RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 23 . Kabir – The Murderer ?

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IntroductionHey guys,  hello . Thanks for the support you have shown . So your comments have inspired me to write next episode. I wish you will  all enjoy.Episode  22– Read HerePlease,  comment guys .Episode 23 :Kabir the Murderer ?The episode startsScene – 1Angre : tell me riddhima,  that who is vaaz and why did you wanted Red Diary  ?Riddhima  : It’s not your work . I will find about the 2 day mystery myself.She goes from there.Riddhima  : i want to know about what exactly happened within 2 days . I have a plan . Only kabir could tell me about this .Riddhima goes to kabir room . Kabir is sitting.Riddhima  : i got to know what happened between two days ?Kabir  : Ziddhima,  so you got to know everything.Riddhima  : yes and that is you killed Vansh. 🔪 . And that car 🚗accident was fake…plan made by you.Kabir  : so you are so smart Ziddhima.  Yes , i killed Vansh.  Death for death . He killed Ajay and I killed him.Riddhima  goes near  to 🤗👐kabir.Riddhima  : Wow ! I am so happy kabir,  our enemy vansh has died , and you killed him.Kabir  : (smirks) yes , i killed Vansh . And i burnt his body , therefore it took me 2 days .Riddhima : (in her mind) Kabir,  now as you killed Vansh its your turn to die .She goes from there .Kabir  : (laughs 🤣🤣🤣) Ziddhima you will get something bigger surprise that you don’t know about. Wait for time ⏲️…….Scene  -2Riddhima  : (to herself) Atleast this kabir made my work easy by killing vansh.  But now its his turn . Kabir has to die .She removes a poison .Riddhima  : this poison is the VENOM OF BLACK MAMBA AND THIS COULD KILL YOU WITHIN 10 MINUTES .( To the readers- the venom of BLACK MAMBA is an easter egg for recent track in tv show)Riddhima mixes the neurotoxin poison ( black mamba poison type) in kabir’s drink and takes it to kabir’s room .Scene – 3Riddhima brought that venomous drink to kabir .Riddhima  : let’s celebrate 🍾kabir at the happiness of Vansh’s death . Take this drink.Riddhima gives that venomous drink to kabirKabir  : yes , riddhima let’s celebrate 🍾.Kabir starts to drink the juice but stopped it . Kabir removed something from his pocket and put it in the venomous drink .Kabir  : Ziddhima,  do you know why love is poisonous  ?Riddhima  : (shocked) no…noKabir  : Because love ❤ 🔪kills from inside.  But i love poisons . But your poison is not deadly . So drink this poisonous juice yourself.Riddhima  : what? How do you know?Kabir  : Look at this ph paper . The ph paper has ph reading between 7.35 to 7.45 . The ph between 7.35 to 7.45 means it has poison….poison of snake 🐍specially black mamba.  You drink your juice🥃 .Kabir makes riddhima to drink that venomous juice 🥃. Riddhima forcefully drank the entire venomous juiceRiddhima  : i have drinked the poison🥃 now what will happen  ? 💊Kabir put a packet infront of riddhima and went from there.Kabir  : bye Ziddhima 👋.  Enjoy the reaction of neurotoxin venom of black mamba and then death.Precap –  Kabir i want to announce you all that as per Vansh’s  death bed confession . Now i am the owner of Raisinghania Legacy .Episode ends.So how did you like today episode.1) which part you enjoyed most ?2) how did you like kabir’s ph plan  ?3) which packet did he kept infront of riddhima at end ?4) What was Vansh’s death bed confession  ?5) Is kabir…the murder?6) What is kabir’s new surprise  ?Are you feeling thrilled ? . Wait for new episode.Thanks,  take care. Bye

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