#Riansh – A popular famous and unseen love story #IMMJ2 (Episode 5)

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HEY GUYS !!!! I WANT TO TELL YOU ALL THAT I HAVE POSTED THIS EPISODE TODAY ITSELF BECAUSE AFTER TODAY I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO POST BEFORE HOLI…. HOPE YOU ALL UNDERSTANDEPISODE STARTS WITH In the morning vansh woke up and found ridhima still sleeping like she has found her whole world in his arms …… Vansh goes to get freshen up but when he came back he did not find ridhima on the bed VANSH : Ridhima ….. Ridhima where are you ….. Ridhima SIYA : what happened Vansh bhaiya ….. is everything fine …. You look tensed.VANSH : Siya I have searched the whole house but I can’t find ridhima anywhereSuddenly they smell something strange and went towards kitchen . On reaching to kitchen they verified that the smell was of gas leakage ….. and ridhima ( absent mindedly ) was about turn the lighter on ….VANSH : Ridhimmmmmmaaaaa………He came and stopped ridhima and take her long with siya out of the kitchen ….VANSH : Ridhima where were you lost …. If someting might have happened to have you thought how would I be able to live …..But he doesn’t get any response . Ridhima was looking like a living dead men …. Two days passed but Ridhima still was not able to come over this shock . No one from the family members have heard her voice and saw smile on her face . So , to cheer up Ridhima Vansh decide to take her to a candle light dinner .VANSH : Ridhima come , let’s go , there is a surprise for you ( SAYING THIS HE BLINDFOLDED RIDHIMA AND TAKE HER TO A GARDEN WHICH IS FULLY DECORATED WITH LIGHT AND SEVERAL BEAUTIFUL DECORATIONS , ARRANGED WITH A TENT ) (HE REMOVES HER BLIND FOLD AND AFTER SEEING DECORATIONS A SMILE COMES AT RIDHIMA’S FACE WHICH WAS NOTICED BY VANSH, BUT HE DOESN’T MAKE RIDHIMA NOTICED IT )RIDHIMA : WOW!!! V ansh its too beautiful( finally his lady love spoke something and listining to which he gets overwhelmed with joy ) ( He takes ridhima to table which was also fully decorated)Finaly they both have their dinner and were roaming in the garden when ridhima speak RIDHIMA : You know what Vansh….. I M REALLY SORRY…… I have hurted you a lot in these two days but what to do vansh … I was not able to accept that I have lost our child … I …. I just don’t know how to react …. I feel like I was not able to keep our baby safe …. I am relly sorry vansh …. I was not able to protect our child …. I was not having courage to face anyone of you due to the guilt that because of me you all losse one precious thing … It was all because of me VANSH : Hey ridhima … look into my eyes … Do you feel like I have been angry from you … Its not your fault … Rather it was my fault that Iwas not able to protect my wife , My child , My family . RIDHIMA : No vansh please don’t say like that …. Neither you Nor me was at fault it’s just that god still don’t feels like that we are grown up …. and he might have Mercy on me that how would I be able to handle two child together at same time ( GIGGLES) VANSH : Ridhima…. not again ( Saying so he chases her and due to lihts ridhima fell down with vansh over her ) Vansh : So sweetheart since you have done mistake by not talikng to me … Now be ready to bear the punishment (SMILES NAUGHTILY )SO THIS WAS ALL FOR TODAY AND HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED IT STAY TUNED FOR NEXT UPDATE …. AND COMMENT YOUR VIEWS ALSO .

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