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Episode starts with :Riddima : now it’s time to execute step 2Abhi : yeahAngre : she will be scared !!Abhi and angre leave to execute step 2And even riddima leavesAt anupriya’s house :Anupriya is sitting in her room and was thinking about the messages she is getting.Anupriya then heard a sound , which is of her phone , she got message from the same number . It is written ,                         Hey ! , Mrs Anupriya , I wanna say that , a bomb is planted , where you are living , so be careful , and if you think I am lying, then go to your garden , you will get a sound .At VR enterprises :Vansh is talking with his client , when he completed talking , he took his car and left to his house , he got out of his car , to talk a phone call .He suddenly saw a girl in a full shoulder and tip to toe dress with dupatta , she is looking astonishing with less makeup , as he saw her foot , they were of anklets , she is crossing the muddy pits , which came of raining , her rosy pink lips , her cute smile , her innocent soarkle eyes , her red blushing cheeks , her sweet voice .He is mesmerised by her beauty , she is like beauty from heavenBut a car came and disturbed his gaze after car went off , she disappeared .He too left to his mansion .Riddima gone to her house , and she entered a secret room , where abhi and angre are present .Riddima : hmm , is there any information ??Angre : actually , I’m waiting for the reply from that anupriya , but till now I didn’t get it off.Abhi : and I’m waiting for the call from , my men , as I kept them for spying on riddimaRiddima : good boys .Abhi got a call from his men .Abhi :yes you have known anything ?? OkHe cuts the callRiddima : what info you got ??Abhi : my men said that , she is totally scared and was just sitting inside her house , she is sweating completely .Angre : great !! Our plan worked well .Angre again checks again about the replyAngre : guys , she blocked my contact , I think she is scared of us !!Abhi : hmm ,and now ??Riddima : step 3At that moment someone  knocked on the door .Riddima opened it .Riddima : you ?? You scared me papa .Abhi : yes , want to say something ??Karan : come down , as raisinghania’s cameRiddima (teasing) : even my ish bhabhi came ??Angre : riddima !! , Why are you pulling my legs??Riddima : I have to , and I want to .Karan : now stop your fighting , and trio come down fast .They all come down and all greet ridima as she came after yearsIshani : hey , actually you didn’t met my brother , let me introduce you to him .At the same time , vansh after attending his call , comes back and sees riddima , he feels a connection towards her .Ishani : bhai , I forgot to introduce you , she is riddima , my best friendSiya : even mine yaarRiddima (forwarding her hand) : hai , this is riddima khanna , RK .Vansh : hai , this is VR , Vansh raisinghaniaRajdheer : now come fast , we have to have lunch , isn’t itAdah : yes , come fastThey all sit at the dining table and while chit chatting they complete eatingAt that moment siya suddenly collapses and abhi takes her to their room .Riddima checks her pulse and smilesVansh : seriously riddima , you are smiling , when your bhabhi is dizzy ?? Too badRiddima : oh yaar , come on , it was indeed a good news .She is pregnant bhai , you both are becoming parents to a baby , congrats bhai and bhabhi .Everyone are overwhelmed and gave their blessings to abhi and siya and then riddima and angBhi gone to secret room .Riddima : congrats bhai , and yah there is triple happiness now .Angre : yesKaran calls them downAll sit at the hale of the houseRiddima remembers something and she gets up .All : what happened ??Riddima : bhai !! Abhi bhai !!Abhi : what happened ?? Wanna say something ??Riddima :                        Kya hua tera waada ?              Woh kasam ? Woh iraada ??(What happened to your promise ?
That swear and that thought ??)Abhi : yaar , say clearly .Riddima : accha ok , 2 years back you said that you want to get married to siya bhabhi , and you asked my help and for it you made a deal with me that you will give whatever I want
Am I right ? Or Am I right ??Abhi :yes , now say me what you want              Bolo Bolo Bolo Rani kya chahiye ??
           Pyaar chahiye , ya phir paise chahiye ??(Tell me my queen ,what you want ??
Love or money? ,what you want? , say me?)Riddima : bhai , actually , I funded all orphanages in india , but one more is lefted , can you help me in it ?Abhi : of course yaar !!He gives her the check , and she smiles and they continue watching the movie .Precap : your chapter got to an end !!Guys if it small or not written well pl forgive me as I will write it in notes and I will copy paste , so that it will be better , and when I completed it , I clicked paste buton indeed of copy , so I have to write this once again . So sorry guys 😥😥😥😥😓😓😓😢😢😢

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