RadhaKrishn 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna Invites Alakshmi To Dwarka

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RadhaKrishn 9th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on serialupdate.india07.in
Alakshmi sees Radha’s divine avatar and asks who is she. Krishna says she is Sheetala Devi one who clears all pains and calms the mind. Alakshmi asks if this is his plan. He says she should return back. She calls Jwarasur and orders him to trouble Dwarka citizens more; says once she defeats Radha, she will enter Dwarka. Jawarasur harms Dwarka citizens. Devi Gauri noticing that says Radha’s Sheetala avatar will defeat Jwarasur. Sheetala devi requests him to stop his evil acts or else she will kill him. He says one who react will not speak. Radha says its time for his end. Jwarasur says he will end her instead and attacks her, but fails. Mahadev tells devi Gauri that she gave immense powers to Sheetala devi, from here on Sheetala devi will be considered a healer of illness. Sheetala devi with a mountain of herb cures Dwarka citizens. Jawarasur is killed. Alakshmi shocked asks how is it possible. Krishna says he already warned her, but she didn’t listen to him. Dwarka citizens chant Sheetal Devi ki jai. Krishna says Sheetala devi ends all the illness and will be prayed for generations. Sheetala devi returns into Radha. Balram and Nishant wake up healed.Radha tells Krishna that she felt there would be a problem on Dwarka. Krishna says she destroyed that problem. Radha says what did she do. Krishna says she destroyed the problem by sitting and praying her, she is ready now to face an upcoming biggest disaster. Balram with Nishat and Ulmukh walks in and informs Krishna that all citizens want to perform Sheetala Devi’s pooja. Krishna says he is honored to perform Sheetala Devi’s pooja and walks away telling Radha that he needs to finish an incomplete task. He returns to Alakshmi and says he warned her already, but she didn’t listen to him. She says she will enter Dwarka at any cost. Krishna says only Lakshmi can enter Dwarka, how can he take her there. Alakshmi says he has to either take her in or bear problems on Dwarka. Krishna says she is overconfident and thinks she can destroy Lakshmi, but she can’t, so he invites her to his palace and try her best to destroy Lakshmi. Alakshmi says if she destroys Alakshmi, there won’t be any difference between her and Lakshmi, then he has to accept her. Krishna says she can try her best and he knows she will fail, hence he will choose only Lakshmi. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Sri Krishna invited one more problem, Alakshmi is very dangerous and will go to any extent to snatch Krishna from Radha, now what will Radha do. Mahadev asks her not to worry as Radha will find a solution herself, now there will be a fierce war between Lakshmi and Alakshmi, Sri Krishna invited Alakshmi to destroy her arrogance.Radha draws rangoli and describes its importance to Dwarka citizens. Alakshmi walks towards Dwarka. A storm starts. Balram seeing Alakshmi thinks what is she doing here, there is no place for such an adharmi and cruel woman, he will show her way out. Krishna stops him and asks to come to him. Sam follows Balram and sees Alakshmi walking into palace, thinks that is why Balram went to meet Krishna, let him see what they will do. Balram walks to Krishna and asks what is Alakshmi doing in Dwarka. Radha looks herself into water and gets tensed seeing Alakshmi as her shadow. Alakshmi emerges in front of her. She says she looks exactly like her, who is she, she never saw her in Dwarka before. Alakshmi says she came to attend Sheetala Devi’s pooja. Radha says its good and she is happy to meet a woman who resembles her. Alakshmi says she is happy to meet Dwarka queen and will wait here till pooja starts. Radha says she is her guest and should stay in palace. Alakshmi says wherever she goes, she stays there for long, so Radha may feel uncomfortable. Radha says Krishna’s palace is very big and she will never ask her to leave the palace.Precap: Alakshmi tells Krishna that she will make everyone like her, then she will see how will he stop her from taking Radha’s place. Krishna says she can try, there is no value for her in front of love.Update Credit to: MA

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