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Hi guys,
Thank you all for your immense response and wishes. I read all your comments for my other ff. Thank you all for your wishes. Your comments made my day. I was very happy. Actually, I should thank you all for supporting me. It’s been five to six months that I’ve started writing. I’m sorry if I have hurted or disappointed any of you in these six months. Thank you all for your continuous love and support. Please, do keep supporting me like this.. 
Episode begins with… 
ANGRE: Riddhima, what’s all this? What is in that two cups? 
RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I’ll answer your questions, but not now.. 
ANGRE: Riddhima.. 
RIDDHIMA: Vansh, I’m asking you for the last time. Will you go and change your dress or not? 
VANSH: Definitely not.. 
ANGRE: (thinking) I think this idiot is going to get nicely from her.. Let me just watch and enjoy. Even if I tell him, he won’t listen to me. So, better I’ll leave him in his own way.. 
RIDDHIMA: Okay.. You are so stubborn. Just wait and watch. Bhai, you come with me.. 
She takes angre aside and tells him something. Angre agrees. Vansh sees them speaking from far. So, he couldn’t hear anything.. 
Just then, angre comes there. Riddhima gives the one cup to him. Angre immediately goes to vansh and puts the ice cubes from the glass into pants. While, riddhima pours the hot water from another glass into his shirts.. 
Vansh screams. He couldn’t bear both the chillness and the hotness. Everyone laughs.. 
VANSH: Idiots, what have you done? 
He runs here and there. Just then, he notices angre and everyone laughing at him, including riddhima. He immediately drags riddhima outside in the rain. 
RIDDHIMA: Vansh, what are you doing? 
VANSH: Revenge.. 
Just then, he notices angre laughing. Vansh signs sejal to push angre out. Sejal pushes angre from back. He too gets wet. Others too comes out and enjoys the rain. Seeing them, riddhima enjoys the rain. Vansh notices this and leaves her hand. Riddhima enjoys the rain. Ishani, sia and sejal dances in rain along with riddhima. Vansh notices this and gets happy. Angre notices him and goes near him.. 
ANGRE: Thank you, vansh.. 
VANSH: Idiot, when have you started thanking me? 
ANGRE: Vansh, I know that you are very happy. Finally, you won today. You brought that smile on her face. Just see, how she is enjoying.. 
Vansh looks at riddhima. Riddhima comes to him and takes him and angre along with her. They all dance in the rain. Just then, Kabir comes there and sees them all dancing in the rain.. 
KABIR: Idiots what’s all this? 
Riddhima drags him too and he too dances with them. They all hold each other’s hand and dances.
VANSH: Guys, we’ll have ice cream. 
KABIR: But, where will you get that? 
RIDDHIMA: Come with me.. 
Saying so, she takes everyone out of the house. Riddhima takes everyone to her street corner. There was a ice cream stall.. 
RIDDHIMA: Guys, if we want anything then, we should get it. We shouldn’t wait for it to happen automatically. Now, shall we have it? 
KABIR: Yes.. 
They all buy ice creams and eats it. Finally they come home. 
ISHANI: Riddhima, this started with the argument. You wanted bhai to change his dress. I think now, we all have to change.. 
SEJAL: Riddhima we all will go up. Let the boys go to angre bhai’s room and change.. 
The girls go to riddhima’s room. While, the boys goes to angre’s room.. 
The girls comes out after changing. 
RIDDHIMA: Ishani, I’ll go and make tea for all of us. 
SEJAL: Riddhu, wait I too will come.. 
ISHANI: Me too.. 
SIA: Me too.. 
ANGRE: Idiots, she is going to make tea not to any amusement park. You all just be here. She’ll bring tea for all of us. I don’t want you all to go and spoil that tea.. 
KABIR: I too agree with angre.. 
Sejal and ishani throws pillow at Kabir and angre.. Meanwhile, riddhima and sia goes to make tea. 
SIA: Riddhima, I need a help from you.. 
RIDDHIMA: Tell me, sia.. 
SIA: Riddhima, are you free tomorrow? 
SIA: Then, we shall go out tomorrow. I’ll tell everything there. 
Saying so, she goes.. 
RIDDHIMA: Why is she behaving weird suddenly? 
Riddhima makes tea and brings it.. Everyone have their tea and chat with each other. Meanwhile, vansh recieves a call from uma. Uma fixes the engagement date and informs him. Vansh informs her that they all will be staying at riddhima’a house for today. Uma asks him to inform ishani and angre and sejal and kabir about the engagement date and cuts the call. Vansh informs everyone about it.. 
VANSH: Guys, mom has fixed the engagement date. 
Ishani and angre gets happy and hugs each other.. 
VANSH: They always do this.. 
Just then, vansh notices kabir being sad. 
VANSH: Kabir, what happened to you? Why are you sad? Even sejal is happy. See… 
KABIR: How will I be happy? Will anyone be happy if they get to know of their death date.. 
ANGRE: So, it means marrying sejal is like suicide for you, right? 
Sejal gets angry and throws pillow at him. 
KABIR: I didn’t meant like that.. 
SEJAL: What you said is like that only.. Better, go and marry anyone else.. 
VANSH: Kabir, finally you’ve got a great chance to escape.. 
KABIR: I too think the same.. 
ANGRE: Sejal, didn’t you hear that.. 
SEJAL: Kabiiiirrrrr… . . 
SEJAL: I’m not going to leave you.. 
Kabir runs here and there while, sejal chases him. She was about to throw a pillow at him but, kabir moves and the pillow hits ishani. Ishani in return throws the pillow at sejal but, sejal moves and it hits angre. Angre throws the pillow at ishani but, riddhima comes in between and it hits her. 
Riddhima tries to throw the pillow at angre but, it hits Sia. Sia throws the pillow at riddhima and mistakenly it hits vansh.. Likewise, evryone begins to fight with pillow. All throws the pillow at each other and fights until their energy gets completely drained off.. After one hour everyone gets tired and falls on the sofa. Just then, everyone notices the place. It was totally messed up.. 
RIDDHIMA: Bhai, now who will clean all this? 
VANSH: Everyone shall clean it together. Otherwise it will take half a night to clean all this.. 
Everyone agrees. Everyone cleans the floor and arranges the pillow. 
ISHANI: I have an idea.. Let’s all watch a movie. 
Everyone agrees. All sit together and watches the movie.. Meanwhile, everyone sleeps while watching. Vansh notices everyone sleeping. He brings a blanket and covers everyone. They all sleep together holding each others hand. Vansh notices this and smiles. Meanwhile, riddhima smiles while sleeping. Vansh notices this.. 
VANSH: I have been waiting to see this smile for past six months. Even, when I came I couldn’t see that on your face. So, I did a lot of drama to see this smile. Finally, I’ve won. He sees everyone and smiles. After sometime, angre wakes up and finds vansh standing alone at the balcony looking at the sky.. He goes to him.. 
ANGRE: Vansh, what are you doing? Are you making any other plan? 
VANSH: Don’t worry.. No more plans.. 
ANGRE: What do you mean by no more plans? 
VANSH: Hereafter, I won’t make anymore plans. There won’t be any need for you to act.. 
ANGRE: Vansh, riddhima hasn’t yet accepted you.. 
VANSH: Angre, I did all this drama and acts just to bring a smile on her face. To bring that old riddhima who loves her friends. And I got that.. Riddhima has accepted me long time back itself.. It will take some time for her to realize that. I can wait. I don’t want her love confession to be made based on any drama. 
ANGRE: Vansh, you are an angel sent by God for riddhima.. 
VANSH: No.. She is that angel. Only she can bring brightness in my life. My life doesn’t revolves around her. She is my life. Don’t worry. This time, nothing wrong will happen. She’ll definitely confess her love to me.. 
ANGRE: I know that.. Because, I believe in your love. 
Saying so, he hugs vansh. Just then, Kabir wakes up. He screams. Angre and vansh gets shocked. Everyone wakes up.. 
SEJAL: Iidot, what happened? Why did you shout like that? 
KABIR: If you had seen what I saw then, even you would have been shouted like this.. 
RIDDHIMA: What did you see? 
KABIR: I think what I said by mistake will soon become true. 
VANSH: Idiot, what do you mean? 
ANGRE: What is going to become true? 
KABIR: Ishani, you better don’t marry angre.. 
VANSH: What!! 
ANGRE: I’m going to kill you now.. What are you speaking? 
Kabir laughs uncontrollably.. Vansh and angre get angry.. 
VANSH: Now, I’m going to kill you.. 
KABIR: Vansh, I just want to confirm whether angre and you are normal? 
VANSH: Idiot, you are laughing like a mad and you are asking us? 
Kabir again laughs.. 
PRECAP: You could have told me, right? Today, you have hurted me. Vansh cries and leaves.. 
Do comment your views and suggestions if any to be made.. 
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