddhima! What can you do alone? Isn’t that why you’re getting married into this family?Riddhima turned around and pulled her door open before looking at him pointedly, her eyes burning with rage. She couldn’t believe she’d ever respected a man like him.Riddhima: Maybe, just maybe, you’re forgetting what I can do on my own. How long has it been that you’ve not had any trouble walking around without a constant pain between your legs?Angre: YOU!Riddhima jabbed the corner of the car’s door against his knee and got inside the car, her fingers fisting around the wheel. She revved the engine and turned the wheel to her right, before reversing and damaging the side of his car. She pressed the gas pedal harder and drove against his car, ensuring that his car reminded him of what she was capable of.When she had reversed out of the parking lot, she rolled down her windows and stared at him pointedly.Riddhima: Next time, you’d never ask me what I am capable of!She pulled up her windows and drove to the gate of the mansion where her Ma and Di were waiting. She was thankful that they wouldn’t be able to see the damage of the car amid the darkness of the night.As she continued driving toward the gate, she felt an odd amount of satisfaction settle within her. She really didn’t care how much it’d cost to repair her car. She’d rather die under a financial burden!————You guys, Riddhima is too bold and reckless. I’ve never driven my car that way, lol. That’d be it for this episode. Thanks for reading and stay safe everyone!

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